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  1. ok, I'll start. Just from my perspective from being on the forum for a short time: 1) Vegan Essentials for his always knowledgable and friendly advice, his generousity, and wicked cool site. 2) DV for her voice of reason and level headed scientific approach to a variety of topics. Her education and knowledge help to de-bunk a lot of myths about the Vegan diet and lifestyle. 3) Veggie Princess for her practical and compassionate approach to her lifestyle. All are great role models IMO. Wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays!!
  2. Happy day! And don't listen to Dani, Vegan Joe is old, not you!
  3. So is it ok to date the sheep as long as you don't take their wool? IMHO I think evryone has made valid points. For me, it's about non-cruelty and helping protect our natural environment.
  4. How can anyone even hope to challange someone who professes their own brilliance so eloquently.
  5. The term "Vegan" and what it emcompasses to be Vegan has been constantly evolving over the years. When the movement first started it was mainly dietary, but soon grew to embrace animal rights. Seems now that many people have many definitions of what it means to be Vegan. I prefer to follow the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law, so I guess I'm not truly a Vegan any more. . . but I am ok with that.
  6. Here is a quote from an interview with Donald Watson, credited with founding the vegan movement . . . please note the last paragraph .. . Q: Of all of your personal accomplishments, which ones give you the most pride and satisfaction? A: Being instrumental in starting the vegan movement and giving it its name. Living healthily. Teaching more than 3,000 boys over forty-three years the joy of making things in wood. Being a hedonist, providing I do not harm myself, other people, or animals, or the planet. Never quarrelling with people, because early in life I became adept at raising my eyebrows instead at the strange behaviour of so many. The fact that they are still in place says a lot for the reflex action of the muscles on my forehead!
  7. Veggie Princess . . . very eloquently expressed. I agree 100% . . . if someone is at least making an effort, I am grateful.
  8. Joe, perhaps we can agree to disagree . . . I really have heard all of these arguments against honey for years. When I first started my V journey in 1980, many vegans used honey without a second thought. Please read carefully and note that I said many, not all. Now it has become an animal product. I have also had "you are exploiting the poor vegtables" screamed in my face for harvesting from my own garden. Anyway, just a short history on the formation of my views. I, personally, would never use pasturized or commercially mass produced honey. Actually, I don't use honey at all, as I don't care for it. In Dr. Natural's case, I have no problem with its' use as a food or medicine. I realize that hardcore purest disagree, but to me, it seems an organic cooperation between man and his environment. To me, the most important issue is that beings aren't raised to be slaughtered. Whether or not they are being exploited is philosophical.
  9. The absolutely best 100% guaranteed way to stop being a skinny wimp is to stop sending really lame spam.
  10. Funny, I was going to pose a hypothetical question concerning the use of raw, wild honey . . . honestly, in this case, I see it as a cooperative relationship. It certainly is not a matter of stealing their food of forcing them to work for you, but a mutual sharing of work and rewards. I, personally, have no problem with this arrangement and am glad your are taking care of your bee friends.
  11. I don't have anything to ad to this topic at the moment and this subject has come up twice during my last 3 talks, but I do want to say that you, Offense, have one of my favorite minds on the forum. I've always thought that and don't say it enough. +10
  12. I had to eat small meals every few hours when I was trying to bulk up because I don't digest large meals well. Eventually my body got used to assimilating more nutrients and calories. I also enjoyed the smaller meals more than trying to force feed myself large meals in order to bulk. This relaxed sense of enjoyment at meals helped to stimulate my appetite.
  13. That's because he took off his aluminum foil hat and was ableto channel the energy of Elvis and the UFOs.
  14. Listen, the last time I talked to Elvis, he landed his translucent, golden UFO in my backyard. We drank codeine cough syrup from cut crystal wine glasses. He laid some killer chlorella laced with raw toast and Maui wowee (circa 1972) on me. As he shot back into the eternal cosmos, I noticed that my dandruff had been cured, but I still have a craving for peanut butter banana sandwiches on Wonder bread.
  15. Dr. Pink, sir . . . as you can see there are many different opinions as to what is and isn't beneficial and/or correct in your quest for high quality protein. Perhaps now, it will be up to you to make your own informed decisions as to what works for you. For me, personally, I have supplemented with protein powders for well over 40 years. Soy in the 60s and 70s, and now I use hemp and pea protein. I do supplement my protein supplements with plenty of whole, unrefined food as well. My health is still good, my blood levels are great, and I am still able to work a full week with a full workout schedule. I have also found that combinations of complimentary protein sources digest better and cause little or no gas. This in turn gives me more energy and a feeling of well being. The difference I feel between supplementing and combining complimentary proteins is significent. No scientific articles here, just personal experience.
  16. I think eating sinners causes them to fart lightning bolts
  17. I have never known you to be anything but level-headed and polite, DV. Same thing goes for Steve.
  18. You certainly are not retarded, just experiencing a plateau. The human body is infinitely adaptable, and for some (especially myself ), it needs things to be shaken up or changed periodically. Some things that have worked for me are: changing my routines regularly changing intensities of workouts keeping my metabolism guessing by changing up caloric intake levels Periodically when I am really stuck, I like to do what I call a technique re-build. I will cut the amount of weight I work with way down and work form and technique, trying to eliminate all cheats and bad habits. I will then take the time to work my way back up to heavier weights using this corrected movement pattern. I have been on a re-build since September and am finally seeing some change. Anyway,not to worry, most everyone has these annoying plateaus, the trick is to figure out what works for you to effectively break them. That's part of the fun . . .
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