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  1. I've been feeling pretty crummy lately with this cold so it is possible I haven't been eating as much as I normally would... I'm not sure how it compares to when I feel good since I've never counted caloric intake before! Also the pizza I ate I'm sure added at least another 500 calories. Occasionally I'll just plug my daily food info in and see how it goes.
  2. Today I decided to plug in my food to determine how close I came to RDA... Mainly to get a starting point to determine how to fulfill these percentages from natural sources as much as possible. I felt that I had ate at least a decent variety so it is interesting to see how far below rda I was on some nutrients Not a surprise that vit d and b-12 are low though. (btw, I also had a slice of vegan pizza today but didn't have the nutritional info.. so that added calories but I'm sure nothing significant in my nutrient deficiencies....)
  3. Haha! Thanks Tash! Glad to hear you are feeling better though!
  4. Thanks, I hope you feel better and don't have this bug! Samples, awesome! Maybe I can trade you for another ride up to the mountain for some of that magic spray too! hehe
  5. Everyone here is getting this terrible cold! Well, not everyone but just about everyone around me has caught this thing.... starts out with this incredibly bad persistent headache, then sore throat and fever, then cough. Most people I have talked to have had it for a week or more. I felt the headache come on Sunday night and by Monday morning I woke up head throbbing, weak and sore throat. I started juicing and drinking grapefruits every 2-3 hours for no particular reason except that was what I was craving. In between I drank lots of water with acerola cherry extract. By the end of the day all of the symptoms were gone except I was still a little stuffy with a slight headache, I ended the day with vitamineral greens. The next morning I continued the grapefruit juice and by afternoon I was 100% back to feeling normal. I started eating some fruit and some more vitamineral greens and then went on a 5.2 mile hike and felt great! For dinner I had a huge fruit smoothie. Wednesday I switched from juicing to eating the grapefruit plus pineapple and papaya through the day and I had a huge salad for dinner, still feeling great. Thursday I didn't have any grapefruit and I began eating 'regular' meals again (green smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, tofu wrap for dinner) and Friday morning I woke up without a voice and progressively felt worse! Now it is Saturday and I am missing my big 12-mile hiking trip because all my symptoms have returned plus a cough Waaaaaa! I guess I need to go get some more grapefruits....
  6. I don't know what a Jim Dandy is but have you tried the Coconut Bliss Pistachio 'ice cream'? It's goooooood There is a pizza place up in Seattle that makes a wheat-free vegan pizza Last year just after VeganVacation we had a small group go up to Seattle for a couple days to visit and we ate there, maybe we should do that again!
  7. Some of my pre-vegan and pre-vegetarian and pre-health-conscious-days favorites: Homemade stringy oven-baked cheddar mac & cheese (my friend James makes an awesome vegan alternative so I don't miss the original if I can talk him into making me a batch) McD Filet-o-fish (Vita-cafe here in Portland makes a great vegan one, although I no longer care for fried foods much) Milk chocolate (I came to love dairy-free dark chocolate, in fact the darker the better, and there is a really good vegan rice-milk chocolate that I like too) Germanchökolätekäke ice cream from Coldstone (but with vegan Purely Decadent Peanut-butter Zig-Zag who can miss real ice cream?) Mostly now I don't even eat the vegan alternatives to my old favorites, I've found a whole new batch of favorite foods that are quite a bit healthier ... although I've always loved creamy caesar salads and I still do eat a version very often with a vegan dressing made primarily from flax oil, mustard and soy sauce.. mmmm
  8. The "luxury" cabin won out in the cabin poll. It has been reserved! Four nights beginning Saturday night the 19th of July through Tuesday night the 22nd of July, then we will leave Wednesday morning for the Portland portion of the vacation. CLICK HERE FOR VIRTUAL TOUR OF CABIN
  9. This is AWESOME! ..and I was so proud, at first, that I got the # right.... good message
  10. Hey "Kinky-Sydney-Vegan-Booty"! I have the VitaMix Turboblend 4500 Blender, I bought it for $359... or as my housemates call it the "kale-annihilator". Its a simple model and I have no complaints at all, for me it was the best kitchen appliance purchase ever. I don't know much about these and if they can be used with a blender or not but I've seen stepup voltage convertors for around $20 I think. I don't know anything about Blendtec, in fact I don't think I had heard of them before seeing Troy's smoothie-making youtubes Good luck though, I hope you can get it for less than 1000!
  11. Wow, this is the second time I've heard of a dolphin doing this! Dolphins are amazing beings
  12. It is my goal to have transportation (for getting around Portland & to Mt. Hood) and food (meals, not necessarily individual's extra snacks) provided through fundraising efforts, this of course all depends on the efforts of everyone in making that happen but that will definitely help to keep additional costs down. Ideally I'd like the vacation personal out-of-pocket expenses to be getting here (flight costs, etc), lodging, and personal snacks. More on fundraising ideas and efforts to come in the near future but anyone is welcome to start bringing in funds anytime now, we've already received 3 donations from members efforts (Potter pottery sales, Roberts T-shirt sales, etc) to get started.
  13. So far I am aiming for one cabin, one of these two will be the primary cabin, if we need more space a second smaller cabin nearby will be arranged
  14. Yeah, I'm working on finding arrangements to rent sleeping bags/camp mattresses...
  15. Here are the two Mt Hood cabins (for the first 4 nights of VV08) I have narrowed my search down to... one is basic and very inexpensive and the other offers quite a bit more but is pricier. I am just submitting this poll to get an idea of what kind of place people would like to stay... this is not yet a confirmation of location and prices, just a general idea. Cabin #1: King Bed suite w/private bath $95/room/night (3 available) Family suite 2 queens w/jacuzzi $125/room/night (1 available) Bunks $40/bed/night (12 available) Sofas $35/night (2 available) camp on floor $30/night Lodge getaway with 6-person hot tub 3 Deluxe king Master Suites with private baths and decks 1 Deluxe Family Suite that Sleeps 4 with private sitting area & Jacuzzi tub 2 bunk bedrooms, each bunkroom sleeps six with full bathrooms. 32" color tv with satellite in one of the bunk rooms Great Room with custom bar Dining room with 15 foot log family style table Fully equipped gourmet kitchen Large decks with views of the Mountain Wireless Internet & Sirius Satellite Radio Big screen- HDTV with Satellite, DVD & VCR, XBox Game Room: Foosball table, Air hockey and poker table, and plenty of board games for everyone Large Laundry room with Washer & Dryer OR Cabin #2 bunk/single $25/bed/night (26 available) queen $50/bed/night (4 available) sofa $20/sofa/night (2 available) camp on floor $15-20/night comparatively this is a very basic cabin, no hot tub, 2 small kitchens and 2 small dining areas and 2 small living room with TVs/dvd/satellite (no large central gathering area though) OR Option #3 keep looking....
  16. I like agave best, I use is very sparingly so it doesn't seem too expensive to me, and it can be quite a bit expensive but sometimes I use [real] maple syrup (I like b grade)
  17. It has been mentioned that instinctually the body tries to starve cancer cells, and it has also just been mentioned that we all have abnormal cells from time to time, so I think it wouldn't be unsafe to say that perhaps sometimes it is in a persons instinct to fast and in those cases when a person feels a "need" for a fast (as opposed to someone that just wants a challenge) it might be a appropriate for a so-called healthy person to fast.
  18. Actually it is your resting heart rate that determines your fitness. The formula for Max HR is not very accurate all of the time because max hr is determined by genetics and is a mostly fixed number, it changes only with age for the most part. It is also affected by some drugs, it can vary greatly among people of the same age, a higher max doesn't always predict a more fit person and a lower max doesn't always predict a less fit person.
  19. I got a laugh reading about him sneaking durian into a movie theater and the theater was evacuated by the fire department! haha
  20. Peaceful Warrior and What the Bleep are a couple of my top inspirational also.... here are a few more... The Celestine Prophecy (although the quality and acting are not so good, the message of the movie is great) Gandhi Mr.Holland's Opus V for Vendetta The Shawshank Redemption A Beautiful Mind Dances With Wolves Happy Feet (despite being a "children's" movie this one has A LOT of good messages/inspirations for adults)
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