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  1. http://img514.imageshack.us/img514/5435/vv08112hv9.jpg

    Octopussior vs LeanandGreen



    Aww, the love



    LeanandGreen and thendanisays at Proper Eats



    xDarthVeganx and Octopussior + both the huge burritos he devoured!



    Oregonisaac, Mishe and VeganPotter at Proper Eats

  2. *****We've had several people need to leave the cabin to get back to work, etc. We are having a GREAT time up here and we will have 6 bed spaces open tonight (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday). Just $30/night! Includes awesome meals made by our own forum-member chefs! Yesterday we went on a long, steep awesome hike along the Sandy River and then everyone came back to the cabin totally exhausted and slept and hung out. Today we are going to head to a no-spray blueberry u-pick farm! Tomorrow we are WHITEWATER RAFTING! (if you want to join on this I need to know before 5pm TODAY for the reservation $58/per person), Wednesday we are going to be bungee jumping (or at least L&G will be) and mini-golf, frisbee-golf, go-carts, alpine slide, zip-lining, bouldering, etc. It will be fun, even if you can't stay the night at the cabin you can meet us up here for that on Wednesday afternoon! Call me or Robert!******




    I've just had several cancellations so I am trying to fill some spots at the cabin! $30 per night, come up whenever you want and leave whenever you need to... Saturday July 19th 4pm til Wednesday July 23rd 11am.


    call me or Robert for details!



























    Salmon Riverside Retreat is a wonderful family-style vacation home located right on the edge of the Salmon River in Welches. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 full baths home. A sunken hot tub with gazebo on the deck provides a perfect way to relax after a long day of skiing, snowboarding, hiking, golfing, or fishing. On the Deck is a Weber gas grill and plenty of patio chairs & tables overlooking the Salmon River. The large kitchen is ready for some gourmet cooking! The kitchen & dining table (seats 10 people) is open to the living room makes for a wonderful atmosphere for entertaining large groups, family and friends. The ceiling is vaulted with one whole wall in the living room filled with picture windows giving it a spectacular view of the river. Beautiful stone fireplace with propane stove. The master bedroom is the only room located upstairs in the open lofted area, still very private, has a queen bed, full bathroom and a sitting area with a view of the Salmon River. The first guest room also has a queen bed and a view of the river. The second guest room has 2 sets of bunk beds and a small TV with a VCR. From all bedrooms one can hear the roaring river falling asleep at night. The living room has a TV with a Satellite Dish, VCR, DVD and a Stereo CD Player, two hideaway sleeper sofas that are queen size. One of Salmon Riverside Retreat’s best features are the hiking trails right outside the door that lead you to some of the most excellent swimming holes on the Salmon River.


    Golfing is five minutes away at The Resort At The Mountain. Skiing and snowboarding are just 20 minutes up the mountain at Ski Bowl, Timberline, and Mt. Hood Meadows. Mt Hood Adventure Park at Skibowl offers summer activities like Alpine Slide and over 20 attractions, horseback riding, Indy Car Racing, etc. Close to shopping, dining, evening entertainment. Wireless High Speed Internet Access

  3. Today Robert and Tasha are working but Thendanisays, LeanandGreen, Octopussior, Veganpotter, Speaklow and myself are going to go pick some berries from an organic farm about 30 minutes outside of Portland so LeanandGreen can make a "blueberry drink" for us. Then we may make our way to downtown for something to eat at Blossoming Lotus, take a small trip into Powells and later tonight there is talk of seeing the new Batman. If you are interested in joining us give me a call (I think all of the local members already have my number, it hasn't changed!)

  4. I can see how this can be a serious concern to people who actually starve from limiting their food intake in the extreme (causing malnutrition)... but I think maybe this clip gives the wrong impression to viewers about so called health-conscious diets. Perhaps making viewers think that anyone who refuses to eat anything other than organic, pesticide-free, vegan, macrobiotic, etc or will only eat at home or feels socially isolated or feels superior through diet may have this condition. While that could be the case for these examples the majority of people with these "symptoms" are not starving, the focus of the clip should be more on starvation/malnutrition through extreme obsessive-compulsive eating habits. Otherwise it just sounds like a silly label.. and for some reason it seems like some people (like perhaps the healthy-looking woman in the clip?) like to have labels/diagnoses to group themselves into....

  5. This video makes me cry everytime I see it.... I have the entire movie and even that makes me cry without the mushy music background, but it is a great story! Christian has an incredible personality that we can all learn from!

  6. Yesterday Robert was walking in our neighborhood when a couple of dogs began following him! They appeared to have been out or lost for a while, a bit scroungy and rough looking but friendly. Despite his busy schedule, Robert spent hours yesterday trying to help these dogs! Apparently he hasn't yet found their home because I woke up this morning to find Robert asleep outside with the dogs! Awww





  7. Tofutod and Matt may want to ride with you:


    matt and i are going to need to take off on the 21st, so if anyone has plans to roll out from awhile, we could snag a ride, otherwise we'll catch a cab. this also opens up an extra night or two at the cabin for someone to go paid.
  8. Cool glad to know all the beds are filled! That sounds kind of funny. I just got a quick inquiry for you. I tried to fundraise but as of yet I have not received any contributions in any form. Not one! If no one wants to participate in this what should I do about my part in bringing in funds? Personally I really don't have any money to contribute at this time.


    No worries! The only requirement was that each person make an *attempt* and you did so that is all that is asked. If you would like to help out Robert and me in contacting local Portland businesses just let me know, I'm actually overwhelmed with how many contacts I still need to make because actually I don't think anyone chose any Portland area businesses as their one contact.

  9. I am around Robert nearly everyday (when he's not out of town) and I can honestly say I don't think he cares what people write about him here, positive or negative, because he is accomplishing some really amazing things and these comments are definitely not taking up much importance at this successful time in his life, from my perspective.

  10. I know there are some other forum members here that have mentioned doing something similar! We should get something planned


    Jessifly! I would TOTALLY join you guys! I have lots of backpacking experience (and canyoneering/rappelling experience). If this happens to be planned when I'm out west end of the summer I could meet some of you!

    Also on my training journal I've been listing vegan backpacking meals, what do you prepare for food that is suitable for days long trips? How how many hours or days does it take to reach the summit of these two mountains?


    Awesome! That would be great if you could join on a backpacking trip! That would be soooo fun! We'll have to come up with some good trail recipes to share on the trip!


    I need to experiment more for my foods, on these two trips I kept it really simple... for dinners just couscous or noodles. On the trail I always have tofutti cream cheese and bagels, almond butter & jam sandwich, soy jerkies, dark chocolate, fruit, assorted chopped fresh veggies (bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, whatever) and lots of assorted bars (especially Probars, those are AMAZING!) I share all of my vegan snacks with my climbing friends, none of which are vegan, and without any persuasion 3 of them started bringing only vegan foods on trips and telling me of their attempts to eat only vegan at home too! In fact I'll get the recipe and post it here but one of my friends developed his own no-cook vegan veggie couscous meal!


    Mt Hood took my group about 7-8 hours up and 2-3 hours down (we camped the night before near the trailhead to we could get a 3am start) and for Middle Sister we did it in a day and a half, 5 miles the first day (2-3 hours) and 16 miles the second day (about 12 hours).

  11. Wow! Thanks for the pics! Top of the world feeling really. I think you have to really be at peace with yourself to experience that sort of thing and understand the serene peaceful beauty of it all. It says something about your character. Awesome!

    Thanks Michael! You're right, putting myself through the pain and suffering of getting to the top of a mountain goes beyond accomplishment, it becomes an insight, it gives perspective, and yes, absolutely a full awareness of peace and serenity

  12. Hey I loved the Hood photos! I didn't know you recently did that climb. I did it a few years ago with my family.


    It would be cool to go hiking or backpacking together/with a group this summer or fall. My family is big on hiking.


    Well looks like I will see you tomorrow so bye for now.


    Hey Mishe! Thanks! That's awesome that you did the climb with your family! I would love to put together a group backpacking trip this summer, that would be so much fun! I know there are some other forum members here that have mentioned doing something similar! We should get something planned


    See ya soon!

  13. Jessifly I LOVE your photos, please post more! I want to go mountaineering, there are no mountains here in Toronto. Besides gear what's your experience and training been like to climb mountains. Same as hiking or a bit more technical?


    Thanks for the comment! Mountaineering is such an awesome thing, I'm so happy I "took action to make it happen" as Robert says I've been hiking since I was a kid and I've climbed peaks in Colorado but they were for the most part hike-to-summit climbs. Now that I am in Oregon I took a basic climbing program for preparation of climbing the snow-covered glaciated peaks of the Pacific NW. My training was a bit more technical than hiking in the areas of gear but also mainly the aspects of climbing with ropes and harnesses and on rock, snow and ice. This coming fall I am applying to a nine month intermediate climbing school! I am really excited!

  14. My birthday climb of Middle Sister!


    My climbing companions!


    Starting up the trail...


    It wasn't long before we were in snow!


    Base camp... my tent, my climbing friends, the mountain, the moon, perfect!


    Up, up, up..


    Where's Waldo? Er, I mean Jessi? Lower left corner, I'm the 3rd climber in... South Sister behind us!


    Coming up the last stretch to the summit!


    Yay! My birthday summit of Middle Sister (Hope) 10,047ft (5th highest point in Oregon) (North Sister behind me)


    Getting ready to rappel down just below the summit


    Nervously backing up to the edge


    Climbing companions Joe and Kyle on the rappel just after me

  15. Hey all my VBBF friends! It's been awhile since I've posted to my Froggy Bloggy, but I finally have something worth sharing! hehe


    Some of you may remember my post last spring on my failed attempt to climb Oregon's highest peak Mt Hood? Well On June 15, 2008 (Father's Day) I made another attempt, this time a successful summit! It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL climb, an amazing day! Here are a few pics I selected to share with you all!







    11,246 ft!


    This weekend I am making another summit, my birthday summit, of another of Oregon high peaks, Middle Sister! I'm sure I'll have some more fun pics to share!


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