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  1. I've highlighted exactly what I intend to do from now on. It saddens and angers me simultaneously. I've always felt a deep connection with the friendships I've developed on this board. I've valued the freedom you previously gave members to express themselves - even if just in a silly photo-diary way or in a nudity or sexually-themed thread. I always appreciated how inclusive the board was - even for lil ol' leg weight walking me who couldn't afford a gym. I can't accept the new level of political correctness now expected of board members. I can't go along with the censorship and hypersensitivity. It's a true shame that you no longer participate and run the board. When you were doing the bulk of it, I can think of nothing but positive things to say. Now, that you are relying heavily on the opinion of the "chosen ones", I feel the dynamic of the board has shifted and find that I can't sit back and continue to participate. It's sad more than anything.
  2. Cool pics Marcina! I love food and people pictures! You look fantastic!
  3. YES! Yes! Yes and YES! Yay John V for mentioning it before me! As I scrolled through the post I was shocked noone mentioned this cookbook. It's our definite go-to book for everything! There aren't complicated or "vegan version" ingredients. All you'll find are simple and extremely satisfying meals! We love the pizza recipe, whole wheat bread recipe, tvp "spaghetti balls", brownies...all of it! Delish!
  4. And just to add to what vegan essentials said, the cat we fed vegan food to LOVED IT!
  5. So basically your entire post was a commercial and plug so you can sell your product....nice Actually, he was thanking ME for plugging his product so bug off. I've used the vegecat mix and dry food in the past when caring for a cat that "claimed us" during our stay in the woods. I've been happy with my purchases from veganessentials and figured I would offer conscientious vegans a resource for cruelty free companion animal products. He makes sound arguments so it's really not fair of you to discount his post based on my plug.
  6. Daywalker and Wannalift in 2006 http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c240/veganmadre/wannaliftanddaywalker.jpg Wannalift and MichaelHobson in 2006 http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c240/veganmadre/worksupervisors.jpg Daywalker put to work in our old kitchen http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c240/veganmadre/work.jpg EDIT: Sorry, bad camera and very yellow townhouse don't mix well.
  7. December 2006 (Jan. 2007??) veganmadre, wannalift and odidetne http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c240/veganmadre/DSC00004-1.jpg
  8. How extremely sad that this even needs to be a discussion among vegans. As we found in the past, discussion is futile. Personally, I don't value the life a companion animal more than the life of farm animal. I want to say more but f-ing forget it.
  9. I'm surely not trying to instigate but that would defeat the purpose of that thread to some extent. The point of the thread, or at the very least my contribution to it, was not to post porn but to post images of beautiful, natural vegan bodies. Making it something where images are selected individually would imply that they were being viewed for sensual pleasure. I'd argue that it's probably not appropriate for this site. I've come to the conclusion that nudity isn't really in line with the values of this community. Just my humble opinion. Mind you, I assume you were joking. Just felt compelled to comment.
  10. In my opinion - there is not a single reason on earth that one animal should justify the slaughter of infinite others. Not one. Especially not in the name of "optimal health" or "natural diet". If your pet has to live slightly less than optimal - which is only really the case for male cats- in order for many other animals to keep their lives then surely that's the most logical choice. Vegan Essentials has an entire section devoted to companion animals. VEGAN COMPANION ANIMAL PRODUCTS
  11. I believe the relationship section was added as a disclaimer for "mature" topics - including but certainly not limited to nudity. People were nervous about any type of sexual and/or relationship content. There was a nudity thread. Zach started it and it appears he also deleted it. The extent of the pictures were a few naked guys, some naked tigress and some naked me. I don't think the discussion was boring in the least or that it was worthy of deletion but I do believe it was probably too much for this board.
  12. I'm fully of the opinion that it's virtually impossible to be completely vegan and ethical in this society. I understand the frustration you're feeling. Making ethical purchases is something that weighs on my mind on a daily basis. It's something I also have to push out of my mind to some extent in order to function. It's hard for me to say what to do. I'd probably keep the bag and try to make it last.
  13. I haven't been on the board lately so I just spent the past ten minutes reading over the "Double Standard" thread. I'm extremely disappointed that it's been locked. I can see no other reason for the thread being locked other than thought control. So what if something is offensive? I want to know others opinions and always have the option of avoiding a thread that is too heated for my liking.
  14. I'm a naughty food porn addict! Love it! Mmmmm. I'm wondering if raw food prep is the tantric version of food porn since its such a looonnnnnnnng process. Ok, I'll stop now.
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