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  1. Yeah its definately very interesting.As I said earlier in most ways you look at it plants & fruits etc are alive, in that they are born, grow, & die, aswell as have dietry needs like us (although one of theirs is sunlight!) Just for general interest I watched a compelling program which advanced the theory that earth would not have naturally produced plants on its own & its likely that everything green on this planet arrived on an asteroid at some distant time in the past.. kinda makes you think ..
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    Guys here in the UK we do not have legal guns & I'm soooo glad we dont. The chances of being shot are very very slim.I cant imagine living in your country knowing how many of them are in houses, cars & in peoples pockets. All that being said - I do actually really like the look of guns, the skill in the way they are made & work & the noise & smell of them.I have a blank firing replica of a Glock 17.I bought it just because of the above things. I would absolutely love an M-16 The one that arnold schwarzenneg has in predator is absolutely gorgeous.He has the M-16 with a grenade launcher attached to it Mate - why out of interest do you want one - self defense, love of the workmanship like me or other?
  3. There is a fantastic story which describes perfectly our situation - Easter Island. The population of Easter Island totally over exploited their resources & overpopulated at the same time.They chopped down all the trees to make statues & because they chopped down all the trees their soil eroded stopping agriculture.Also they had nothing to build any more shelter.Also the birds that used to land on the island stopped.Eventually the tribe split into warring factions & it is likely that they killed eachother in a battle for dwindling resources.As they were on an island there was no escape other than leap of faith journeys by boat.There are no known survivors from their island society. Our 'tribe' is also over populating & over exploiting.We too have begun fighting over resources.Planet earth is indeed an 'island' which cannot be escaped, apart from leap of faith journeys by spacecraft. The only way we can stop this from happening on a vast scale is by exercising some form of population control, & by being alot more careful about the way we use resources.
  4. Classic. My opinion - population control.There are just far too many people!
  5. I managed to get a shoulder injury, not from working out but by leaning on it wrong trying to get my guinia pig out of his run!
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    I'm Shawn

    6000-9000 a day is a fairly large amount! I am eating around 4000 at the moment & that is way enough! Wow.. I literally couldnt eat any more Well I am sure you will find all the help & support you need to make the transition on here. I think the biggest challenge for vegans is not getting enough of the right protein. Alot of the guys on here order protein shakes that contain lots of different sources.You should be able to do the same.Unfortunately I cannot get it as I live in England (where to my knowledge there is no such thing) I try to eat lots of combinations like beans/bread, rice/lentils, lots of nuts & soya protein shakes, tofu, quorn, & then some more beans If you need any more suggestions just ask & if you have any suggestions please do!
  7. Jamie Oliver & Hugh Fearnly Whitingstall (friends) are both meat eaters.On that basis im not overly keen on them. They have however been campaigning to an ignorant english public about the badness of factory farming & trying to encourage people to eat free range.After hughs show about chickens, free range chicken sales tripled here in the UK.For those not familiar with him or his show, he basically did the same as Jamie but with adult chickens not chicks.Those few animals they have killed have saved possibly millions of others & changed alot of peoples views here in the UK.Both guys got no praise or money for the shows & actually risked becoming exremely unpopular but did it for the animals. Respect to both of them for what they have done.But they should still go vegan
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    I'm Shawn

    Hey there future, its great to have you on here - you are in great shape You have made a great choice becoming vegan, its absolutely guaranteed to make you alot healthier & feel much better in general. I went from lifting weights, while eating alot of whey protein, milk, cheese & fish, to being totally vegan & still doing the same workouts.Ive got to say at first I lost a little strength & weight, but that was due to not eating the right vegan diet.After some experimenting I have found that I can gain the same muscle on my new diet, it just took some research & trying different things (oh & eating just a little more than before) How much protein & calories did you take in each day?
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    Hi buddy, welcome!
  10. Thanks for the info guys, I will keep an eye out for it in me local health shop.
  11. Eat what you want (within reason obviously) Just do more & more cardio. That way you are happy cos you are not worrying about your diet, & you get fitter. Mix up the exercises, do swimming, running, trampolining, anything that you enjoy!
  12. Jessica Simpsons current brain cell count: minus 536 Her all time best.
  13. Women need to understand that us guys on the whole like healthy women who have some body fat.These super skinny models are really quite unattractive. beforewisdom wrote: Totally agree, spot on.Women dont like huge men, & men dont like skinny women
  14. Personally I like sugar from fruits & once a month I'll put a load of the healthier brown sugar on a bowl of cereal just cos its yummy! But yes, processed sugar in any form is just bad, I agree. But what actually is stevia?
  15. I feel tired if I over-eat If I eat less than normal - I actually feel better, but I force more in everyday to try to gain weight. Not sure why you would be tired as your diet seems ok, sleep is good enough, & if you are getting enough vitamins you should be ok. 1.I cant see any natural fats in the diet, I appreciate fat is the enemy as you are trying to lose weight but a small handful of nuts or an avocado might help. 2.Try less or more sleep for a while.8 hours is the recommended amount but some people get on better with less like 6hrs.Personally 8 hours is not enough for me I need more like 10hrs! It might be worth trying to get more for a week or so, & then less for a week or so, see if either option makes any difference..
  16. Personally I eat whatever I fancy before bed, if anything at all.. Nuts sound like a good idea but arent they quite a challenge for a belly to digest? My understanding is that at night your belly starts to shut down so nuts wouldnt seem a good idea? I dont know.. what do you guys reckon?
  17. Hey guys, Never heard of stevia, it sounds from your posts like a sugar type substance? Whats wrong with sugar itself?
  18. I am just leaving work so cant reply now properly, so I think if you go to the diet section of the forum & put a post in there, you will get a reply from me tomorrow & im sure lots of other people too (they are a helpful bunch )
  19. Sorry about the back dude. Think about how you stand (your posture) your sitting position at work & .... your bed - if you have the wrong mattress it is usually the lower back it affects. If none of the above are the problem, when you do any of the exercises you do, be aware of your back & try to see if any of the exercises are affecting it.If you identify any just stop doing them completely for a month or so & see if it helps.If not start doing the exercise again (as it is not the guilty party) & stop doing a different exercise that maybe the culprit... repeat
  20. Hi Mac, Welcome to the forum You mention having bad knees.. My gf has bad knees & she swims to lose weight, also she has a trampoline which is a bit easier on the knees than running. We eat alot of beans, nuts, fruit, vegetables & salads, lentils & rice, potatos & porridge/oat cereal bars, just a brief example of how you eat as a Vegan.
  21. Hi buddy - nice to have you on here
  22. Hi PMVegan, Welcome to the forum.Is a great bunch on here & will make you feel welcome I've gotta say I dropped in strength a little when I changed from Vege to Vegan but I think its a matter of making sure you have the right Vegan diet.The diet section on here is pretty useful if you have any problems.After tuning my diet for a month or so I think I have got a good balance now & am making the same sort of gains in muscle as I was before Peace out dude
  23. Inteja.. I openly admit, I am not an expert on either WW's My interest in history is on much older history, so Im not going to disagree with you, I still believe in most cases war has complex beginnings. Sometimes however it doesnt.Sometimes its just a case of an aggressor with power or land in their sights, & a defender with survival in mind. When the 2 biggest wars in the last 100 years both involve Germany one does kind of get the idea it was them who started it.. You wrote: Did someone attack them first or did they attack first? Its a simple question I am curious to hear your answer to it
  24. Full on WW2 conversation Inteja I agree with your point about there being complex reasons for war, The Japanese & Chinese have a long history of tension going much further back (in medieval times) so that has to be considered. As for the rest you guys have commented on, who really knows? The fact is Germany had already started a war before that - WW1.. Then again they begin a war, only this time with even greater aspirations of killing & genocide. Im afraid it comes down to the classic playground dispute of who started it... & it was Germany.Therefore any sympathy people may level at the Germans is misplaced.They made their bed, & they ended up lying in it. Their general population paid the price , but unfortunately, isnt that always the case in war?
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