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  1. Its annoying becaust it highlights how even though people are smart (build rockets, paint etc) they are also really stupid. Maybe if the guy actually went out into the wild, tracked some wild animals for days then killed it expertly with a spear, then he would be manly. Handing over your wage because of social pressure for a quick dirty pick me up comfort eat is not particulerly special though. The meat = man relationship is a throwback and makes no sense in the modern world. Maybe if a burger king burger weighed 50 kilos then it would be a sign of manliness to actually pick it up (but hopefully not actually eat it). Maybe if they only gave out burgers to veterans of war, then eating one would be manly. Maybe if the man buying the burger used it to assult someone with, then it might be considered 'manly'.
  2. Its definetly annoying when either one guy doesn't know how to wrestle or they both end up doing very little. To my mind they should allow head butts or something. (Perhaps thats not safe though).
  3. Some of the fights are so weak, tapped out in under a minute etc. Not as good as the last season.
  4. People I know who have been using drugs for a long time have irrevicable personality changes, always for the worse. Its a good thing to quit even if you don't see any personal issues now, you would definately later. Good luck
  5. Does anybody know how I should train to be good at wrestling? I quiet recently because of other commitments and now I want to get in shape before I get back into it. Previously I found my conditioning was lacking, along with arm and grip strength. I'd also like to lose weight. Any excercises I can do in an ordinary not particulerly well equiped gym? At the moment I do most muscle groups and as much running as I can. My silhoutte is shrinking but I'm not losing any wieght.
  6. Hi, Have been vegan on and off for a while now. At the moment I'm recovering from a year long exam stress induced non-vegan binge and now have alot of fat to get rid of. I'm not a body builder but go to the gym pretty regulerly and although I don't have so much spare time would always liked to be more fit. Coming from a year of stuffing my face I'm struggling to find vegan food interesting. Frankly I'm tired of what feels like a limited variety after having eaten the same 'Tai Veg' style food for the most part of 5 years. But dull food is better than spots so here I am. I'm from London. I chose Igor as my name as he's a pride (mixed martial arts) fighter who's as squat and non sculpted as me. Whose also alot of fun to watch fight. Hobbies are gym, writing, family, and tv-mainly ufc and pride
  7. I found being vegan helped my acne considerably. Helping me go from spotty to nearly completely clear. A mild face wash is still neacessary though. With more stringent dieting, cutting out salt, wheat, vinegar and otherwise strong, artificial or processed food along with food combining managed to reduce it to near nill, but that takes alot of will power (so I gave up). It does take a while though.
  8. I think the only way you can increase your testosterone is ingestion or insertion otherwise. (joke)
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