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  1. I am still busy and still working out a lot! I found a friend to go to the gym with me and that is a lot of fun. I did and 202020 on Friday I did not work out this weekend because I was so sore I went to a convention for my sorority on saturday and thank goodness they had vegan food. Monday I am running and doing abs. Tuesday is beginning Salsa, kickboxing and 20/20/20. (202020 is cardio/ weights/ abs)
  2. Katie Perry- I kissed a girl annoying and totally unoriginal
  3. I am going to be staying in Tokyo however we are also going to Kytoto, Osaka and Kobe. Thanks for the links. I will totally be blogging and taking pics of my food while I am there haha! Totally unrelated but I do not think I have ever seen Richards Face...nice Avatar Buddy
  4. http://i41.tinypic.com/33b26xd.jpg me and my cat salem taking a cat nap...lighting was weird so I look like a ghost or a geisha.... http://i39.tinypic.com/o015hh.jpg more normal one
  5. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My cat does the same thing crawls on my pillow and gets all in my face haha.
  6. So I am going to japan in two months ! Have any of you vegans either been too or lived in japan and is there food to eat cause I heard that everything has fish in it and an apple is like 5$ OMG!!! I already know to tell the cooks : watashi wa saishoku-shu des Kara niku nyuseihin wa tabemasen = I am a vegan I don't eat meat or dairy products
  7. I wanna go...um maybe not for all 10 days though just the last couple in Southern Cali is that cool?
  8. I totally don't remember that third picture haha !
  9. She threatens to sue if we put polar bears and belugas on the endangered species list....so she can drill in alaska She doesn't believe in global warming She wants to teach intelligent design in school She does not believe in evolution This woman could be a heartbeat away from the presidency..... Hunting is the least of her faults!
  10. The problem with the republican party is that they make no provisions for rape, incest or the health of the mother. That is unacceptable. In those situations I don't see how anyone could deny a woman her right to choose. Yes there will be some people who abuse that right but that goes along with everything. For instance Gun control I believe in the right to bear arms even though some Americans abuse that right. I believe in doing everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.But I would never vote for gun ownership to be illegal. Republicans are so staunch about their gun rights yet they want to take away our right to choose with no provisions just black and white across the board. Guns Kill way more people in America than abortions. I cannot stand the hypocrisy. I am a independent I don't choose sides but I can't see myself voting republican anytime soon.
  11. The Republicans want to re-classify when life begins...As of now life begins when the egg implants into the uterus...The reclassification would reclassify the term when life begins to when the egg is fertilized. Birth control( the pill IUD ) works in two ways 1. preventing an egg from being released 2.Making the uterus a hostile place for the egg and therby a fertilized egg being discarded. This reclassification would make the pill and other forms of hormonal birth control forms of abortion. This can block women's access to birth control and create more unwanted pregnancies and perhaps eventually make birth control illegal. It is not about reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies the religious conservatives just want thier agendas taken care of. I agree everything should be done to avoid unwanted pregnancies included increased access to birth control and comprehensive sex education for teens and free counseling for young and unwed pregnant women to educate them on the alternatives to abortion. However making it illegal and perhaps in the future making birth control illegal is blurring the lines between church and state and imposing someones moral beliefs on the united states. If this right goes away they will just go after more and more until we are being taught intelligent design in a classroom and stem cell research has gone to a halt. I went off on a tangent but you get the idea...there was a time when church and state were one...it was called the Dark Ages.....
  12. OY Vey!! it has been a long time since I updated this!!! I started taking a class called boot camp and am training for a half marathon. In boot camp we run two miles and then do a bunch of other polymetric and running exercises for an hour...It is so hard. I am starting out with two miles and going up from there. I am trying to eat as healthy as I can during my training. Eating a few more carbs than usual. Has anyone ever done carb loading before endurance training does it work? Um on a nonfitness note I have been working alot I am a singer and am in two bands now plus I teach voice lessons and work at publix and go to school full time....hence my absence of late...yipes I have alot on my plate.
  13. Well...keeping an online food and exercise journal is much more difficult than I thought..... this week. Monday:Spin/ABS Tuesday:Spin Circuit training I don't remember what I ate I will post that today
  14. Well I certainly have been lazy in updating my log. I was a little depressed last week because I was sick and I looked like I had some kind of awful disease. and I was afraid to work out hard at all... However the red marks on my face faded and I hit the gym pretty hard this week. Monday I did spin and abs Tuesday spin and circuit training Wednesday kick boxing and abs Thursday spin and 20/20/20 so far so good! By the way if anyone finds themselves violently ill try to breathe through your nose while puking..to avoid the aforementioned unpleasantness.
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