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  1. Well, I cut it up into bite size pieces and stir fried it with broccoli, mushrooms, garlic and tamari sauce. I've never had tamari sauce either though. I'll give tempeh one more chance.
  2. and my stomach hurts now. Ughh. I've eaten tofu a hundred times and never got a stomach ache. I'm wondering if it's the tempeh or something else. Anyone else ever get a stomach ache from eating tempeh?
  3. I'm curious about what a days worth of food looks like for a vegan bodybuilder. Would anyone mind sharing their typical meals for a day with me. Here's mine today. It's really boring cause I'm having a hard time coming up with what to do with my non-meat food. Meal 1 1 cup Oatmeal 1/2 block tofu Meal 2 1/2 Cucumber 5 Radishes 1/2 cup baby carrots Nectarine 1/2 bloack tofu Meal 3 1/2 Cucumber 5 Radishes 1/2 cup baby carrots 1/2 bloack tofu Meal 4 1/2 oz. Peanuts 2 slices Ezekiel Bread Slice Soy Cheese Meal 5 1 cup Pineapple 1/2 cup Quinoa 1/2 block tofu 3 cups Raw Spinach 1T Lowfat Dressing Meal 6 1 cup Brown Rice 1/2 block tofu Total Cals: 1647 Fat: 31g 18% Carbs: 223g 49% Protein: 132g 33% Fiber: 30g
  4. Is that you in the picture (The guy flexing showing his back)?
  5. Thanks Daywalker. So you've been successful building muscle with less protein? I'm assuming that the picture on your posts is you? Do you consume 0.8g per kg protein? Thanks!
  6. I should add that I am trying to get all my protein from whole foods, sources. I don't want to drink any protein drinks. Thanks!
  7. I am currently getting my diet done by an online trainer. She says that it's important for me to get atleast 140g protein daily. My weight is currently 163 lbs and I am trying to lose fat and build muscle. I'll be competing in a figure comp next year. I'm curious though, how do you all get your protein? I've been trying to get most of my protein from tofu and today I'll be adding tempeh. Also, how much protein is appropriate? Does the 140g (minimum) sound accurate? Thanks!
  8. I hope that I'm welcome after admitting this. I am not a vegan, but I am in the process of whittling out meat from my diet. I've already completely stopped eating red meat and I am now aiming at removing chicken and eggs. I am training for a figure comp next year. I'm ridding my diet of meat for my health and for the enviornment, I've read about the horror that is the meat industry and don't want to contribute to what they're doing. I hope I can participate in your discussions, even though I am not completely vegan. Thanks!
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