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  1. Thank you Adamx and Cubby, I think I understood! And I rekon I was doing right... Anyway, yours was a perfect explanation!!!!
  2. Can I try???? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The other day it was my , and my friend took me to a martial art contest as a present. He said he could fight and win the champion: . I thought it was impossible, and that he was a and going to be very soon. But he went , and we got there. They started , and, as obvious, my friend was being (not in the proper meaning of the emoticon...), but then he came out with his special secret martial art move (an important master taught him just a minute before dying): . The audience went mad , and lost with honour, but made him promise to teach him the secret move! My friend had his glorious moment , and I have a nice memory about my birthday!!!!
  3. I'm very interested in this topic as well, and would lke to make sure I understood! Did you mean you have to end your knees a bit and meanwhile moove your centre of mass a bit backwards? And... I'm really sorry, but I couldn't find the word in the dictionary, and don't know what it means... What does "wack" mean?
  4. Hi Courtney! I'm Sam, I'm new to the forum, so... Nice to meet you! I saw your MySpace page, and I liked it very much! I hope to get to know you better!
  5. Anyway, just a little question... Beth, are you joking??????? Did you say 46????? You look at least 10 years younger!!!!!!!! What's you secret, a part from being a vegan????
  6. I've always had problems with periods, and a friend of mine, who is a vegan too and had my same problems, went to a doctor's, a Japanese Naturopathist, and had marvellous results: she is now perfectly regular, has no pain, and it's not too light neither too abundant. The doctor (who is a vegan too) gave her a vegan diet, so it means a vegan diet must be perfect for this kind of things. He often talks about food combinations, saying that it's not just important what we eat, but how we eat it and what with. So maybe vegans are eating the right stuff, but in this case just with the wrong combinations. I went to that doctor's before, having great results, and I have to go back now. I can ask him about this kind of problem, and then I can post what he tells me.
  7. No worries, I'll do it as soon as I can. If I find anything interesting on the web meanwhile, I'll let you know. I had some interesting sources, but I had to change pc, so I have to look for them again. But I'll find them!
  8. I wrote it! It's just what people say many times, I have no proper sources. But I have sources about men being vegans. Men were vegans because it was very easy and healthy for them, and hunting was a useless effort. Then everything became ice-covered (I know there is a proper word to say this, but I couldn't find the translation on the dictionary!), and there were no more fruit and vegetables enaugh, so they had to start hunting. My sorce is an Italian science magazine, I can try to translate it and give it to you, if you want. I also have an article about Native Americans being vegans as well, most of the tribes were. They thought being vegans made them stronger, healthier and more intelligent. I'll look for it, translate it and put it on the forum, if you want. And, anyway, here on the forum we have the proof they were right!!
  9. It's the same I think. Many people find hundreds of excuses to go on eating meat, because they like it and they don't want to make a little effort to give it up (and find many other better things to eat!!!). So they start to say the doctor told them not to give up meat, that it's a tradition, that humans have always been omnivore (and, by the way, it's not true), that they parents would not approve (yes, I heard that as well!), and many other stupid things. Then, if there's a video about slaughters or similar, they don't watch it, close their eyes, or say "No, I don't wanna know it!!!". Very hypocrite. I tend to lose respect for those people too. I try not to judge others, but when it's about animals and Earth I find it quite difficult. But then I think I'm not perfect either, and make the effort not to feel too uncomfortable towards these people... So, instead of totally losing respect for them... I increase my respect for the others, those who "understand"!!!!!!
  10. Wow, you look in great shape!!!!! (I mean all the pics, not just the last one... ) And I think your face expression is simply great, you look in shape and happy! Do you mind if I show it to all the stupid people that say that vegs are sad, ill and pinched? like: "Hey, you idiot, look at this, and go red for your envy!!!!:smt098" What a satisfaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I definitely agree with it. I also met some instructor that thought behaving like they were in the army gave great results, but most of the people didn't agree and didn't go to their classes anymore. What did the other people that were with you at the class say?
  12. Hi all, and thanx for the warm welcome! I see we are loads from Europe, it sounds great! Have you ever heard about the VegFestival here in Italy? It's in my city, and I hope there is another edition this year. And, if there is, I hope to meet some of you! In this case, everyone who's coming down to Turin for the VegFestival is invited to my place for lunches and dinners! (Don't worry, there's a good hospital not far from my home... ) I competed in gymnastics and volleyball, but a loooooooong time ago!!!! Then I went into fitness, BB and martial arts, but I never competed... What about you? Her name is Nut (short for Nutella... it's the chocolate & nuts cream, do you know it?), and she looks like a siamese, but she's a ragdoll. She's the only cat I ever had who wasn't found somewhere down a road in bad conditions... (If I kept all the animals I rescued I'd have hundreds and hundreds... fortunately I always found a home for them... well, nearly always... many are still with me or with my mum...) I think you know ragdolls in USA, don't you? They should be English but well known in the States as well. When I say "ragdoll" in Italy it's nearly like when I say "vegan", they just look at me as if I say I've got a transgenic cat!!!!!! I do the same, but I also listen to some blues sad songs meanwhile, to feel more comfortable... Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be very happy about it!!!!! It's the 23rd of May, next friday! Yes, I was born in Italy, but... I'm not very proud of it, I have to say!!!! I don't like Italians very much... (obviously people in this forum are excluded!!!!!! I'm sure they are different and great people!!! Seriously, if they are vegans, they must be different from the bunch!) I lived abroad for quite a long time, in Spain and in London. I definitely LOVE England, and I hope I can get back very soon!!!!! Anyway, how did you notice I lived somewhere else? I'm curious! I really hope so, I would like to make many friends in here! I've been watching the forum for some time, and I really like everyone here! By the way, anybody who wants to contact me with messenger is welcome!!!! I definitely agree with you! It's true and wise! Thanx again for all your welcome!
  13. Hello everybody! My name is Samantha, I live in Turin, Italy, and I am VERY VERY VERY happy about being here! I've been reading the forum for a while, and I think it's definitely great!!!! I couldn't wait to be a part of it! (By the way, thanx a lot, Robert!!!!) I have been vegetarian for about 13 years (I'll be 33 in a few days), and lately I decided to take the big step and become a vegan!!!! Sometimes it's not very easy here, because when you say "I'm a vegan" people usually look at you with big eyes and ask "Where did you say you came from?????", and whan you explain what a vegan is, they imagine you as a depressed person who only eats salad or boiled carrots... But I don't mind and carry on with my ideas!!! I've always been into sports, it's something I really love, and I would like to prove (like all of you in the forum are perfecly doing!) that even vegs can do sports and fitness and can be in perfect shape! I had to stop training some time ago because of a car accident, and I put on some weight (not because I was eating badly, but because of the medicines I was taking... ) and my muscles got a bit... blobby??? so now my aim is to get back in shape, and this site is helping me to find the strenght and the boost to do it properly! I'm so happy I found this site! I hope to get to know many of you, it's always great getting to know people you share many ideas with! Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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