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  1. I stand corrected I did not know so many animals did not have a CNS. I knew that some animals had a skeleton that was on the outside but I assumed they had some degree of a CNS. I understand what you are saying now and I agree.
  2. Zombies?!?......IF someone comes into your home....their gun may already be drawn....also..they may invade when you are not home and find your gun and kill you with it...If you do get one I would hide the bullets and the gun in two different places to minimize risk. Don't keep a loaded gun in the house!!
  3. HI....I think thats Jessica Alba before she got preggers...
  4. I might have eaten it once...I put cubes of it on a stick with veggies ( veggie kabobs) I'm pretty sure it was tempeh it was pretty good but I seasoned the heck out of it...
  5. Oh, I absolutely agree with your assumption that animals with a CNS experience pain, pleasure, emotions, etc, in a similar fashion to the way we do. A rat probably feels pain in a more "human" way than a lobster does. But vegans obviously don't eat lobster, or calamari, or escargot. There are any number of good reasons for avoiding eating those animals, but if you tell an omni "I don't eat animals because they have brains and feel pain just like us", then they can retort correctly that many edible animals aren't vertebrates. For that reason I think it's best to leave the CNS out of the discussion. That makes sense....but the what about argument that pain and fear is a defense mechanism for animals that can move? Obviously plants are rooted to the ground so why would they feel pain. I see lobsters in the tank at the store and when they are attacked or picked up they try to defend themselves or they get out of the way. The pain and fear and emotions may not be exactly like the ones we are feeling however I cannot imagine how being boiled or steamed alive would feel..... I doubt it feels any better to a lobster whether they have a nervous system or not. Even scallops or clams that do not even resemble anything but a blob...still have the ability to get out of the way of danger so some pain mechanism would be beneficial to them.
  6. It has started the summer rains here in Florida...every day from 3-30 it pours....odd. Hurricane season has also began...hopefully we won't get any here...Hurricanes definitely put a damper on my workouts... too busy running around trying to do everything without electricity...and when the air conditioner breaks it is dangerous we could overheat
  7. When I first became vegan I would go to a restaurants and eat only chips and guacamole.....like endless amounts My mom makes the most wonderful avacado salad she will use five or so and make a huge bowl with avocados onions and spinach and tomatoes...then puts vinnagrette dressing on it omg it is crazy good.
  8. I told my brother to get that done...he lost alot of weight and he has excess skin...but he doesn't want to have surgery...I can't blame him. I did not even want to get my wisdom teeth pulled. They had to dope me up six ways till Sunday just to sit down in the chair!!
  9. good advice...No one is going to be liked by everyone or agreed with all of the time....NO one. You can't please everybody.
  10. I support them because They help support the transition to veganism/ vegetarianism...with out boca chicken and gardenburger riblets....my boyfriend would probably still be omnivorus.(he loves tofu though) I don't eat as much of them anymore...I have grown to like beans seeds nuts and tofu....but they are so convinient. Tofu is not easy to prepare and the pre- seasoned is really expensive.
  11. Did not know that....I knew about the long digestive tract and the fact that we are obviously closer to apes......good to know. I was chastising my cousin for killing a deer and my aunt said to me " If you have eye teeth you are a carnivore" I came back at her with the flat teeth long digestive tract closer to apes argument. She is still convinced humans are carnivorous...and she's a teacher! It's sad
  12. Thank you for making me even more paranoid Even my vegetables are not safe....I'm telling this story to anyone I see picking up a can of jello.
  13. Do you work out very early? I could not stomach anything when I used to do 6am spin...I would get nauseas, So I drank a cup of soy milk before and that was it. I ate afterward and it never bothered me.Sometimes if I eat a big meal the night prior I am not hungry enough in the morning. So you could make a thin protein shake or just a banana and soy milk in a blender. All studies I have read say it is not good to work out running on empty. You wont burn as many calories if you do not eat due to lack of energy and body going into starvation mode.
  14. "Look little Billy a tiger.... and look over there....a convicted felon"
  15. 6 weeks is much worse than 2 weeks...congratulations for being able to get back into it! I did an hour and a half of cardio...I was just like " can't lift gotta run"!! So any plastic surgery and you can't do any excercise for 6 weeks hmmm.....on that show total makeover they make those people work out alot...and not even let them recover.
  16. Niiiiicce....you got cut....and gained muscle I can tell thats really amazing in a short period of time.
  17. So apparently my stomach is still upset....I upchucked last night with such a force that hundreds of capillaries burst in my face.....the doctor said they would go away...but he said...don't lift weights Would someone just take me out back and shoot me...please put me out of my misery. I like cardio but the feel of the burn after a wonderful weightlifting session is like heaven to me.So I guess I will be doing lots of cardio and I guess pilates or yoga or something. I did spin and elliptical I was going to to abs...but I was not sure if it would increase my thoracic pressure...which the doctor said is a no no. What increases that pressure it is only lifting weights above your heart....or will push ups and squats hurt it. I forgot to ask...he said spinning treadmill and swimming were ok.He said a week or 2...2 weeks with no weights I am going to be a weakling. what I ate breakfast granola bar and 1/2 banana 1 cup soymilk snack: vegan waffle 1 tblsp peanut butter 1 cup soymilk lunch: vegan wrap with "turkey" slices and vegan cheese(i did nit really like the fake turkey:( diner: 2 slices whole weat bread with cucumbers hummus tomatoes and red peppers a couple pita chips at band practice I ate 4 strawberries and a handful of pretzel pita mix.
  18. No workout today...so lazy but I am going to bed early tonight so I can do spin and abs tomorrow. Breakfast: 5 prunes 2 tablespoon of peanut butter English muffin soymilk snack: granola bar lunch: 2 nectarines( which quite possibly were the best fruit I have ever had in my life) brown rice veggie sushi snack:luna bar Dinner: raspberries and quaker oats brown sugar cereal( breakfast for dinner)
  19. So should you take a vitamin b12 supplement? I mean I drink soy milk and eat fortified cereals and even my powerade zero has b12 in it. Should I still take a supplement? And will a multi vitamin do or should we go for the big b12 vitamin? And can you od....I am always wary of taking vitamins because I eat so many fortified foods and drink fortified drinks. I've never got anything checked but my iron levels since I became vegan and they are always normal.
  20. I don't believe that plants are sentient beings....it's never been proven... Pain is a form of protection...we feel pain so we don't freeze or burn ourselves on a hot pot....we move out of the way. Plants have roots and cannot immediately escape pain...so a pain mechanism would be useless for them....there is another thread about this and a link to someone that said plants can react to danger so they have a sensory system but it is not the same as when beings with a central nervous system feel pain. Even if they did feel pain I don't understand how that is an valid argument for eating meat. I'm assuming his argument is everyone causes suffering so why inconvenience yourself. While he is correct that we have the ability to digest and derive nutrients from meat.....We also have the ability to derive nutrients and digest plants and synthesize our own amino acids so even if we do not have a meat source in out diet we thrive anyway. If he really does not care about farm animals. Tell him that reducing or eliminating your meat consumption not only helps your health but it helps the environment and also other people. As developing nations are starving to death we continue to feed cattle with corn and soy that could be used for starving humans. True there is no telling that if the food was available it would go to those that need it but if it was available it would cause the costs to lower. At a time when food costs are rising we can drive down the prices by making more of it available.
  21. I never thought of it that way!
  22. I know I am new and I only met Robert once but he is hands down one of the nicest, laid back guys I have ever met...I'm sure this hurts him as much as everyone else. Besides...it's just a forum...we all lead lives outside of this community.... If I got deleted I would be able to move on....just like Astro and Potter are I am sure.
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