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    hi :D

    Hey dude. I am from England too, but I am still stuck here! If you want to gain muscle, you need to eat loads! The guidline daily amount of calories for a male is 2500 calories, which most people think they get.But if you actually count how much you eat each day, its surprising how much 2500 calories actually is.When body building, I aim for 3000+ and it really is a lot of effort, time & research.High calorie foods I eat everyday is bread (as long as no allergy to wheat), houmous, potatoes, olives, fruit smoothies, pasta, porridge, nuts & seeds (nuts are the the highest natural calories food in the world) Obviously cakes and pies are higher but they are usually very unhealthy. Also, lifting weights will gain you weight, as well as swimming.As long as you eat atleast 2500 calories a day.If you do get into weights or swimming, dont do it too much.I workout 3 times a week to gain weight, any more & I will lose weight. Good luck, any questions ask away, someone will always answer! ps: go vegan!
  2. Hey brian, Its great to have you on here. You asked about high protein, low carbs foods>..... maybe pea protein powder, called gemma protein powder sometimes, can be put in smoothies etc.Erm, quinoa, which is a seed, it is super healthy with all the protein you need and no fat.What else... lentils and beans, they are high in protein but low in fat. Also remember, if you are training alot, all your fat will be turning into muscle, which weighs more than fat does, but is smaller! So you may end up getting smaller, but maybe gain weight a bit.Dont let the weight worry you though, its about size really isnt it? Good luck bro, feel free to ask as many questions as you need, someone on here will help.
  3. Hi there, great intro! You sound awesome, its great to have you on the forum.
  4. DaN

    i am Arun

    Hi arun, good to have you on the forum.
  5. Hi tina welcome to the forum
  6. Welll its been like 7 weeks since my problems started, and now at last I am getting normal activity in the stomach (and below lol) and I have started gaining weight again as normal.Had a few workouts and seem to have lost strength but not too much, phew! Hopefully poor belly is fine now!
  7. Sometimes, doctors just miss really basic stuff, its really bad.When I had an allergic reaction to penicillin, they didnt even tell me to drink alot of water, which apparently is the most important thing you can do.Oh well, thank god for google!
  8. It all started with a dreaded visit to the dentist.I have had a bad tooth for many years which my dentist has worked on in an effort to save it.However, after 2 separate infections (and 2 courses of anti-biotics to clear it up) the decision was made to remove it completely and accept that it was a goner! After this I was put on another course of anti-biotics to make sure the gap that was left, did not get infected. Well, antibiotics are a great thing for lots of different problems, but very rarely are the after effects fully understood.While the anti-biotics kill off bad bacteria, they also kill off good bacteria, in your stomach.This can lead to all sorts of digestive issues, including bad bacterial overgrowth, & malabsorbtion.These can both lead on to very serious problems, including toxins from the overgrowth, and nutrient deficiency from the malabsorbtion (which is where your stomach is not absorbing nutrients the way it should, because the good bacteria have been reduced by the anti-biotics) The best way to combat this is to go on a course of pro-biotics after you finish the anti-biotics.These pro-biotics will help replace the good bacteria your stomach has lost, and restore balance to your intestines. If anyone is on anti-biotics, or just finished, I would highly recommend this, because the issues I have had have been very unpleasant. I thought I would post this as a general piece of information for you guys, as up until recently, I was completely unaware of this problem and anti-biotics, & had I have known, could have stopped the problem before it got this bad. Peace out
  9. No worries bro lol at the hemp thing! Same here!
  10. Hi guys, Troy used to use a website to calculate amino acid content in his diet.I am really interested in using this, but cant remember where it was posted. I know its a bit of a random request but if anyone could help me I would be really grateful. Cheers!
  11. Hi good to see you on a forum where you will get deserved respect, not criticism. Drop Soul raises good points about dairy. I was vegetarian eating dairy for many many years before going vegan.When i first gave up meat I felt much better.But when I gave up dairy I felt loads better.So will you.I use pea protein powder instead of whey.Many use rice or hemp.See which one you like (as they are all very different tasting) Take care buddy.
  12. Dont do it! Welcome & good luck on your veganism.
  13. Cool, thanks for explaining yourself.
  14. Bruce, thanks for the replies.Maybe it is a shame, but is unfortunately true that I dont have the time to discuss the wider range of issues regarding where this conversation has gone.But you are right in saying that we can agree to disagree, with no hard feelings.Thats great. One thing that does worry me is your final comment to me: You are unsure about whether you view the entire animal kingdom as having an equal right to life & fair treatment to homo-sapiens.I think for your own integrity, you should have a think about it & make a decision.I assumed the decision was made at the same time you became vegan, but clearly there is still a sense of confusion... The second sentence of your comment is also odd, by calling yourself a moral relativist, you have actually stated that its not what you believe that you follow, but what scientists believe? Have you mis-written this or have I mis-read it? Are you actually saying that you believe simply what others believe? (sheep mentality?) Are you aware that scientists are not moral leaders? You would be better off following buddhist teachers who's main concern is morality.Atleast they make strong recomendations against hurting any living thing.Scientists torture, mutilate & kill thousands of animals every year.And we are not just talking guinia pigs & rats.They use cats, dogs & primates. ...........?
  15. Great posts IYM. Tuc & bruce are trying to suggest that GM crops & pesticides are fine & that returning to a more natural way of living is "meaningless" Its an embarassing attitude which highlights the basic lack of intelligence present in the human species.Its this lack of basic intelligence that was present in the people who made the first decisions to spray crops with chemicals.Those first idiots didnt even think that maybe it was a really stupid idea.All they were thinking of was their profits.Now because of these idiots, all manner of animals are suffering.Here is a link about the effects of agricultural chemicals on Birds: http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/whidbey/swr/lifestyle/26081914.html Here is a link (one of many) about the likely effects of agricultural chemicals on Bees: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/Parasiticfungi.php The reason these chemicals are harmful is because we made them, and introduced them un-naturally quickly to the environment our little friends live in.Tuc says nature has been doing these things itself for millions of years but fails to grasp the basic concept of TIME. When nature does these things, it changes minute cells over a long period of time.This gives the animals involved time to adapt.We just make something in a lab in years, which would take longer in nature & then just put it into the natural environment straight away. I would find it quite funny that it needs explaining to some people, but unfortunately because of these people, our natural environment & ecosystems are being destroyed.
  16. Fair points. Accurate opinion is still open to fault.Fact is 100% right.Yes its hard to be 100% sure of most things, but some things you can be sure of. I obviously dont have the time to discuss irrigation, antibiotics & telecommunications.What you have written in blue is spot on. My example of pesticides is a classic.It was never, and will be never a good idea to spray chemicals on our plants.It is bad for insects at the very least - let alone us.Pesticides is the number one suspect of why all the bees are dying out.We should accept that bugs will eat some of our crops, & just deal with it.Or grow them in large tents that are bug free. It is commonly known that viable alternatives exist, but governments are not putting the finance into them yet because fossil fuels are still in use.Its just short sightedness.Also people might say "what, life without electricity?!" But bear in mind electricity was discovered only in the 1700's (arguably - some say earlier) Thats only 300 years ago.Human culture has flourished without it for thousands of years.Dont get me wrong, I am not saying ban electricity, but we certainly could use a very minimal amount & be a happy productive society.We could source enough from wind & solar without problems.Thats as long as we stopped increasing our population to such ridiculous levels. Yes I am saying that. It is for our long term good, but not the animals.Do you believe that humans are automatically more important than animals? Your answer may help explain alot I see in you.
  17. I must admit, I am partially losing interest in this thread, but as you have taken the time to respond to all my points, I feel I should do the same.Although I will be winding down with the aim of ending my posts. In response to your claims that scientists are often guided by morals, I will concur that some are.But like most institutions, the main over-riding aim is profit.Scientists as a whole are making decisions etc that affect the world for the worse.Thats my opinion, granted, but is an accurate opinion nevertheless. In response to your question of what I call the natural order of things I will give you an example.Letting the natural cycles & genetic makeup of our food stuffs remain unchanged.Also refraining from spraying chemicals on crops to improve yields.These proceedures are irresponsible & are damaging our environment.These are 2 examples of what I consider, and for the record what are, the natural order of things.It certainly is not "meaningless" - this is a term I expect from someone who has little regard for the human race to live in a relationship with nature, not just abuse it.At the moment you are coming across as one of those people.Am I wrong? In response to your comments on fossil fuels, yes I am suggesting a return to society without them - or atleast a VERY minimal use of them.Incase you are not aware, this is likely to be the ONLY way we can save our atmosphere.I will ask you this: are you suggesting we just keep burning them the way we are? In response to your comments about animal testing you write: Being misguided & being immoral are not mutually exclusive.I find it strange that a vegan like yourself would only "prefer" it if they didnt animal test, & doesnt view this behaviour as immoral.Are you sure it is not immoral? Really? Is it just misguided when people murder eachother or is that immoral?
  18. Also bruce I note that you have conveniently only responded to my judgement of scientists as being on the whole, little concerned with ethics. You have not responded to my points about animal testing or the pharmecutical industry which are intrinsic components of the scientific community, a community you seem to worship like a god.Do you have any way of explaining how you justify this?
  19. So what is your point blabbate, that scientists operate with ethics as their number 1 concern? You really are naiive! There is no hope for you if you cannot even recognise peoples true agendas or priorities.Next you will be telling me that Bush sent the US army to Iraq to relieve the poor population from a cruel dictatorship & that it had nothing to do with oil.If you cannot see what hidden motives or agendas people may have, then you will always be simply a sheep, blindly following what you are told to follow.Maybe you are happy being a sheep? They say ignorance is bliss. And you say that me calling scientists arrogant is hypocritical? Everthing I do revolves around ethics & morality.Its the way I live my life, all day, every day.Its what sets me apart from the majority of people on this planet.So dont mistake my confidence as arrogance.Its confidence that comes from walking a righteous, truthful life & being in a relationship with nature, not just abusing it.And before you accuse me of being on my high horse, just realise that I only look high on my horse when you are looking at me from the floor. You also say our behaviour is well outside of the natural order of things.So what is your point? .....that its ok to do anything now because we have already started? Seriously bruce, you shock me with you poorly thought out opinions.Its like people who say, "whats the point of recycling - its never going to make a diffrence, its too late." NEGATIVITY mate, thats all your comment is. The 2 main problems this planet faces are overpopulation leading to decimation of natural resources, & the burning of fossil fuels which is raising global temeratures: > The overpopulation is caused by incompetent governments not exercising population control over their residents, & the human beings inability to breed responsibly.These are social issues.But added on to this is the advancment of scientific health techniques which is enabling far more people to live, and for longer.So science is a contributor to the planets biggest problem.Hoorah for science now bruce? > The burning of fossil fuels stems from the scientific discovery that oil, coal & gas can be burned & output energy.Yes we have burnt wood for a long time, but never on the scale we do now, thanks to science.The same pioneers & adherents to the use of fossil fuels know that it is dangerously raising our planets temperature, the short/mid term effects are loss of ecosystems.The long term effect is loss of our atmosphere, which will kill everything (pretty much) The planet will turn into a Mars like state.Hoorah for science now bruce?
  20. IYM wrote: Havn't you heard Guillame, SCIENTISTS are the new gods.And in their clean white overalls & with their shiny labaroratory tools, & their arrogance, they will be able to save us all from our primitive beliefs in the natural order of things. With their incompetent, naiive tampering of molecules, animal testing, growing pharmaceutical industry, & lack of morality, the world will be a better place for it.
  21. Tuc, firstly my apologies for the retardation comments.I have tried to remain more impartial & not get involved in any name calling on this forum this year, as it is immature and intrinsically pointless.I notice that you have remained quite polite throughout the conversation, so I apologise - sincerely.You are obviously quite an intelligent person, & I usually agree with your logic in other posts, but I really cannot agree with what you think about molecular science. Here are what your wonderful scientists were thinking when devising some modern agriculture techniques: > "I know, if we mutate basic food groups on a molecualr level, we can increase yield & decrease waste.Now we can support even more ridiculous populations (or tax payers! $$$$$$$$$$$!!!!)" > "I know, we can spray all the crops with chemicals, to stop bugs eating them.Then we will have more food to sell.That will increase our profits $$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!" > "What about the possible health effects of this new GM food?" > "Mutate the food first, we'll do some testing over a few decades, & claim that this is enough to say its safe.Who is going to argue, we're SCIENTISTS! Then after all the peasants have been eating the stuff for a few generations, then we will do our real research - and they can be our guinia pigs! The government will even fund these new tests $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!" > "What about the environmental effects of spraying all the food with chemicals?" > "Who cares, those effects will take years to take hold, & by then we will have made loads of money $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!Anyway we have done some tests, & the results are surprisingly inconclusive.Also the worst affected will be the insects (like bees) & all the wild animals, & who needs them? We are HUMANS! & even better SCIENTIST HUMANS! On the subject of animals, I've gotta inject some of my lab rats with this new serum I formualted over the spring.It could kill them ,but who cares, they are just rats.... & once the serum is safe, we can sell it and make loads of money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!" You'll notice that the main side effect of GM & the use of pesticides is PROFIT!!!!!! Do you honestly think that ethics, morality or environmental care, were very high on their priority list? You think science is something that can help the world be a better place.I agree.But it can also be something that helps the world be a worse place.Playing with elements on a molecualr level has given us some great breakthroughs that help our world.But playing with elements on a molecular level also created the most devastating weaponry the world has ever seen.Science may have helped millions of people, but it only takes one nuclear war to kill millions. You really need to think again about your alliance with the scientific community, world-view & belief system.If you think these people can replace the saints & prophets of religions, for the better, only time will tell.If we make it that far.
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