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  1. (i) I wish I had a television (well not really, but only to watch certain choice shows!) and (ii) I just bought that book "Living on Live Food" and so far I love it because of its simple recipes and raw info! peace~ Honey
  2. Hi Charisa, I'm going to San Fidel to check out the Ann Wigmore retreat for 10 days. Looking forward to it very much, as I'm in need of some raw inspiration these days. In Ontario, Canada I'm used to seeing "white" in the winter, "brown-green" in the Spring, "green" in the Summer and "brown-red" in the autumn. I love the four seasons!!! I guess you and your hub are meant to be in NMexico! Thanks for your well wishes =) peace~ Honey
  3. Happy Almost Friday ~ *FREEEEEEEE HUGS* Please check out the video above, it really touched my heart. I wasn't savy enough to post the actual vid on this forum ~ I REALLY LOVE the song to this =) much peace~ Honey
  4. awwwwww, you look so cute in those photos =)
  5. Honey


    Welcome Benny Boy and happy veganbodybuilding =)
  6. Welcome Chalisa =) I will be visiting New Mexico soon and I'm very excited! I have never been there before. peace~
  7. I don't think this pie will last long enough to become runny.
  8. mmmmm, I love Miso! Thanks for the good advice, Kathryn =)
  9. Thanks for the links, that's a good start!
  10. The company I work for is totally not vegan friendly ~ BLAHHH!!!
  11. Wow, never thought of combining mangos and tomatoes together... okay, I'm gonna try it!
  12. I'm also a big fan of raw hemp protein ~ powder for your shakes and seeds for sprinkling on salads, etc.
  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Apple sauce pie, thanks for posting =)
  14. Kale is part of the leafy green veggie family. I never tried Kale until I went raw for some odd reason... it is super tasty ~ I'm addicted! I drink it in my shakes and I eat them in a salad. It was comes in different varieties: dinosaur (my favourite), dwarf, red russian, etc.
  15. This will be my first winter raw and the Cdn winters can get pretty damn cold!!! I will definitely be craving warm foods! I've been advised to prepare foods using "warming spices" ~ ginger, cayenne, chili, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, paprika, turmuric etc. I dislike food and drink that are cold anyways, even water. I normally eat my foods at room temperature... with the exception of my raw ice creams.
  16. Honey

    Hello hello

    Welcome to the site! I think having diverse interest in music is awesome at any age!
  17. Welcome, Laura! I'm not super into fitness either, but i'm slowly starting to get influenced...
  18. I blend cacao powder into that banana ice-cream and sprinkle it with some cacao beans... choco~YUM =)
  19. The recipe was from Green Chefs online, so I thought it was strange too. I never ended up making the the chocolate mousse cake, but made this REALLY awesome (raw) key lime pie instead. I will post the recipe with photo when I get a chance =) Thanks for enlightening me on the ingredients!
  20. This place definitely rocks... welcome =)
  21. Hey all, I found a recipe for raw chocolate mousse cake online where lecithen and guar gum is part of the ingredients. I don't even know what these items are... I have a feeling that they are not raw ingredients and perhaps processed? I think this is used in the recipe as a thickening agent ~ can anyone suggest alternative ingredients? I want to make this over the weeekend ~ I'm having a raw vegan potluck for meat eaters =) Thanks in advance =)
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