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  1. Yup the above point is true, certain exercises just dont seem to suit certain people. Find out what is doing it (if you can) & just dont do that exercise.Or atleast lower the weight drastically. Im just doing a couple of sets of shoulder workouts on the end of my back&bicep workout now, as a kind of warming down exercise with smallish weights.
  2. I want to look like will smith in I am legend.That dude started off skinny (like me) & now has a great physique. Me & a friend of mine always joked (and it was just a joke!) that it would be funny to just exercise one muscle so that it was huge, and nothing else.He was gonna do one calf & I was gonna do one tricep Can you imagine just strolling into the gym, all skinny & weak & then just unveiling the most ridiculous tricep & pushing like 100 kgs on it!
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  5. Hi Jessiibot, hope you enjoy your stay!!
  6. Yeah I had the same problem as you, so I just stopped doing squats.I will resume when I have bought the rack. A possible solution is to go to a gym that will let you pay a small amount for one session, and do your squats there - it will save "joining" a gym
  7. while I have gradually increased the weight for all my workouts the one place I have been stuck on has been my shoulders.I have hardly gained at all on them.I have put it down to overworking them so now I do a much shorter easier workout on my shoulders.I dont push them at all like I do all the other groups.Only time will tell if the softly softly approach works for them but it at least avoids any pain/disappointment, & doesnt affect my other workouts anymore (like you said it can affect your pushups etc) The best advice is of course see a physio.Does anyone else take glucosamine?That seems to help joints..
  8. hey buddy, welcome to the forum.These are a great bunch of guys so you will feel right at home.
  9. Well as I have mentioned it has been a welcome surprise to me. I have officially started my vegan diet again & am looking forward to working out again (i had to stop for the last week cos ive had a really crappy cold for ages) Thanks again for your comments and support
  10. Thanks for the responses guys, is very helpful.Bear in mind when I say 4 pints that is to say 4 UK pints, which is the equivalent of nearly 5 US pints - but I agree we can always drink more! I seriously reckon its the most important thing for your body, it makes me cringe at work when I see people drinking tea or coffee all day!
  11. Oh one more thing - I have noticed that my soya milk is actually 80% water & I am drinking 2 pints of that a day.This is on top of the 4 pints of water. I do not go to the toilet alot as you might expect, its amazing what the body will use if you give it.Do you think I could get away with drinking less water though given the water in my soya milk?
  12. Im your Man, that is very helpful.I do what you suggest with breakfast but not the other meals, so I will do that from now on. Cheers buddy!
  13. My old mum bless her heart, always said treat others the way you want to be treated yourself.I took the "treat others" part of that saying & applied it to all living things.I know I sure wouldnt want to be eaten cos I taste nice
  14. Yeah the classic question I get is "other than for us to eat, what is the point of animals" Its actually hilarious to think that people actually think whole species are literally there for us to eat. I often say in response what is the point of you? We are all in it to keep our species alive.Even plants have the intelligence to do this.
  15. Just a quick query about our best friend - water. I always try to drink 4 pints a day.I have been drinking 1 pint straight away in the morning, then a pint with lunch (sometimes before/after/or during lunch)Then I have a pint in the afternoon, & then 1 in the evening, again varying between before dinner/after dinner/ during dinner. I hear that if its too close to meals or too much it can stop them from being digested as well. How much & when do people think it is best
  16. My stupid security at work wont let me view youtube Roll on 5:30 - can do it at home. On the subject of gyms - I have a area at the back of my living room just about big enough for a weights bench.I do everything at home, which stops me from having any excuse not to do it !! Plus its nice to have all your own stuff.I could have bought it all in matt black for half the price but I wanted the shiny stuff so went all out on the chrome !! Sad but true
  17. Looks good, as long as you are eating enough to recover from working out 5 days in a row. I do: Monday Chest & Triceps Tuesday Abs + core Wednesday Shoulders Thursday Abs + core Friday Back & Biceps On the Abs & core days I do 150 sit ups & some general core exercises but nothing taking too much effort At the weekend I plan to have a good run or swim, although I am not as at the moment I am trying to gain weight, not lose it
  18. Loving the cheesy picture lean&green Apart from the smelly tuna, I do already eat alot of oats, nuts, fruit & veg, & have recently started soya so I do not have to adjust my diet too much thankfully.. Yeah it is great to have a vegan gf.When we met she was not a vegan or vege but I explained to her why I was, & she gave up meat straight away.I do think it would be difficult by now if she hadnt, & I totally agree, I am very lucky.Its a shame you cant meet a nice vegan girl, just keep looking & Im sure you will find one soon Btw what are 'Spirulina and Chlorella' They sound like really nasty diseases youd catch on a hike in borneo
  19. Michael I clicked on your link "godisimaginary" in interest. I agree in part with some of the points.. Would I be correct in saying you are an atheist?
  20. Ah thankyou Michael - I will give it a look.All of my friends from school are non vege's & while they share my views in theory they are too stuck in their ways to actually do anything.I think it would be great to have some vegan friends, at the moment my gf is the only person I know
  21. yes potter your first point is spot on.I related eating the tuna as being the thing that helped me start to gain weight.Now I know this is not the case I can be a natural earth hippy again! Not sure what your various reasons are for being vegan, but like me I suspect that mainly it is a moral objection to harming animals.For me, giving up meat was for moral & spiritual reasons, the health benefit was a welcome side effect. Historically vegetarianism has long been the habit of spiritually enlightened social groups.Buddhists & Hindus are well known for avoiding meat, but going back further it may be of interest to know that Egyptian priests had to abstain from eating animal product as part of their religious beliefs. Anyway enough of my geeky history ramblings! SOZ lol
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