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  1. Chris i think the food stats on quinoa show it has vey little fat, barely worth mentioning, but the same packaging also says how high it is in omega oils..... not sure what the deal is there! - my guess is that there is a difference between fat and omega oils? To be honest, i enjoy fatty foods anyway, and do not try to avoid it at all, so long as its not saturated fat.
  2. Thanks for the great recipes riddick, I will definately make them. None of what i eat is anywhere near as fancy, i am a bit of a boring eater im afraid, using simple ingredients and meals etc. Trying to not be so unimaginative moving forward
  3. The quinoa fan club is growing Agreeing with above comments about protein, its not just the quantity thats good, itd the quality too. It has all the essential amino acids, which most plant peoteins do not. Plus the stuff I get is fair trade so it is helping the farmers a bit too.
  4. riddick, thanks for the meal idea, it sounds yummy! I will definately give it a try one day soon. Now all i have to do is dig out those baked beans, i know i put them somewhere around here....
  5. lol fallen horse these are my dinners and i dont eat fruit in the evening - only during day lobsterific, thnx for your stir fry tofu suggestion, its going on the list!
  6. why is it funny? It has all the essential amino acids, plus it has omega oils 3,6, & 9. I guess the way I wrote it implied the amino acids were omega 3, 6 & 9. Also perhaps you are reffering to the no fat comment when it contains oils? I meant it contains next to no fats, only 5 grams per 100 grams.
  7. I would like to buy a copy, can you get it here to the UK? Thnx x
  8. Hi all, I came on here looking for some meal ideas, but found nothing but desserts! You are a bunch of fatty cake lovers! (joke!) If anyone has suggestions for simple meals that are vegan plus wheat free (seriously intolerant now) So far I am eating: 1. Heinz Baked Beans (beans in tomato sauce - its an english thing) with mashed potato (using sunflower marjerine in the mash) 2. Mung bean burgers, chips, and salad (if anyone wants the bean burger recipe let me know - they rock!) 3. Rice, mixed lentils, & mixed veg stew, with Garlic Bread (made with wheat free bread - rice & tapioca flour) 4. Pasta dish (wheat free pasta) where I add all sorts of random things, depending on mood. Any suggestions would be awesome, just give me 1 meal idea of what you eat in a week !!!!
  9. - quinoa, quinoa, quinoa !!!!!! Cook up a huge batch, put it in a container in fridge and add it to meals, or snacks all week long. it is nice hot, cold, whatever. Super good source of all the amino acids, omega 3,6 & 9 and has no fat. I know its not a recipe as such, but its the best i can do!!
  10. I dont know how you cope with having a non vegan partner. For years I was ok with omni partners, but my current gf of 5 years went vege and then vegan along with me, after I explained my reasons she agreed with them. Infact our love of animals is one the strongest things in common we have, and I respect her greatly for her beliefs. I would now struggle to have any respect for a partner if she was non caring enough to give up meat. I am quite intolerant now though, in danger of becoming a vegan asshole, lol.
  11. The earths climate temperature has been changing drastically on its own for billions of years. A good example is ice ages. We all know about what they are, and that the last one was around 10,000 BC, but we still have not even the faintest idea what caused it, or any others for that matter. The same can easily be said for warming ages which are the natural hangover of ice ages. For all we know, the temperatures we are seeing now could be the natural temperatures of earth before the last ice age. Infact there is solid proof that our planet had endured much longer and hotter periods than those we are recording now. Also people bang on about methane from animals, but our animals production of methane is nothing compared to what the dinosaurs would have been producing, and they were around for 300 million years or whatever, and guess what, the atmosphere survived that. My opinion is that the global warming/carbon emissions theory is very weak, badly drawn from a limited understanding of planetry science, and is most likely an attempt for governments to levy another tax on society, which they are now very effectively doing.
  12. Well done Robert, you are a legend I hope it goes well for you. Quick question, what is your book specifically about? Veganism, bodybuilding, or is it a general overview?
  13. I think animals should have the right to equal rights with humans, on nearly, or every level. Good on Switzerland for being ahead of most of our countries on this.
  14. Thanks for the synopsis m8. On that basis I am going to buy the book off amazon and read it, then when im finished, offer to lend it to people who show an interest in my veganism. What strikes me as interesting is the science behind our dietry choice, because I like to be educated in that, aswell as the moralistic reasons behind our veganism. Thanks!
  15. lol at the gif lol at the attempt to change subject I recently read the first novel of the Star Wars; Old republic series, called Darth Bane. A great science fiction book, made even better if you are a Star Wars fan, which I unashamedly admit I am. Before Wisdom, what is the jist of the China Study?
  16. I hope you havn't taken this as a personal attack or anything like that, because that is not my intention. I totally understand smoking is a personal choice, and I respect your right to do it. You will notice I didnt at any point suggest banning smoking, as I believe freedom of choice is very important. My final thought - I can tell you this, its devastating losing someone close to you, you never truly heal from it. Be really honest with yourself; if you became seriously ill with cancer caused by your choice to smoke, are you sure you wouldnt feel guilty?... for your mum, dad, girlfriend, friends. I genuinely hope you will really think about this, and review your decision to be a smoker. Life is so precious; respect for life is a big factor in being a vegan, for me atleast. I hope you come to the same view, as soon as possible.
  17. Couldn't have said it better. Now we have admitted that it is a personal choice, maybe you should man up and admit its also stupid.
  18. Dear zebra.. I think the reason no-one is suggesting a ban on rock climbing, is the very thing you mentioned -the element of substantial risk. You put rock climbing and smoking in the same bracket of substantial risk, but you need to go look at some statistics before you create an opinion, because if you create opinions without any foundation then your opinion is likely going to be wrong. I hear this sentence alot from smokers: "I could go out tomorrow and be hit by a bus, so why worry about smoking" An absolute classic. So the 1 in 1.6 million chance of being hit and killed by a bus is equal to the 1 in 15 chance of dying from smoking? Rock climbing is a risk, but a relatively minor one. Smoking is a HUGE risk. Atleast rock climbing is good for your health, and provides a good social advantage, making friends with other extreme sports lovers. Combine it with the low risk and overall I would say its a good hobby. Plus it truly doesnt put anyone elses health at risk, unlike smoking. Again I have made my point absolutely logical and clear. When are you guys just gonna admit smoking is stupid?
  19. Interesting thing to have got out of my points considering I never mentioned rock climbing, in this post, this forum, any forum on the internet, any discussion at any time of my life, and infact in any thought process i've ever had. You said it. And yet after making such a perfect statement of logic, you then continue to try and work around it to justify smoking - lol.
  20. candyflip wrote: I dont really know what you mean by purists. The word 'pure' in english means untainted. Do you only like people who have some kind of flaw? On a broader note, wobbly lifter wrote: I kind of agree m8. It is better that people have choice, rather than being forced into things, in general. Similarily, I feel its important that people who see smoking for what it is (stupid) have the freedom to tell smokers how stupid they think they are. The door swings both ways. Someone wrote - if people are smoking or doing drugs in their own home, what harm are they doing anybody else. I used to think that. But if you think about it, you are harming your loved ones, because you are greatly increasing your chances of serious physical or mental illness. Also, while you are doing drugs etc, I have found from experience, you are neglecting the people around you and not being the person they deserve you to be. Drugs make people selfish, ive seen that so many times. Until you have the clarity of knowledge that I do, you may not be able to understand this point, and thats ok. Its taken me years to see things the way they really are. The decision to do drugs and smoke is a stupid decision.
  21. As I predicted, here is another great excuse given by smokers..... the whole life would be boring without vices, and people who dont smoke, do drugs or drink alcohol are passionless, dull individuals. I hear the same thing from meat eaters about not eating meat - that my life must be boring, dull, passionless, etc. Wow, the noob train keeps on rolling on.
  22. Im not really sure what you are trying to convey with the word "dictate" The only purpose of my analysis of smokers was to point out that by choosing to smoke, you are risking your life and the inevitable sadness to loved ones, if you were to fall ill, for the sake of a habit that is nothing more than a luxury. Its strange how many smokers regard smoking as a lifestyle, or a part of their personality, or something that is somehow needed to improve their happiness (sounds even more pathetic when you write it down) when infact it is just what I called it; a "luxury" And I use that word with a sense of sarcasm. As an ex-smoker I feel qualified to make these statements without fear of being too far from the truth. I hope my post did not come across as "dictating", rather as simply the truth, my opinion, or at a stretch, advice.
  23. zebra i agree with your comment but most of the main tobacco companies aim cigarette sales at children in africa because they can get away with it. Thats not cool mate, so yes the companies are bad. You also say people do other dangerous things for recreation too. So what is your point? That its ok to take unnecesary risks for enjoyment? Im not sure families who have lost their partner/father to lung cancer would agree. I am afraid that if you have a family, people who care about you, then smoking is a selfish act. Look, im not hating on smokers, hell, I smoked for 10 years myself, but I class myself as being a selfish idiot then.Now I have grown up I see my loved ones as being way more important that smoking, and in the end, thats the choice you are making when you smoke.
  24. saulo looks like hes filming some kind of satanic themed bondage movie in his avatar. change the pic bro!
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