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  1. Monkey Wrench Books (Austin, TX) http://www.monkeywrenchbooks.org/ BookPeople (huge indy bookstore here in ATX) http://www.bookpeople.com/
  2. seriously, i want some of those booty shorts. it's still summer weather here!
  3. i tried searching the forums, did anyone find out if renewal subscriptions would work for this? thanks!!
  4. isn't olive oil really a fat? i guess would you consider that fact when figuring your caloric intake.
  5. hi from another xvx kid in texas. look forward to reading your posts!
  6. hey i don't know if you've thought about logging your food on a website, but i just started logging my diet on livestrong - http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate it will tell you how many calories/fat/protein/carbs etc that you are getting, and break it down in charts and graphs too. it even tells you if you get enough b12 and other vitamins. you can also add what type of workout you do and it'll estimate your calories burned, which might be helpful. you can check out my food log if you want an idea of how it works - http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate/diary/who/jessibot/ anyway, hope that helps!
  7. happy halloween! guess i didn't know about the skittles in the uk thing, only heard from a friend. we don't have the fancy "E" numbering system here. and the swedish fish in the USA are in fact vegan. don't know about other countries... well, hope you all didn't eat too much junk today!
  8. although certainly not healthy, the following are technically vegan: Chocolate Skittles Sour Patch Kids Swedish Fish Twizzlers and in the UK, Skittles and Starburst are even vegan. i'm sure there's more out there, but i don't like candy that much, so i've never checked.
  9. you think she eats these while wearing her fur coats? haha thanks for the recipe, but the only thing gwyneth has unleashed is a hatred of animals.
  10. hell yeah, i gotta find out where to Early Vote...
  11. i really want this, but my fear is that my sight is so bad that it won't "stick" and I'll have to keep getting touch ups. going through this once would be scary enough.
  12. oh man i missed it. maybe they'll replay it tonight on soap net or whatever channel it is that replays oprah at midnight.
  13. do you mean at the supermarket or at home? at the store, i just put the (sometimes wet) lettuce in my canvas bags or backpack when i check out. who cares if it's wet? just water. at home, i use this: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51F1AZCB87L._SS260_.jpg from target or other stores.
  14. this is a great deal! i just have one question, maybe you covered it but i didn't read it right. what if i already have a subscription, will it count to renew it if i send you the check? like will it just add 6 new issues to my subscription? just curious!
  15. all you ladies look amazing! you're really inspiring to me!!!
  16. teeccino has a good caffeine withdrawal program that really helped me. the stuff seriously tastes like coffee. http://www.teeccino.com/quitting.aspx
  17. hey just checking in, i sent you a pm a while back about an order to Food Fight, did you get my message? thanks! jessica
  18. i'm really lucky to be in nyc, because of all the amazing vegan options here within walking distance. but i believe that there is no reason to flock to a town because of this. why not start your own veg restaurant, coffee house, store, etc. right in your own hometown? there are surely like minded people where you live, and you'll be fulfilling a need for diverse dining. not directed at anyone, but just a thought to throw out there.
  19. this is a great article! i'm happy to see a positive article about veganism finally. and the price/mealplan breakdown was really great, shows non-veg athletes an easy alternative to their diet.
  20. my dog (black lab) has been vegan her entire 11 years. she's happy and healthy as a puppy. we feed her Natural Balance Vegetarian formula (sold at Petco, and other places) and whatever table scraps she likes. and I second the bunny comment - i have 2 awesome bunnies, who are natural herbivores. they make great housepets, easy to litterbox train, and are smart as hell. for those of you who are thinking of adopting, check out http://www.rabbit.org for info.
  21. the minute i saw that ear, i knew he was in for trouble. kimbo went for it! i almost puked when it popped. ewwww...
  22. hey everyone! i've been lurking a bit, and found this place after watching the vegan fitness dvd. actually, it goes like this. listened to erik marcus's podcast with brendan brazier, bought and read the thrive diet, watched vegan fitness, researched on the internets, found this place! anyway, i've been vegan about 10 or 11 years now, started off in the hardcore/straight-edge scene and went from there. i've been kind of a junk food vegan for the past decade, with on and off bouts of "going raw" to try and get healthy. i used to be into mountain biking and road riding, going to the gym, etc, but haven't done anything besides yoga in the past 5 years. well, i'm here for support, knowledge, help, therapy - haha, and to just get back the life and body i used to have. i'm 29, about to get married, ready to start fresh. well i started a little food blog, and trying to keep that up as much as possible. it's here: http://jessibot.blogspot.com/ if anyone is interested in checking it out. well, that's all for now!
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