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  1. I am using fitday Speaking of fitday... I am having trouble with plugging in green powders (right now I am using up some earth promise I have), it says that the calories are incorrect because the formula for calories/protein/carbs/fiber doesn't calculate.. anyone else run into this?
  2. Yesterday I had a great workout OUTSIDE of the gym routine! I went rock climbing with my new climbing group for a good 3 hours until it got too dark. It was rainy and slick though, very challenging but soooo much fun. I am enjoying that "good kind" of soreness in my arms and shoulders today
  3. Whoa Kero! Those are gorgeously decorated! Amazing! yum yum yum!
  4. Vegan cupcakes used to be a big thing in previous years! But without Veganmadre and Speaklow posting their amazing creations it seems cupcakes have been long forgotten. I am not nearly as talented as those two cupcake geniuses but still I attempted a batch yesterday... (seems my photography is not as impressive either..) Peanut butter cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and chocolate ganache drizzle -the recipes can be found in Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
  5. Awww Yes, I ate a lot of raw spinach yesterday The chart includes only foods I ate, not supplements (b-12 & chlorella). I think there is a way to add this info into the chart though, I'll have to figure out how.
  6. Thanks for frogging my blog Richard! Yesterdays food log looked pretty good! I added a b-12 supplement as well as chlorella for the vitamin D. Calories were 1834. I ate a brazil nut for the selenium and added pumpkin seeds to my smoothie for the zinc. Now I need to up that calcium and niacin.
  7. I just received a question wondering if a room can be rented for less than the 4 days.... yes, just divide the total price by 4 and pay for the # of nights you will be there and make note of the nights and room you are reserving with your paypal payment.
  8. If you want to split the cost with another attendee, arrange that first before reserving the room then both attendees can reserve it at the same time Feel free to make a post to find someone to split the room (Potter is also doing this to split the cost of a room among the cyclists...)
  9. The *goal* is to raise enough funds so that meals are provided. Right now we have a long way to go to meet that goal but I think we can do it!
  10. For updated information please see viewtopic.php?t=13032
  11. For updated information please see viewtopic.php?t=13032
  12. I can't stand it either actually! Me and consistent just don't go together in a sentence about food... but I'm trying to change that and hold myself accountable for my inconsistencies.. so that is my goal.
  13. Thanks Kev! This really helps! So I'm adding brazil nuts for selenium, chlorella for vit D and I discovered pumpkin seeds are high in zinc... so I look forward to seeing what my new numbers are after a day of adding these in to my food intake.
  14. Each of my roommates has an elaborate story about where this rat may have come from (the pet-shop purchase intended for a pet snake, an escapee from a testing facility, etc)... he's mostly people friendly so I pretty much think he was just a previous pet carelessly or purposely abandoned. He was found in some dumpsters near our house with laceration/burn injuries... when they found him he was enjoying some frosting remnants from a Sweetpea Vegan Bakery cupcake box... I find that part very entertaining
  15. Most of the cats like to just sit at his cage and stare all day... but my cat Pancake and Mr Ratty have had a bit of further interaction outside of the cage. Pancake is very curious to sniff him a lot and occasionally put a gentle paw on him... the rat just sniffs back.
  16. much to our surprise yes... after a bit of getting used to the person... he really took to a couple of us right away..
  17. I live in quite the house... 7 human inhabitants as well as many rescued furry housemates... 4 kitties, a rabbit, a ferret... and our newest rescue.... One of my roommates already named him but I can't remember what it is, I just call him "Lil Mr Ratty Rat Rat" Oh, and his favorite food..... vegan cupcakes.... hes got a bad sweet tooth... much like me
  18. What?! I look up to your eating habits! I couldn't possibly have any pointers for Tasha!
  19. I wouldn't completely discredit the BFL program. It has a really good format for workouts and diet that is good for beginners to an exercise and eating program. It is not very difficult in my opinion to alter the meals to vegan choices using tofu/tempeh/seitan to replace the meats and dairy alternatives (like soy yogurt in the smoothies for example). I followed the BFL program about 4 years ago, not for transformation but for a structured exercise program and I had really good results. I used what worked for me and didn't to create my own workout/meal plans and after I went vegan I occasionally followed some recipes that I altered to veganize them. I began introducing to program to some really clueless but desperate people I knew and was encouraged to lead a BFL support group for several months where I saw ordinary SAD-eating people accomplishing quite a bit in their goals with the program. My stepdad even had amazing success using the program to dramatically lose weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and now he eats mostly veg even though the program recipes use meat and dairy. I think BFL has its very good points for sure, but it's not for everyone because I feel it is maybe only a good program for people starting out who have no idea how to put together their own workout and meal plans.
  20. If you are going to eat mostly raw what would you want to add a salty flavor to? I can't think of anything myself when I was eating mostly raw that I would have wanted saltier. Unless you are making gourmet dehydrated meals, then what others have mentioned... perhaps sea plants (kelp, dulse) and maybe dehydrated celery might work. Celery juiced for cold soups would work too I think. Some other raw foods that are higher in natural sodium are chard, kale, spinach, olives, cucumbers and pumpkin seeds. Also if you just want salt that is unprocessed I think grey celtic sea salt probably comes as close as any raw produce to not being handled and processed.
  21. Thanks for sharing, great pics of now happy very furry animals mmmm vegan cafe
  22. You are right, I definitely need to eat more veggies... I do usually get more leafy greens in a typical day than these reflect, but some days I eat an assortment of colorful veggies and often I don't. Thanks for reminding me about the brazil nuts! A friend told me about that last year but I couldn't remember what nutrient it was that just one provided.
  23. This will be a quick blog update... I just plugged into fitday everything I could remember eating today and was pleased to see that I met almost all nutrients with 95% or higher of RDA all from natural food source. With the exception of course of Vit D and B-12 which were 0% but I supplement those. And zinc and selenium were low again (abt 50%). I thought I had eaten quite a bit more today but found my calorie intake was approximately the same. Still feeling sniffly and stuffy, but much better overall... I actually had my voice back today for the first time in almost a week
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