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  1. Anybody remember Joey doing "Flight of the Bumblebee"? Definitely one of my all time favorite episodes!!
  2. I don't know if I spelled it right but it's what Uncle Jesse always says (especially to Michelle, she responds "kapish!"). From the context I think it means "okay?" "okay!"
  3. No age cap on the kids really, if they are old enough to attend without an adult then they should pay the $120+, but if they are not old enough and a parent is attending they are included in the parents paid amount. Loveliberate, those ideas for the Portland portion sound great! Actually I am wondering if you would/could do the tour of Portland again? You are SO good at it I can't imagine anyone else to do it!
  4. I have just edited the details to say kids are welcome to attend with parent for no additional charge.
  5. see the prospectus just posted! viewtopic.php?t=13032&highlight=
  6. Vegan Vacation Prospectus Where and When For 2008, Vegan Vacation will take place Saturday July 19th through Saturday July 26th. There are two main parts to Vegan Vacation, 1st is the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness forum member-only cabin trip from The afternoon of Saturday July 19th through the morning of Wednesday July 23rd. Next is the Portland visit in which everyone in the community is welcome. This will be from The afternoon of Wednesday July 23rd through the Afternoon of Saturday July 26th. Cabin If you are attending the cabin portion, please plan to meet the group in Portland around noon on Saturday July 19th (exact time and place to be announced) for carpooling up to the cabin as parking will be limited. Costs involved with the cabin portion are relatively inexpensive compared to a typical vacation. Basically you only pay for lodging (only $120 and up for all 4 nights!) Kids are welcome to attend with parent for no additional charge. About the cabin: A smaller cabin with similar amenities has been reserved to replace the original cabin chosen due to the much smaller group size. *Note: Reservations are now CLOSED. All beds have been reserved* Approximately 8 meals (3 meals per day) for the cabin portion of Vegan Vacation will be provided through donations and fundraising efforts however please plan to bring or buy your own snacks and additional foods. Transportation (gas/fuel, etc) will also be provided by fundraising efforts for the cabin portion. So the only required cost of attending the cabin portion of 2008 Vegan Vacation is the lodging above. A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $120 will be due one month from today MAY 22ND for EVERYONE attending the cabin portion. Rooms and bunks are available on a first come first serve basis, to reserve a room the FULL amount of the room/bed is due at the time of reservation (Reservations MUST be made and full amount paid before JUNE 15th as the total cost of the entire cabin will be due on this date). Simply send the payment using a credit card, bank account or e-check through www.Paypal.com to the email address ([email protected]) and along with the payment specify which room you are requesting. If you are an individual who would like to reserve a double occupancy room you will need to pay for the FULL PRICE of the room or arrange your roommate BEFORE reserving the room. If you need to be placed with someone contact me by PM or email ([email protected]) and if there is another individual requesting a double occupancy room I can let you know. If you want to reserve a bed or bunk for less than the full 4 nights (for example wanting a room for only 2 nights out of 4) Please contact me before making a reservation so that we can work out the details. Portland We will arrive back in Portland the afternoon of Wednesday July 23rd. The Portland portion of the vacation is open to everyone! The main highlight of this aspect of the vacation is the tour of Portland vegan business and hotspots! All of the activites are yet to be determined and finalized so please check back. For those needing lodging, there will be lots of space offered up by Portland members if you don't mind finding a spot on a sofa/floor/futon/etc. Also there are a couple hostels, as well as the option of nearby hotels. Because everyone from all communities are welcome to attend the events of this half of Vegan Vacation, meals will not be provided. You will be responsible for all of your own meals, snacks, and lodging costs. However we are currently working with area businesses and may have discounts and coupons available to Vegan Vacationers! We are striving to make this as affordable for everyone as possible! Fundraising There will be one fundraising requirement for ALL forum members attending the cabin portion of Vegan Vacation. It is very simple, you will be asked to contact just one business or company to sponsor Vegan Vacation. You will work directly with that business for donations for Vegan Vacation. It can be funds or products, services, gift cards/certificates, coupons, discounts. Donations may be used either for food/transportation costs or in a silent auction to raise funds for food and transportation. I have a drafted sample letter you may use and edit to fit. Also you are more than welcome to contact more than one business or company if you'd like, the minimum is one though. If you know a business or company that is not in the Portland area, for example requesting food samples or coupons from a vegan product, feel free to use that as your one company as well. Please contact me to be assigned a business to work with. You may choose your business if you'd like but please contact me first anyway so that we don't have multiple people contacting the same place. There is no minimum amount of contribution you are required to bring in, just that the effort is put forth and each person brings in something through donations. If you would like to attend the cabin portion but do not have the time or desire to do this fundraising project, it is asked that you make an individual monetary donation yourself of $100 to help pay for your food and transportation. Additions and edits will be made to this prospectus as they become available. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments on anything! Hope to see you all at Vegan Vacation 2008!
  7. I like the way it tastes just with water also. But I don't need to chug it because I like it. Also sometimes I combine it with apple juice, but I don't think it tastes good with many other combinations, especially not carrot juice or orange juice I've never tried putting it in my smoothies
  8. I have heard this too, but I think the claims are that the antioxidant benefits of coconut oil taken as a supplement and topically help protect from free radicals but doesn't necessarily protect from the burn?
  9. Thanks for the info on the titanium.... I am going to look in UV Naturals now too, the ingredient list looks good, like you could eat the stuff. I once read "if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin" because absorption is just as good as ingestion.
  10. hmmm...I don't think we can hold the room for two years!
  11. The homeowner will not allow dogs at all because of the new hardwood flooring. One of the renters is allergic to cats and would prefer no more than the two already agreed upon. Other pets are likely welcome, it would be decided on a case by case basis.
  12. I was probably there around 2:30-3ish. I didn't even see Brian either...
  13. I just got back from a quick trip to SweetPea and Food Fight! and this is the first time ever that I have been to the vegan mini mall and not run into a forum member.... I guess they were all magnetically drawn to where you were today Robert!
  14. 3 vegan roommates in "House of Kindness" seek drama-free, responsible, health-conscious, non-smoking, green-conscious, fun vegan to rent clean spacious basement room in very nice house in close-in NE Portland. Roommate #1 in attic room is a guy on a bike with a green thumb who happens to be an incredible vegan chef (he would like me to add that he is hot, but I will add that this is not an ad for him) Roommate #2 in 1st main floor room is a famous and likeable vegan guy with muscles who poses a lot and he runs some forum somewhere Roommate #3 in 2nd main floor room is yours truly also residing in the home will be 2 loveable indoor kitties and a white rat with sweet tooth Rent $400 per month + utilities split 4 ways (except trash/recycling is paid) Move in May 1st. Move in cost is 1st/last/+$200 deposit ($1000) House is 3 story (basement, main, attic) 4 bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace, beautifully landscaped gardens, non-car garage (storage/work?), plenty of on-street parking, washer and dryer, large shared spaces: living room, dining room and kitchen, near buslines, and super-friendly awesome landlord/lady (landpeople?).
  15. I put in my vote this morning, even though he did make fun of me, I still voted for Richard... he put a lot of effort into creativity... and then some
  16. You got it! I am a HUGE muppet fan too! This quote is from the most AWESOMEST muppet movie, Muppet Family Christmas. All of the Muppet Babies (as adults) plus all of the Sesame Street gang, the Fraggles, etc get together for a vacation At Fozzy Bears mothers cabin and it is crazy, that is totally going to be us Vegan Vacationers in the cabin! How embarrassing you all got to see this dorky side of me
  17. "Two of you will have to sleep hung on hangers on a hook on the wall." "What a fabulous idea!" "Love hanger! Love hanger!" Okay, that is a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies since childhood..if anyone knows it I'd be completely surprised so it's very off-topic but I couldn't help such a perfect opportunity to quote it...
  18. I think Fred Meyer is one of the biggest employers out here. There are pretty much all of those stores you listed here, not so much in the city center but at the outer areas of Portland and surrounding areas. I don't know much about video game companies so I can't answer that one.
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