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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys, its a real weight off my shoulder (excuse the pun) to know that actually vegetarian & even vegan body building is possible.Honestly I didnt think it was possible, which is unsurprising when you think how little this style of diet is advertised. To be honest I was going to go back to being vegan anyway, but was unhappy that I would have to give up the weights. Now I can do both, & it really is fantastic that I have found this forum, & also people who have the same ideals & aims as I have. Again thanks for the feedback, I will check out the diet section to get some tips & look forward to joining in with the discussions. Must get an avatar on here!
  2. So this is the Vegan bodybuilding forum.. I'll tell you why i am surprised. I have written a small novel - please read on though! Many years ago when I stopped eating meat, I lost weight because of it.For years I stayed like that, but I wanted to get back to a good size.I decided that doing some weights would be a good thing to do & so for many months I did weights but gained very little because I didnt change my diet at all (I had done 0 research & thought that I was doing something wrong with my workouts) Having been told that I had to eat more food & eat some meat because of the protein I very grudgingly started eating fish.I still didnt get any bigger, & realised why when I bought a mens health magazine a saw the dietry needs of someone working out as much as me.I was getting about 2000-2500 kcal a day instead of the recommended 3000-4000.I also noticed the huge amount of meat in the suggested diet.Everyone I spoke to said - "yes you need more meat" I was not prepared to eat any more than my 1 portion of fish a day & so I soldiered on, eating alot of eggs and cheese/milk to supplement my protein intake.In the end it started to work & kilo by kilo I put on the weight.I started at 10.5 stone & now I am at 12.5 stone. But - Iwas sick of eating eggs/milk/cheese & gave up all of them.That makes me a vegan apart from the fish, which i wanted to give up but desperately wanted to bulk up aswell - being convinced that without it I just wouldnt.Then I found this forum.. Are you guys seriously telling me you can body build & gain weight without any animal product in your diet? Please explain
  3. Hi all, my name is Dan & I live in the UK, near London. Was randomly searching online & found this forum! I have put a post in the BodyBuilding/StrenghtTraining page as I am need of some serious advice, any help would be really great. Didnt want to put it in here as this is only the hello page PLease check it out & let me know your thoughts..
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