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  1. Ill reply now to what people told of jeetkunedo krav maga and wing chun as i come from a mma background i did a bit of everything moastly muaythai and jkd that is wing chun based im quite new and willing to learn krav maga. i do think this styles are the 3 top now days for self defense couse they focus on everyside of empty and non empty hand agression and teach you white and fire weapons plus the surprise effect as the mass attacks . But from my expirience and the times i had to street self defense there is not one style that works whatever it's this 3 or traditional styles and Bruce lee demostrated this when he invented jeet kune do to revolution the old days static and unrealistic going world of martial arts those days . So what i learned is that there is not one style that is perfect and wins them all there are some that are better some worse and they relative to the situation in what they work , but integration is what one needs once they found their style as this is jurney life many want to keep one style then integrate with others , others mix all their life but what ever you do i think only way to grow and walk safe is to mix and more you know better it is . If i had to go with a style regarding weapons i would go with this 3 check them out and tell me yours on it http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=A0Mg9Lcuyc4 http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=uVkHh6gehu4 http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=THCE25dqMM8 they are 1 Silat Suffian Bela Dir 2 kommando kravmaga 3 pekiti tirsia that are maby the 3 weapon combat systems more effective now days .
  2. Sorry for the big font it messed up as im at first posts , for I'm your man Aikido is a japanese martial art created by O 'sensei Morihei Ueshiba a shintoist japanese monk it's mainly focused on directing the oppenent energy to ubalance him that's why it's very effective high level and it's much focused on Ki the japanese name of Ci that is the chinese name for inner energy . Aikido takes it's roots from aiki-jūjutsu so basicaly judo jujustu and Aikido have same roots , you might want to check the most famous Aikidoka that is Steven Seagal that is a 7 dan Aikidoka and the only western man to open a japan dojo there , he was marryied to a famous japanese Aikidoka way back . If you want to know what aikido is more close too i think maby wing tsun and judo as they both tend to unbalance and use agressor energy vs them , but what differs Aikido from any art is that O' sensei wanted to creat an art of peace that's why Aikido is not brutal as all other styles and aims to just stop a fight with out usualy killing the attacker or even win it before it starts . I had a one month try in AIkido and found it a great expirience might do it when im over 40 back the pure Aikido belongs to the biggest federation founded by O'sensei that is called Aikikai but you have many styles of Aikido now days even ones that compete thing that O' sensei was totaly against . http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=herSynqVN3M True victory does not come from defeating an enemy, true victory comes from giving love and changing an enemies heart. Morihei Ueshiba
  3. Ok people nice to see the treath is getting very popular as this is a very delicate and intresting topic and thanx for all your many posts at start , i think vegan potter is quite right that you get many unrealistic training or bullshido masters out there in your dojo or gym but if i have to say mine i agree with Trev too that in the end every martial art is effective if trained with right spirit and master. Now you might find some that are less and some are more even couse what now days is street self defense found the place and time to modify for the needs of modern times , about the shaolin monks who are actualy vegan and zen as i heard on the National Geographic documentary on the Shaolin Temple they are for sure the n1 in ci focousing energy and mind and but will this really work in a street everyday scenario ? no so that's why even them had to adapt their style to modern mma ways if going in a real clash . But i want to focalize on this that there's a big difference from combat sports = ring made and martial arts that are made for self defense moastly war when weapons broke or run out of hand and over all where born for spiritual inner elevation .Sadely now days people expecialy in usa tend to think mma champs are good self defense experts but the reality is sadely different when they come to street safe experts . as street has surprise so the combat sport made to win stuff and $ will luck of the reality based surprise traning and the many sides blades guns mass attacks the modern self defense systems train for . One of the reasons i left bullshido site is couse they where mma fanatics denying the real spirit of martial arts and their purpose spirituality and comparing ring to street i think this video is a good example of what i mean on how who is good in ring usualy is bad in street as they are 2 different reality's http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=pNjvFuqpWNE .
  4. thanx people for the welcomes and i must say a big ammount of americans are here as usa college studends expecialy in rome so you might want to check out this Lean and Green as i see your american http://www.johncabot.edu/ it's the major usa college in rome . Yes i know the reality of that sickening cheese from Sardinia Italy but over all what is making me stop is the not milk site i posted up . I did open a treath about martial arts on General Fitness/Other Sports feel free to say yours if you have a martial art background or just curious about martial arts .
  5. First of all hi everyone im a new user , this topic will be on the style you prefare more to train in and that makes you walk the streets with more self security according to your own personal expirience . I personaly trained mma since age 8 so was a bit of everything but i want to focus on self defense systems over all , so say yours people on what works best for you and what your goals are .
  6. Yes im sure it will be easy to go to raw vegan mediterraien diet here in time for now im 99.9% vegan eheh as i got just fresh dairy of milk like fresh italian cheese where im from Italy and yogurt btw check this link out people http://www.notmilk.com/ very intesting the side effects of milk and dairy expecialy if abused in diet , and nice to see your a vegan bb tuc . Chat is something we really need back hope robert will work on new one soon as it's the only way we have to chat togheter free of those roider and animal eating propaganda bb chats i come from those and really got nausea of those kind of people i wonder how they can call them self true althets beeing roiders ahah .
  7. Yoga is actualy great for mind and body and i advise you to do it all life maby it's even better then tai chi my advise is to move to the more complite yoga there is kundalini that can balance human sexual energyand you might want to see yogi Bajan for this as he intrudeced Kundalini to western world . Btw whatever yoga you do if traditional or new age fake mixed aerobics yoga it's all ways usefull of course achivements are not the same elevated in soul and body but better then nothing , they say the most healthy thing to do is integrate yoga and swimming all life with a vegan mediterranean diet that it's the secret of south europe health . I agree mediterranean diet is the best as dieticians say and base their pyramids on it but make sure you don't miss our precius extra virgin oil cold pressed if you follow it to conclude i think if you follow this http://www.veganfoodpyramid.com/vegan-pyramid-1280x800.jpg with the oil i told you and yoga-swim all your life you will be miss health in person for the rest congrats for your progress eheh .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbhajan_Singh_Yogi
  8. Im new here im personaly vegetarian nearly vegan i just got dairy but no meat fish eggs and milk but want to get vegan later on what can i say of my self eheh im in chef school and planning to train martial arts all my life i been doing them since 8 mixed martial arts and to keep fit and good looking is my ultimate goal . Can you people tell me where is the chatroom here as i can't find it ?
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