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  1. Thanks for the advice! I did well today, worked on upper-body stuff with weights while sitting or lying down. I usually do more things standing up. I'm not a big machine person, but I did use them a little for my legs today as you suggested. The next time I run, I'm going to be walking down the hills. It's my patellar tendon that got angry. Have you had success with the Kinesio tape? I am using a little Ace brace, but my leg is small in circumference I have to secure it with duct tape or it slips down over my kneecap.
  2. I am new to running, inspired by my sister who is running the Boston Marathon next month (!!!). I have worked up my stamina for the past 2 months and can now run upwards of 4 miles. The treadmill gets excruciatingly boring after 3 miles, so last week it was a beautiful day in Brooklyn and I decided to run outside. Where there are.... hills. And running downhill I thought I was going easy and slow, but apparently not easy and slow enough. I aggravated my left knee and have been wearing a little Ace brace. What are some activities you suggest to do in between now (soreness) and all better, when I can run? I've already been keeping off it all weekend and I wouldn't run on it yet, but I want to do *something*. I am starting to weight-train, is it safe for me to just go and do upper-body work? Are there particular exercises that are good to help my knee recover? I assume that many runners have had similar experiences, and I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks, Athena
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