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  1. What do you think movies like The Scanners and the X files tv series are based on ? But actually I was talking about documentaries with real footage, showing experiments conducted by sceptical scientists that were stunned to see the results.


    Strange you haven't heard about the Stargate Project conducted by the FBI and the CIA for the Pentagon to find persons with special psychic powers and to train them to make extralucid spies for the army or top secret missions. Tests made during 13 years showed 25% results, which is impressive considering the chances of coincidences are almost null). During one of the tests, a medium draw planet Jupiter with a circle on it, before even Nasa's space probe discovered it.

    There's many big studies, tests and big projects like these that show mysteries that science is unable to explain but that can't go on forever because it costs a fortune to make. Just Google search the words that I highlighted or on Youtube.

    The Rhine Research Center, using "ganzfeld" or whole field methods in tests with a person as the transmitter, watching images on a screen, sending informations by thoughts to another person being the receiver, in another room.

    On a total of over 3000 tests of the same kind made by a dozen of different research institutes in the world, results of 33%. Chances that it was pure coincidences: 1 chance on 1 trillion.

    Russian Nina Kulagina surprises the world in 1967 when in experiments supervised by scientists she moves under controlled conditions small objects under box of glass by thought. High rise in the intensity of brain activity and heart rate during the tests and even weight loss mesured after each session.

    I'm not talking about charlatans like Uri Geller bending stuff, but true psychics like Sean Harribance, visit his website. Succeed to 72 tests out of 93. 1 chance in 40 millions that it's coincidences. Again, high cerebral activity in the Alpha area which should normally be calm.


    More on this page.



    Dr. Charles Theodore Tart and his #25132 experiment. A woman, called Miss Z. for anonyma claimed she could float over her body during sleep.

    From Monday to Wednesday, the projector reported having seen the clock while floating out of body. At the times informed by her, the devices demonstrated unusual brain-wave patterns. An absence of rapid-eye movements (REM) was also observed. On Wednesday night, Miss Z identified the target number: 25132. The brain-wave pattern during conscious projection was different from the patterns during waking state, sleep and other altered states of consciousness (an expression proposed by Tart himself).



    A study by Janet Lee Mitchell (American Society for Psychical Research, ASPR) and Karlis Osis on the traveling clairvoyance of surrealist painter and writer Ingo Swann resulted in 8 of 8 correct target observations with 1 in 40,000 probability for a chance occurrence. When Swann reported his vision was outside of his body, there was loss of electrical activity and faster brain wave impulses in the visual areas in the occipital lobes. During this state, there was great drop in alpha activity in the right hemisphere than the left, which other organic functions remained normal.


    I totally agree, man. There are some things we can not see with our eyes. Doesn't mean they don't exist.

    Have you seen the Camelot Project? My favorite is "Boriska's Interview". They've got some fine staff there.




    PS: I find silly that some people consider telepathy and such a coincidence.

  2. If hope someone is reading this and perhaps has an idea as to what may be going on. If not, maybe i'll start a thread about it. About a week ago people started telling me I smelt like pot. Last night, 6 different people accused me of smoking pot and said i reeked. I finally figured out it was my breath. They said it is so unmistakably similar to the smell of pot that it is uncanny. What is it about my juice feast that could be causing that?


    The only thing I can think of but it doesn't make any sense, it ketosis. Ketosis would cause foul breath but it is when someone consumes nothing but protein for that to happen, no? I am consuming a balanced diet of all macronutrients without one overshadowing the other. Or perhaps it comes from consuming very little as well but i am averaging around 3000+ calories a day!


    I'm very confused and a tad bit freaked out. I don't want everyone to think I am some sort of a 24/7 stoner (mainly b/c i don't smoke). What is going on, any thoughts?????????


    Sunday June 15th, DAY FIFTEEN


    Morning Weight: 193lbs (-1lb)

    Bodyfat: 10% (-1%) <-- this makes sense b/c I have been

    losing alot of fat around my midsection, very noticeably and I keep

    measuring my waistline (I actually am starting to have one now) and

    taking notice that it continues to get smaller


    Today's Intake


    -24oz Organic Vegetable JUICE (organic watercress, organic ginger,

    organic dandelions, organic swiss chards, organic burdock root, organic

    sunchoke, organic lacinto kale, organic cilantro, organic celery, organic

    bok choy) I'm telling you, without the ginger, juices are CRAP! Love the



    The green is just juiced, they posses me



    -40oz organic juice blend (5 organic bananas)


    Ketons are used for energy when one doesn't eat carbs ( you can enter ketosis eating as little as 50g of carbs). Not your case though.


    More on ketosis here:


    Bodyopus Diet and Ketosis


    I was rummaging through some old MM2k issues from 1996 and came across one of Dan Duchaine’s Guru columns about the BodyOpus diet and using Ketostix to determine if you’re going into ketosis. I know the BodyOpus diet is similar to the T-Dawg diet as far as restricting carbs, but what's your take on this diet and using the Ketostix?


    GySgt R. Puentes




    It’s not a bad plan for a competitive bodybuilder but it’s a bit extreme for an average guy just wanting to look good nekkid. As with most low carb diets (or at least the extreme ones), you can’t keep this ripped condition for long and certainly can’t build muscle on such a plan, at least naturally. The T-Dawg Diet is pretty easy and forgiving compared to BodyOpus.


    As for the little piss sticks, most experts these days agree that they’re overrated as a dieting tool. In many cases, you can be in ketosis and the sticks will show that you’re not. It’s just not as cut and dried as once believed.


    There’s a lot of confusion about keto diets with some authors preferring to stay at 20 grams of carbs or below per day to hit ketosis and others saying that anything under 100 grams a day will put you in ketosis no matter what color the Ketostix turn. And then there’s the ultimate question: do you really need to be in ketosis in the first place?


    We’ve asked John Berardi to address these issues in an upcoming "Appetite for Construction" column. Look for it in the near future.


    And here is the Appetite for Construction:



    No idea what the smell could be. Maybe you're getting rid of some toxins. How does it taste?

  3. Hi,


    I've came across David Wolfe talking about zappers here (

    and later I found this: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Cancer/clark.html


    On the other hand some research done here: http://www.tfot.info/news/38/killing-cancer-cells-using-electrical-field.html


    Other source claims:



    "Clark states that the zapper is effective in killing bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses in the body. According to her: It causes no damage to the body. It does not work well in gaseous cavities, like under some teeth, nasal passages, and lungs, nor in the contents of the stomach and intestines. It does not work inside the body's cells, since it does not harm them. Any viruses or fungi which are inside will not be killed, so daily zapping is necessary to catch any that may be released from the cells, as well as any that may not be reached in the intestines or in the lymphatic system. It works well for many blood borne pathogens and skin diseases caused by parasites, bacteria, or fungi in my experience. "


    What's the point of getting it if it can't get into my stomach or intestines?


    And then I read this:

    "Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts and parasites with exoskeletons (like hookworms in the peripheral tissues), will take longer to destroy, but by zapping you begin to clear the blood and lymphatic fluids, major organ ducts, intestinal and stomach lining, brain and central nervous system of parasites which will give your immune system a tremendous and nearly immediate boost."

    over here: http://www.worldwithoutparasites.com/how.html


    Can anybody clear this up?



  4. If you live in the US then you definitely can't grow it (even many countries that do allow Hemp to be grown regulate it). In the US though we can buy and consume the raw hemp seeds (and other products) but I agree they probably won't germinate.

    In the United States it is legal to only sell the cooked hemp seeds. In other words the hemp seeds you can buy can't germinate.

    (Manitoba Harvest and Living Harvest both sell raw hemp seeds that are cold-processed to no-more than 40degree C (104 F) ).


    That did make me interested as to why it wouldn't germinate (my assumption because it they are hulled) and I thought about doing an online search but then thought that maybe it would be interpreted as a search to learn how to grow Hemp so I decided against it.


    So much for being free.

  5. To have more info on the way I eat i would like to post one more day. Without any whey protein or other animal product.


    I'm actually quite interested in detox programs. i have been recently looking up the liver flushes. Has anybody got any experience with detox?


    Today's menu:



    Wake - up



    1 cup carrot, apple, garlic ,lemon juice



    Morning work out...



    8 oz pineapple



    Shake: kale, banana, 1/2 cup sprouted lentils, 1 Tbsp sesame seeds, 1 Tbsp flax seeds, water



    1 apple



    Tennis practice



    2 bananas



    1 mango



    Salad: spinach, lettuce, tomato, black&green olives, sprouted lentils, carrot, 2 Tbsp olive oil



    Gym work out: Complexes



    7 oz pineapple



    1 oz coconut

    Salad: lettuce, black& green olives, carrot, 1/2 cup sprouted lentils, 1 Tbsp olive oil



    1 apple


    THAT IS IT!!!




    Total: 1837 calories

    Fat: 72g 35%

    Sat: 14g 7%

    Poly: 11g 5%

    Mono: 41g 20%

    Carbs: 308g 58%

    Fiber: 42 g

    Protein: 34 g 7%


    Fat-Soluble Vitamins

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Vitamin A mcg_RE 7602.2 800 950.27

    Vitamin D mcg 0 5 0

    Vitamin E mg_ATE 16.27 8 203.37

    Vitamin K mcg 1036 65 1593.8


    Water-Soluble Vitamins

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Vitamin C mg 373.77 60 622.96

    Thiamin mg 1.5 1.1 135.91

    Riboflavin mg 1.28 1.1 116.62

    Vitamin B-6 mg 4.11 1.3 316.43

    Vitamin B-12 mcg 0 2.4 0

    Niacin mg 10.85 14 77.47

    Folate mcg 481.89 400 120.47


    Trace Minerals

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Iron mg 18.32 15 122.14

    Zinc mg 6.11 12 50.95

    Selenium mcg 16.04 55 29.17

    Copper mg 2.77 --- ---


    Major Minerals

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Calcium mg 581.76 1000 58.18

    Phosphorus mg 763.17 700 109.02

    Magnesium mg 431.83 310 139.3

    Sodium mg 1582.5 --- ---

    Potassium mg 5001.5 --- ---


    All comments are greatly appreciated!

  6. Also, some people may criticize you for using the whey, but thanks for using it up and not wasting.


    I still have mine kickin around. I've tried to pawn it off to people but they don't want it either.


    I gave it up cuz it gave me diarrhea and horrible cramps.


    Interesting that is what I was experiencing since eating all raw.

    Whey protein didn't bother me at all before. Strange.

  7. Thanks guys.


    You know, Lean and Green, what I mean when I say I want to "play it safe" = I want to make sure I'm getting "some" proteins. I know I should get over it.


    On the salads, I love salads, I just didn't have any that day. that's all. Normally having salads twice a day is no problem for me.


    What ratios I should be aiming for? 80/10/10 ? Would having more fat in my diet be "bad"?


    My main goal is performance orientated. I'm a tennis player (I bet nobody can guess that and so far it looks to me that only long distance and slow pace "players" are in this raw food game.


    The only tennis player I know who is vegetarian is Martina Navratilova but she started eating salmon and tuna when she made her comeback to the sport.


    Can anybody elaborate and find more sprinters, fast moving raw athletes?


    Thank you in advance.

  8. If you follow a raw food diet properly.. as in eating natural FRESH produce,

    you will not gain weight(which is what Tim was saying).



    It's when "raw food" tries to replicate "cooked food" that you come

    into problems... like high sugar, high fat contents.

    Also you need to consider the fact that your body packs in

    carbonic acid when you eat cooked foods.. causing weight gain,

    as far as my body is concerned, calorie count makes no difference.


    I do feel as though I can eat whatever I want

    as long as it is fresh and raw, and I am very physically active,

    I know I will not gain weight; even if I'm eating more calories

    than I am burning.





    I see no (positive)point to this post.


    Andesuma, your "peace symbol" is hearting my eyes. Sorry.


    Check this out: min 4:08




    Thank you.

  9. A young Thai coconut! I love coconuts. I wanted so bad to say Durian but i'm trying to give the durian posts a break and show some love to other stuff. Coconuts grow high up also and they're solid and high in cals and have the cleanest purest electrolyte enhanced water on earth. But that milky white flesh, I would like to be more tan but we cannot have our cake and eat it too!


    If you're the coconut I'll be its milk.

  10. yeah when we cook quinoa, it looks like it sprouts, but of course it's not really sprouted, it's sprouting by destruction instead of creation! Lol. We see the tail and sprout after we cook it just because the shell split, but I have the impression it grows a bit too, like when you soak it.

    I'll try many times to sprout quinoa, perhaps it will work better one day. It's worth it because of course the raw sprouted quinoa is a million times more nutritious then destroyed/cooked quinoa.


    I've tried quinoa as well. I nearly got it green. I think it likes to be a bit dry. Too much water and it gets spoiled.


    I'll keep working on it.



  11. Some kidney-shaped beans contain a protein called "Phasine". I do not know how much it is reduced by sprouting. Cooking destroys it for sure...

    To be sure sprout only alfalfa, lentils, wheat etc. and do not sprout kidney-shaped beans and chickpeas.


    What's wrong with chickpeas? I've just sprouted some.

  12. Please comment on my diet if you dare! Only joking.


    This is my very first raw menu.

    Today activity level medium - what ever you can imagine. It's 21.00 and I want to eat MORE or something cooked actually I fancy a ton of bananas. I'm a bit scared to eat so much sugar at once. I guess I need to get used raw food. Energy level medium to low.


    Today's menu:




    5oz fl carrot juice

    3oz fl apple juice

    garlic juice




    640g watermelon




    36g overnight soaked walnuts

    32g raisins




    1 banana

    40g coconut meat




    1 apple

    40g coconut meat




    3/4 cup oats

    24g raisins


    1 banana

    2 Tbsp flax seeds

    2 Tbsp sesame seeds

    1 Tbsp pollen

    1 kale leaf

    2 scoops of whey protein (I'd like to finish it= playing safe here:)


    I soak the oats and the raisins in the shake.




    604g watermelon

    20g coconut meat




    4.9 oz peas

    1.6 oz sprouted chickpeas


    3 oz zucchini

    2 oz tomato

    1 oz fresh spinach

    1 Tbsp flax seeds

    1 Tbsp sesame seeds

    few garlics


    Blend all together, put into a bole and add 2 Tbsp olive oil with the peas and chickpeas to crunch on.



    That's it for those who have survived it to the end: Congratulations!


    Now the FACTS:


    Average Calories


    Total: 2444cal


    Fat: 108g 40%

    Sat: 44 g 18%

    Poly: 3g 13%

    Mono: 22g 9%


    Carbs: 328g 43%

    Fiber: 66g


    Protein: 81g 13%


    Ok. Not too bad. A bit low on protein at least what I was used to before.


    Now the nutrient requirements are interesting:


    Fat-Soluble Vitamins

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Vitamin A mcg_RE 3715.7 ... 800 464.47

    Vitamin D mcg 0 ... 5 0

    Vitamin E mg_ATE 11.59 ... 8 144.9

    Vitamin K mcg 1455.6 ...5 2239.3


    Water-Soluble Vitamins

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Vitamin C mg 362.15 ..60 603.58

    Thiamin mg 2.51 ....1.1 228.56

    Riboflavin mg 1.35 ....1.1 122.3

    Vitamin B-6 mg 4.28 ...1.3 328.87

    Vitamin B-12 mcg 0 ...2.4 0

    Niacin mg 12.27 ...14 87.63

    Folate mcg 785.25...400 196.31


    Trace Minerals

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Iron mg 24.21 15 161.42

    Zinc mg 12.2 12 102.08

    Selenium mcg 50.01 55 90.92

    Copper mg 3.86 --- ---


    Major Minerals

    Nutrient Units Intake RDA % RDA

    Calcium mg 770.61 1000 77.06

    Phosphorus mg 1469.3 700 209.9

    Magnesium mg 729.31 310 235.26

    Sodium mg 246.13 --- ---

    Potassium mg 5601.6 --- ---


    So I could do better on calcium, selenium and B 12. I haven't decided yet if I want to be taking supplements for B 12. I might start eating ants


    Thanks for any feedback.

  13. Chimpanzees are not monkeys. They also aren't vegans or even vegetarians. They eat vegan 99% of the time. Same for Gorillas & orangutangs who also eat dirt and feces.


    Chimpanzees are humanity's closest living genetic relatives. They are more like us than any other animal. However, this doesn't mean that what will work for chimpanzee/human will work for a human/chimpanzee. Similar does not mean the same and chimpanzees are a DISTINCT species.


    I *think* Chimpanzees can make their own vitamin C. If not, some of the other apes can and guess what? Human beings can not. My point is that it is fallacious to look at the dietary habits of apes to try justify fad diets for human beings.


    FWIW, I always felt beyondveg.com was anti-vegetarian. However, Jack Norris who is the cofounder of the animal rights group Vegan Outreach and who became a Registered Dietitian specifically to help promote veganism thinks that it is good to read beyondveg.com.


    He doesn't agree with everything beyondveg.com says, but Jack Norris feels that many vegans have fictional beliefs in regards to nutrition and feels that sites like beyondveg.com that challenges people with studies ( however bogus and OLD ) are a good thing.


    Jack Norris actually wrote an interesting opinion about raw foodism and beyondveg.com here:




    Again, Jack Norris is an animal rights activist who confounded Vegan Outreach and Jack Norris is Registered Dietitian. He is one of us and he is on our side.


    It's always a good thing to keep the mind constantly working/searching out new data. I feel that beyond.com is propaganda and should not be taken too seriously.

    One's experience should speak for itself.


    Enough said.


    Thanks for the article very interesting indeed. About the enzymes being destroyed in the stomach is making me think more about the raw food being more digestible than cooked food. Only time will show ( in my case).I'm going to keep going being raw.


    Thanks again.

  14. Hi I'm new here. Raw vegan(also new in this department:) looking around for some information.

    And I came across this article:



    Also I was going through youtube vids and came across "The Raw Family" talking about chimps. Are they aware that monkeys eat insects and small quantities of meat therefor they're NOT vegans?



    Can you, please comment on the above article?


    Thank you.

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