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  1. Hi Joshu! Welcome!
  2. All available beds have now been reserved Prospectus: viewtopic.php?t=13032 Are you confirmed? viewtopic.php?t=13307
  3. I have vegan climbing shoes from evolv. I have the electra (women's) and I believe the defy is the men's version. I am pretty certain that they have quite a few more vegan-friendly models. www.evolvsports.com
  4. It really is to be taken seriously. Currently, statistically 1 in 2 Americans that live to age 65 will get skin cancer at least once in their life.
  5. although these are all about 30+ take a look at some natural sunblocks discussed here... viewtopic.php?t=12463&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
  6. When I became vegan my cycle remained regular but lighter and shorter and PMS symptoms disappeared. I did have a couple of cycles that were longer than my 28 day regular cycle, once it was 35 days. But I can pinpoint it without a doubt to emotional stresses during those two particular cycles (a big move and a breakup). Although stress is still stress whether is comes emotionally, physically, nutritionally, etc and the body will likely react the same to any stress. So take a look at all things in your life.. make sure you are getting all of your nutrition if you suspect it is the vegan diet, if that seems okay, have you been overtraining? Although exercise is the best, too much is a bad stress just like anything else. Take a look at emotional stresses, changes in your life, you could be right, perhaps it is natural changes that come with age.
  7. Thanks Robert! I am feeling much better about things after a good night sleep. I actually think I got so stressed because I've had a frustrating week all-around and getting worried about making the cabin deposit just topped it all off.... but I know you are right, things will work out!! However, I really really don't want you to have to put down money up front (you are still owed so much from last years VV!) What it comes down to is, like you have told me before, this event is either a priority for those interested or it is not, and if it is not that is just fine. It was my intention to have the cabin squared away before I leave to Colorado next week but as things have happened I am just going to go ahead a take a break from working on VV08 until I return in a couple weeks. Depending on what happens as far as commitments and deposits I will either put down the cabin deposit when I return or start from scratch looking for a smaller place. Either way there is still a lot of really fun things planned and it will be an awesome time for all!
  8. THANK YOU to the following people for your respectful communication and timely payments, I appreciate it it very much Robert hsorlando Lean and Green veganpotter thendanisays xdarthveganx Megan tofutod Matt Laura
  9. I bought the UV Naturals SPF 30+ Adult ($30 at REI) about a month ago and used it on a 2 day glacier trip... -It didn't rub in well and therefore I missed some random spots and ended up looking very blotchy. -It didn't take much for it to be washed off by a little water/snow but I reapplied every 1-2 hours -It felt greasy/sticky -It didn't stay on my lips well at all and my lips got a terrible burn (I need to find a good effective vegan lipbalm/sunscreen) but 2 days in the sun at high altitude with snow/ice glare is not exactly typical use... I gave it another try last weekend on a sunny 95 degree day in the mountains spent walking, biking, and picnic-ing (a little less intense more typical) and I must admit it worked perfectly with 2-3 applications through the day. A little bit went a long way but it still felt too greasy/sticky. I appreciate the info Troy, next I am definitely going to try the Solar Rx!
  10. Today is the day! Deposits are due! Deposits are starting to roll in fast, so thank you everyone for responding! Also full payments on room reservations are starting to come in too! You can check what has been reserved so far here: viewtopic.php?t=13032 and you can check confirmation status of members here: viewtopic.php?t=13307 I am off to work for the day so I won't be updating again until tonight but reservations will be applied on first come first serve according to when total amount is paid via paypal ([email protected]) Thanks everyone!
  11. My step dad gave me a fun program that overlaps personal pictures with their template pictures... it's fun... here are a couple Robert and I put together of xdarthveganx and veganpotter:
  12. Yes, we are short A LOT of people. I have received a total of 4 deposits. Not nearly enough to put down for the cabin. I contacted everyone individually last week so hopefully everyone will get their deposit in to me in the next 3 days so we can get that first payment to the cabin!
  13. Robert, I've already contacted everyone on the list individually except for the few that I have already received definite confirmations/deposits. Now everyone needs to get back to me! Everyone, Check your email/PM's/Myspace/facebook for my message and please reply!
  14. I am proud of my mom! She went vegan (almost) one year ago (June)!!! I didn't get to see her yesterday but am going to visit her in a couple days
  15. Hey everyone! How are you all coming along on your business contact for the fundraising? I hope you are all having some good successes! Let me know if you have any questions! Just a reminder I have drafted a sample letter that can be edited to fit your request, just let me know and I'll send you a copy! Remember funds raised can be sent to our vacation paypal account Veganvacationfunds at yahoo dot com and I will provide you a mailing address for all other items to be sent to. The sooner we collect the silent auction items the sooner we can have the fundraising event. I'd like to aim for June for this event!
  16. If you are a Portland member with a bit of room to share during Vegan Vacation, let our visitors know! And if you are a visitor and looking for a place to stay for Vegan Vacation bribe the Portlanders here.....
  17. Thanks for catching that, I corrected it... The Portland half will begin on Wed the 23rd in the afternoon. I don't want to offer up anyone's place but we do have a lot of forum members in Portland that I think would be happy to have people stay. I know Rob and I will likely have many people staying at our place for sure!
  18. The cost of renting the cabin is what it is (a base rate + a per/person cost) and is non-refundable to me so therefore if people cannot make it I cannot refund. Unless we exceed the cost, but I can't guarantee that that will happen as I have priced everything as low as possible (it just barely meets the rental cost.) All deposits are due May 22nd, at this time I cannot make any exceptions to that because the total deposit on the cabin is due (again unless of course we exceed the deposit price but again I can't guarantee that)
  19. The deposit is the entire payment for camping on floor, so no, there will be no additional cost when you arrive besides the deposit made through paypal.
  20. Sleeping on the floor is still a charge of $30/night. I am needing to have the reservation deadline for everyone so that we meet the due dates for the deposit and entire amount of the cabin.
  21. I can't think of anything in particular outside of what one would normally bring on a vacation. I suppose be prepared for warm weather and cool weather and possibly rainy weather, and maybe clothes to hike in (not any major hikes but there are a lot of trails near the cabin to explore!) You would definitely be allowed in of course. The fee is for staying overnight. I would ask that you participate in the fundraising though if you plan to join us for meals.
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