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  1. Doesn't seem to work? I tried to donate some via paypal but it came back to me. But i ordered stuff from Potter so at least he gave the percentage to you Thanks for letting me know... I fixed the problem this morning by upgrading the account so I can now accept all payment methods to the fund account. Thanks!
  2. Sounds good Potter, you'll be hear early and staying later! yay! The official dates of July 20-26 still stand although the 20th is a Sunday so people are welcome to arrive earlier in the weekend or week. I am currently in contact with several cabin locations working out availability and rate details before selecting. I may try to make a trip up to Mt. Hood to check them out before putting a deposit down as well. Speaking of deposit... for lodging it appears (not for sure yet) but rough estimate, expect to pay between $25-$50 per person per night for the 4 night cabin stay. (note: This is just an estimate so far based on approximate rate listings for possible cabins. Also it does not include transportation and food costs and it does not include funds from fundraising, so it may be more or less, depending on those factors. More information to come....)
  3. I have found the information he gave in his lecture and especially in his books to be very good, but also he sells.. it seemed somewhat of a challenge discerning real information from the sales-pitch. edit: One thing I now add to this is that I have benefited overall from what I got from his lectures/books because it has triggered me to further my own research beyond his material. As for ormus I have no comment
  4. Thanks for pointing this out... in comparing juicing to a regular blender I think a lot of the nutrients are not accessed by blending. But, in comparing juicing to a vita-mix (or similar-type blender) I think the nutrients are unlocked (cell wall broken) effectively either way. So with that in mind it would be a matter of if you want the fiber or not, and if you want it to digest slowly or have the nutrients assimilated more quickly. I don't know specifically that fiber inhibits any nutrient absorption (unless the slower assimilation allows oxidation during the digestive process? I don't know) I have read though that it slows sugar absorption so if sugar is a concern better to blend or eat whole fruits/veggies, but that is another topic. Again this is just an opinion-based comment
  5. my opinion-based comment>> I kind of suspect that this article is talking about bottled, shelved juices. Juices that are processed and pasteurized and on the shelf for days or weeks or months or longer, practically nutrient-less. And it is true that some nutrients are lost from juicing through the oxidation such as vitamin c. However, I have read (and sorry I don't remember where, I know many of you dislike lack of evidence-reference so take this just as it is) anyway I have read that if you juice, say an orange and drink it within minutes of juicing it, much of the nutrients are retained because they have not been exposed to oxygen very long. It helps to use a juicer that is low speed and masticating rather than more heat-producing centrifugal, as heat will increase enzyme-loss (but same will happen with a blender, just run it only as long as is needed, the longer it blends, the more friction, the more heat, the more enzyme-loss.) The point of juicing is to separate the fiber to be able to consume a higher concentration of the nutrients (you can consume quite a lot more fruits and vegetable without the fiber) and to open cells (same idea as a vita-mix) and to be able to digest and utilize the nutrients faster (fiber slows this process). Fiber is very important, some nutrients are lost because they remain locked in the fiber, but some claim juicing actually accesses nutrients that the body would have just eliminated with the fiber if it was not separated from the fiber. So it depends on how you look at it, and what your current fiber consumption is already. My opinion is that it is most important to eat your daily servings of fruits and vegetable in their natural form, however adding fresh-juicing daily, weekly, whatever is still incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons. And it is my opinion that shelved or stored juices are just liquid calories, very lacking in nutrients. <
  6. Last time I was in WF at Bridgeport they were carrying some vegan earth shoes. I don't know if they have this style but if you are interested in trying them on first it might be worth checking out their selection. I don't own a pair of earth shoes but have tried some on and I think the negative heel would take some getting used to for some people.
  7. It was another 5 hours tonight also! (at least anyway, I left early this time!) 10 hours of David Wolfe in 2 days..
  8. Excellent mind-set in my opinion! It leaves room for discovering truth in things still left unknown and mysterious in our fascinating world. The human body and human potential remains one of the biggest mysteries of them all, there is so much to be explored and discovered with an open mind and heart
  9. Do you still have the article you sent Jessy? I dont incorporate Grapefruit enough into my diet, but would love to be convinced to. I don't know if Zack replied to you but the article he shared with me was about a specific condition. However, this one seems to be very informative overall
  10. mmm tea Great article Geoff!
  11. It is! Thanks for always being so positive Tasha!
  12. Oh yeah, it must have been subconscious though, I wasn't thinking about that but I have been enjoying quite a lot of grapefruit lately!
  13. Right now: 1. strawberries 2. grapefruit 3. blueberries
  14. haha! That reminds me of a book I used to love when I was young... I think it was called Bunnicula, about a rabbit that sucked the juice out of vegetables in the night!
  15. I have never heard of this... hmm, I would be interested to know if they are referring to fruit juice that has been pasteurized because then yes that makes sense, but straight from the juicer?
  16. Cool, glad you gave it a try! Sometimes kale is a little intense for some people at first, there are so many possible combinations you could try... maybe spinach would taste better to you at first, a lot of people like spinach as their smoothie green.
  17. That is exactly why leather is so abundantly used in our culture, the purchase of any animal by-product directly contributes to the support of the animal industry. If you have no other options and your are doing your best than I believe that is an ethical choice to make. By not consuming milk or dairy or purchasing leather you are making a relatively HUGE difference when compared to the use of gelatin caps. With that in mind though, you can still do things such as write letters to the company that makes your supplements asking them to switch to vegetable-based caps and also inform your dad that alternatives exist.
  18. Yeah, I agree with Potter... look up some green smoothies you can make in your blender... for example my favorite is parsley/kale/mango. pineapple/kale/banana/mint/ginger Lots of examples here too
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