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  1. Sorry to resurrect my dead thread. I haven't done anything more than 20minute exercise sessions 3 times per week, and now I've felt healthy again for a couple of days. I still have the check up on Wednesday. I've also changed my work plans, instead of writing I've decided to pick up some random office job, soonish, which I think has helped my spirits a bit. Still I want to get back to a more serious workout schedule, any idea how to do so without causing probs like this again?
  2. Sorry didn't mean 'might do well' as in 'he should give it a go', but in 'his accomplishments in wrestling competitions aren't translating so well for him in ufc'. I'm not trying to trash talk him or anything, I'm just saying he might have more success with some changes. Not that I'm assuming I know more or can do better.
  3. Either flu symptoms (with temperature substituted for feeling cold, which has always been how my body works for some reason) Or stomach probs. The thing is I'm only 26 so unless I'm alot less fit than I thought I'm surprised exercise has such an effect. No wonder the Victorians avoided it. I'll probably be getting myself to a doctor soon. Its not a continuous illness. It seems to happen right after a period of training. I get stomach probs after focusing on stomach muscles, I get flu after doing lots of aerobic exercise. I'll be fine for a week then I'll be ill for a week. I guess my workouts are becoming more intense but thats how you do it I assumed.
  4. Sorry if this isn't quiet the right forum for this. I've been getting ill alot recently. It seems that I'm spending the majority of each week ill for the last month. My diet hasn't changed alot recently, and I've never been prone to illness before. I haven't been drinking alot or such. I'm thinking I'm over training. Or getting old. Any advice, any similar experience?
  5. I still don't rate Sylvia. (I mean obviously he's good at what he does, I just think that he wouldn't be much in pride) I think Jeff is overbuilt for mma. His build might do well in pure submission but he got tired too quick. Hurrah for gsp!. Cant see the current lack of American belt holders being allowed to persist in UFC for long
  6. I get the impression the fighters take it easy because the crowds small. They just dont seem to have much hunger when they fight. When fighters are in front of a large crowd they try to fight hard wether they win or lose, at least thats the impression I get watching tv.
  7. List of things that cause my colds; Beer Sweet drinks London Spending more than an hour in a swimming pool Getting old Anyway hope you get better
  8. My knees pop. I heard this is due to the knee joint being uneven due to uneven muscle distribution. I am flat footed so it could be that. My arms click more after having lifted heavy weights.
  9. I guess Tim ruins my theory. Did anyone notice how much better Andre got once his nose was broken and he wasn't so pretty anymore?
  10. How does everyone here feel about technology and the enviroment in general? Should a vegan also avoid technology (he types into his laptop)? I personally don't own a car and cant drive, partly for enviromental reasons. But the more I think about my personal future the more I think I'll be moving out of london and will have to drive. So perhaps I should take lessons now? What would actually be required to halt the enviromental degredation? As far as I can see, reducing the population and its growth is the first priority, but how can someone work toward that?
  11. Hmmm. I think I've come up with a theory. Pretty boy fighters who look good when they fight injure themselves alot (bj penn, andre arloski, robby lawler come to mind). Ugly mug fighters who look cluncky when they fight don't get injured as much.
  12. Alf would kill sponge bob square pants, rip his head right off. Then eat his face. The fact I like alf though means his used his ninja abilities to subvert me and slip under my gaurd, he's used his ninja mind tricks to control my mind. (Not that I'm saying you should update your cards, which are totally cool). More ninja ideas; Ren Stimpy The Maxx
  13. If my cats a slave, I wish I were enslaved in such a manner. Free house, medicine, food, etc. No care in the world other than scrapping, sleeping etc. Alright I did take away his nuts but his genes are being continued. By human standards cats do well by people. If were not using human standards well, surviaval of the fittest/smartest. Frankly if anyone said how could I have a cat I'd tell them they're a smug, self rightious hypocrite who judges me by irrelevent morales they do not begin to approach themselves. Animal rights are important, as are enviromental concerns, but people dont exist in a vacuum. The question 'how do I help the enviroment and animal kind' does not lead to the answer, 'don't have a pet' it leads to the answer 'minimise the impact people have'. Ways to achieve this include, helping to reduce the population, human technological relience, and unsafe technology.
  14. Could you explain that? I'm not doubting I just don't get it. Did Arloski not attempt the ground for a specific reason, other than getting hit in the head? Here's BJ's explanation for round 3. I guess it happens that a fighter injures themself, quiet regulerly, for some reason. http://www.nokaut.com/?id=12&solo_news=450&lang=e&cur=eur
  15. Figuring out what division to fight in and making sure you don't go into a fight without enough fitness is a big part of the training. If you lose you lose, lets not talk about wether the weight classes are against him or wether he had enough notice. Having said that he was amazing in the first two rounds. Although Matt won, BJ was way more exciting to watch. Did BJ gass out because of incorrect cardio? Dieting? Or did the effect of the crazy pills wear off? Notes to self; drink wheatgrass, improve flexibility.
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