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  1. Oz just said "reducing carbs is key to losing weight", but he's had Dr. Barnard on many times. Oz knows you can lose weight on a carb-diet. PS - I think a person with 300 vegan videos putting the truth out, should have more than 800 subscribers, and not quit as a failure due to lack of support.
  2. They're trying. But I can see through this. A NEW study "came out" linking the two. Then NBC-news asked: “Do carbs cause cancer?” Now … many people know this is stupid, and some people know it’s a hoax. Those few people know the rest of the people will be manipulated by this. Sure, in the actual story, they’ll mention the issue is with REFINED carbs. But this manipulates people in another way. It plants a seed. And that seed is planted on ground already fertilized with the cow-manure that is the “Low-Carb-Scam”. And some people will only hear the Title, and not watch the whole story where they clarify. And Today, Dr. Oz will address this "Breaking news". A clue that they'll bash carbs is a guest: "Dr Mark Hyman" (The Paleo doctor who lied about Bill Clinton going Paleo). We are the ones to counteract this crap. Who else will. 1st: Watch my videos about this. 2nd: Follow further directions, for action on social media. We need activity on the sites to boost in in "google's search results" or people will never find the info.
  3. Jeb Bush just dropped out of the race for president after what Trump and others called a "Low-Energy" performance. On Paleo for a year, he lost weight. But I found (while gathering data for my video) the lost weight wasn't from Low-carb. It never is. Seems EVERYONE who loses weight on Low-carb is doing something more proven; something I've noticed from 3 years of covering LC in my 300 videos. And it's the same conclusion as Dr. McDougall and others. And, Jeb's diet may have weakened his campaign: Diets usually don't work permanently, because they're based on Calorie restriction. Losing weight is different than putting it on. The thin people around the world are not all carefully balancing their calories in & out. China isn't calculating all day. They eat as much as Americans; they simply live differently. Vegan is the beginning of the journey to health. ,Gary High-Fruit, of the High-Fruit Lifestyle
  4. So you've done low-fat, and high-fruit. Did you learn that this is the only permanent way to be thin? You've done a lot of different diets, and eaten too little.... and that's messed up your metabolism and kept you in fat-storage mode. So just get on low-fat high-cal and stay there. Then give it time.
  5. "Agenda" Are you trying to make Carl look GOOD? (a vegan agenda is a good thing) How exactly did he promote veganism?
  6. I signed up on this site 9 years ago today Best vegan Youtuber: I'd say he's given more visibility to veganism than any Youtuber..... therefore, he's one of the "BEST" thing that's happened for the movement. Here's my reasoning, why Durianrider is "the best": His channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/durianriders/featured https://www.youtube.com/user/durianriders/featured http://www.youtube.com/user/durianriders/ https://www.youtube.com/user/durianriders/featured
  7. Interesting you say that (and use worse language than the aussie C-word ever did) because I just made a video, saying he's the "BEST" thing that's happened for the movement. Here's my reasoning: (why can't this YT problem be fixed?) Name someone who's given more visibility to veganism. How many thousands have you reached?
  8. In 2015, Ringling Bros. Circus will begin phasing out one of its most enduring acts. By 2018, elephants will no longer perform under its big tents. The announcement stunned animal welfare groups, which, for years, fought legal battles over the circus's treatment of animals. Last year, The Humane Society lost a 14-year legal battle against Feld Entertainment over unproven(?) allegations that circus trainers mistreated elephants.(see the 15 year old footage in my video below). But Ringling Bros. faces a patchwork of legislation in cities nationwide that imposes restrictions on the use of elephants. He says rather than fight it, Feld Entertainment is responding to the shift in the public's mood. Ringling Bros. said its shows "will continue to feature other extraordinary animal performers, including tigers, lions, horses, dogs and camels." Tell circuses to stop abusing animals? No, they only listen when money talks. Tell the meat industry to stop abusing animals? It's easier just to go vegan.
  9. I say no. That movie is about animal abuse. I looks as tho we have no science. Use the facts that veganism is the only healthy way to eat. Link the movie "Forks ever knives". We can even do BETTER than science. We have REALITY on our side - living proof. Even the Fruitarians kick the average meat-eaters butt. There's the video "80/10/10 proof" and the picture thread "80/10/10 Gladiators" ....and for logical talk, there's me: Meat or vegetarian: What does the body want? Why I'm not an ex-vegan-
  10. No, I'm saying cooking didn't come 1st. Cooking led to eating the wrong foods that can only be eaten after cooking. People that left humans indigenous environ had to eat un-naturally. You're warping that to make high-fat look like a savior, when if you stayed in the tropics, we'd survive AND be healthy. China, Sri Lanka, horses, monkeys, etc never at a high-fat diet, and they're still here.
  11. I don't follow to clarify: Low-fat does't mean LOW. It's compared to the super high-fat diets the US eats. 10% is plenty; just like the protein myth.
  12. That's why you should listen to your body....instead of listening to bro-scientists, people that tell you to eat meat, and psychiatrists that tell you you're emotional-eating. Your body wants more calories. Like I said in yesterday's video, "never restrict anything"(except un-natural things). It's un-natural to restrict.. What about weight gain??? Well, that's where eating right comes in. When you eat a low fat(under 40g) diet high in healthy food, you don't get fat. Fat storage is the body's protection when it's lacking something. - Gary High-Fruit
  13. Are you suggesting Rob has multiple personalities? He does seem like a vegan possessed by Dr. Atkins vengeful spirit. First came intelligence Then the ability and curiosity to cook Then came so much disease..... disease that goes away by eating Raw. I think I get the "Flat earth" reference: Rob continues to believe a falsehood though the truth has been clearly shown. Human body prefers fat for fuel????? Tell that to Low-carb athlete Timothy Olson who eats carbs during races. Gary High-Fruit (150 videos)
  14. ...conclusion: Restricting diet? That's a subjective mindset, she's not being scientific, she's not a scientist, she's a mother....who's....probably fat; we don't know; we don't have a picture of her. The raw-vegan diet isn't about weight loss, but I see why people would be confused, as the community focuses on weight loss: we're not getting people into an anorexic mindset; some people coming in are ALREADY IN that mindset. We teach that you don't have to battle food, while the mainstream teaches "don't eat too much". Animals don't worry about that. One mother posted a study of Fruitarianism being dangerous (it's not, and the study was hilarious --- funny video coming soon). She doesn't know nothin about it. So I can see that they're not just against Tanny's counseling; they're against......veganism. It always comes back to that. (highlights from the last 10 minutes) They say people teaching THIS DIET aren't professionals. Here's some that support it: Edward Taub MD, Dr. Gordon Latto Sir Arthur Keith Paleontologist H.M. Ami John Harvey Kellogg William S. Collens Gerald B. Dobkens Dr. Wayne Dyer Emanuel Viscusi, MD Kay Lawrence MD Chris Califano And by professional, do they mean.....mainstream?....excepted my society? = inDOCTrinated? There's bigotry. Society doesn't except us, so shut up; move to the back of the bus......sound familiar? It's the same thing. Sure, there's people who go raw-vegan just to get reeeaaaly thin.....well those are the anerexics!!! (From post on Google+) "ED is a mental illness. And one mother said she had an ED. So are they mental." "it's sad......I hope they get some fruit in them and cheer up"
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