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  1. thanks, Steve!! I knew you would have a definitive discourse!
  2. There is a lot of discussion on the topic of soaking beans . . . so I will only be able to comment on my personal experience. I took a class on fermenting vegetables and cooking beans. The purpose of soaking with either Lactobacillus or salt was explained to me as a method of breaking down the phytic acid in beans, grains, and seeds. Since the most readily available source of Lactobacillus is yogurt, I opted for sea salt. I also like the flavor of soaked, salted beans. So, from personal experience, this method has really worked. Zero gas attacks after rice and beans after preparing these foods like this!
  3. So I used to be plagued with killer gas attacks after consuming my meals of black bean soup, hummus, red beans and rice, etc . . . Then I realized that the phytic acid in the beans made me unable to fully digest the beans. So now I soak all beans overnight in salted water. My digestion has been so happy, and the people around me as well!
  4. At 58. Happy Holidays all! http://i41.tinypic.com/fz6ez8.jpg
  5. of course not flattery . . . just the truth. Geesh!
  6. Steve, I thank you for your sage view on this . . . I will include this in any future responses to this issue. Many thanks! You are wise far beyond your youthful years!
  7. It is, but trust me, my friend, I won't be eating there!
  8. A question I frequently get asked is "if we shouldn't eat meat, then why is our facial structure that of a predator"? I do understand this to mean the placement of the eyes in the skull . . . directly in front. My response of choice is that I was blessed with free will and compassion . . . we all make our own choices. I choose not to support corrupt, flesh hungry corporate predators so as to bloat and poison my system, just as they bloat and poison our planet. It's not about structure, but about choice and love. I do admit that this is one of the more intelligent questions that I get. It is far more interesting than the usual "fuck off, sissy pants"!
  9. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/going-out-gurus/post/owners-of-oya-and-sei-to-open-high-concept-sax/2011/03/16/ABKszXe_blog.html
  10. My new gig. Still have my video company, but I am now the director/choreographer of a new cabaret being built near 11th and H NW. Sax Restaurant and Lounge. We open in March. Here is a short video of some of the works I have created so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpZStITc4X0
  11. Thanks all. Whenever I would read "deadly nightshade" references, I would always just scratch my head . . . love tomatoes and eggplant. Thanks, Before, for the greeting and input. Do love those small eggplants . . . very little bitterness!
  12. Perhaps digestion is my personal issue. Can't seem to digest it raw, gives me cramps.
  13. Thoughts on this food? I feel that is must be eaten cooked, as uncooked is nearly impossible to digest. It is a "nightshade vegetable", or so I have read. Thoughts on "nightshade vegetables"? Happy New Year to all!
  14. Hey Rain, how about just taking a shower once in a while.
  15. Really awesome! And your diet and WO blog is realy great as well. I am really enjoying the meal sections! Thanks for the resource!
  16. Anyway, another real voice of reason here is Ryan. Joe, please have your wife get her sawed off ammo from VE before she shoots me. I'm ok with it then. VE, always ethical, always sane.
  17. Wow, this thread is wild . . . I think that what should be remembered is that this a forum. Which is "a public meeting or assembly for open discussion". Not some place to strictly validate your own personal agenda. All "open discussion" is valid . . . finger pointing and accusations really aren't valid, discussion is. There are obviously wide ranges in points of view here. Very cool! To blame a forum or a specific life style that works for some people is just silly. I have been involved in this lifestyle since I was 9. Hardcore since 1982. I do tend to agree with what I feel are more sensible views expressed by Medman, Johan, Beforewisdom, DV, Octo, Vegan Joe (my "old man buddy"), and Rainra. This doesn't mean i don't respect IYM and Cold Fission. Their passion for this lifestyle is very cool to me. I have never been a militant. I love all of you people. But to lash out at a forum of what I feel are really sincere, good people makes no sense. I feel that this thread should stand to embody our tolerence.
  18. I have learned from this thread that eating tofu will make your testicles fall off unless you drink 8 ounces of stevia daily. Seems to be working for me.
  19. Still sober through this winter shows that you are strong as can be! Congrats, and you absolutely rock! You will go far maintaining this strength. Now make this new amazing power easy . . . relax into it. You've made it so far, you can do anything! Respect, dude . . .
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