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  1. I certainly am not arguing the fact of definate self-inflicted damage. It does seem to me that there are more casualties in recent years. I think the stronger, higher doses of drugs are mostly to blame, with diet being a contributing factor. I think that as the sport evolves, the ideals, parameters, AND the drugs evolve. This seems to have led to a higher body count.
  2. I'll save you second place in line . . . then I'm gonna rent me a UFO and become the King of a sparsely populated planet.
  3. It was that bust that forced Stallone to "go public" with his drug use. He was o several news and talk shows shortly thereafter proclaiming the benefits of his drug use. He claimed that testosterone would be a common over the counter drug within 10 years. He also claimed that his use is under a "doctors" orders and supervision. Robert, I looked over my old muscle magazines a while ago, and many of the featured people are still around . . . ok, they're from the 60s and the people I'm talking about are Zane, Draper, Arnold, Olivia etc . . . I still think that it is the newer, stronger, "designer" steroids that are killing off so many of the younger generation of BBs.
  4. Stalone is on Testosterone and HGH, and for being in his 60s, he does look good. Perhaps it is the proliferation of newer, stronger drugs that current bodybuilders are using that is wreacking havoc on their health. Many bodybuilders from the 60s and 70s seem to be aging quite well. (Zane, Sergio Olivia, and Larry Scott come to mind)
  5. I think that this is subjective to each individual. Diet and lifestyle affect each person differently. Dave Draper, a former Mr America, has had multiple heart attacks and other health problems. Steve Reeves died at age 74 of lymphoma. But look at Frank Zane, still healthy, fit, and going strong at 66. Stallone looks great at 60 something, so there may be no way to pigeonhole the effects of this type of lifestyle.
  6. What also drives people away is factless pontificating, raw bible thumping babble, and smug, holier (smarter) than thou attitudes.
  7. Quoting someone does not validate your theories, or put you in the same league as them . . . feel free to quote Einstein all you want. Bruce makes an excellent point . . . everyone responds differently to specific diets.
  8. Quoting the "X-files" certainly convinces me . . . Is that your Guru? Your theories would probably fit right in with the plot lines on x-files.
  9. 1. Define a question that doesn't need to be asked. 2. Assume your personal experience constitutes sufficient background research. 3. Form an absurd hypothesis 4. Perform experimentation and data collection (NB: This step is optional.) 5. Analyze data or assume you already know the answers. 6. Draw conclusions based on what you already believe. 7. Publish results for peer review. (NB: This step is optional.) 8. Retest. (NB: DO NOT RETEST.) This REALLY made my week! Brilliant!
  10. I stretch before, during and after my workouts, but stretching does not take the place of a pre workout warm-up. Movement creates warmth and increased blood flow. The best time to increase flexibility and to take your stretch farther is when you are warmed up. How and when you stretch depends on what you are looking to get out of it. Light movement based stretch before a workout can increase circulation and help with the warm up. Stretching between sets can release knots and help maintain circulation. Static stretching, after a workout when you are warm, can relax the fascia and muscles, increasing ROM and flexibility. In martial arts, weights, and dance, I have stretched regularly before, during and after workouts and have yet to sustain a movement related injury.
  11. My old man is not in the picture, and what do you have against my old man? Good one, Joe! Keep those whippersnappers in line!
  12. Hey Jaleel, really glad you are having a great experience in China. I may go next fall. The board is not as lively with you out! Check out getting certified to teach English. I know that Taiwan is always hiring native english speakers, helping with room and baord, plane fare, and paying a nice salary. Anyway, have fun!
  13. Scientific research has proven that 5 out of 8 Illuminati would eat the meat. Two would Google their past life experiences as space aliens to help them with their decision. The final one would contact the spirit of Houdini to help them escape.
  14. I pre-reasearched all of these topics in my past life.
  15. Excellent, Joe!! You have won some dance lessons.
  16. 7 of my personalities would eat the penguin, the others would Google them as proof of their existance.
  17. Youngster Joe and I have a running joke about our age . . . Joe is much younger and better looking. As to the protein issue . . . there are many schools of thought as to daily %, raw, cooked, isolates etc, etc, etc . . . many people feel that concentrates are bad for your health, or that anything over 10-15% of total calories is unhealthy. I am simply saying whatever works for you. I have maintained a minimum of 25-35% daily protein intake for over 40 years and have used protein concentrates almost daily. So far, I am very healthy and people tell me I don't look a day over 55.
  18. Roy: The tape I suppose is a good starting point . . . but personel training on Pilates equipment (reformer, chair, barrell, etc) rather than just mat classes is where you can make more money. My wife doesn't teach any group matt classes any more, just one on one or duets on the equipment. Adding on to Rain's response, a private personel training facility with specialized equipment is a good way to go. They provide you with private clients. This can also get the majoriety of your work in one location, rather than bouncing from gym to gym doing one class here, one there. Rain : You are wrong . . . you have all of the determination, brains, etc you need right now, you just found that the fitness industry is a jungle where you jumped into it. I think that you are figuring it out . . . using nutrition, fitness, and ethics to create your own niche. Look at what Veggieprincess is doing . . . you are extremely creative, so put it to good use!
  19. Right you are Javier . . . change takes risk! I am still glad I risked my entire life savings and current job to start my own company, though. It was really scarey for the first 7 or 8 years, but has made me very happy. I now love my work, and make my own schedule. (and have time to dance!)
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