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  1. whoa...be careful...awesome about the compliments....compliments from strangers are the best because you know they really mean it.
  2. I haven't tried a pm in a while but the short post worked.
  3. I think I figured out the white screen of death for posting....If your post is more than a few paragraphs long you get the white screen of death.....And I think it gets mad if you try to post more than one reply after another....I shortened my responses into two reply then tried to do another and it would not let me..try posting a shorter reply and wait till someone else replies to post again.
  4. I think I figured out the white screen of death for posting....If your post is more than a few paragraphs long you get the white screen of death.....And I think it gets mad if you try to post more than one reply after another....I shortened my responses into two reply then tried to do another and it would not let me..try posting a shorter reply and wait till someone else replies to post again.Or log out then in again and try to post.
  5. You deleted the word can from my post to prove yourself right.....I wrote " feeding cats no meat can be hazardous to thier health...which if you co wrote the above statement from vegan cats.com then you know that to be true....please quote me correctly if you are going to do so... If not all cats do well on the diet then the statement CATS DO NOT NEED MEAT!!! seems false to me.....you should have written some cats no not need meat.Cats cannot digest starches and vegetable protein the way humans and dogs can. 9 grams of vegetable protein is very different from 9 grams of meat protein to a cat. I apologize to you for calling your post a commercial...that was wrong but it bugged me that nothing in your original post said anything about the possibility of sudden and dramatic urinary blockages.....although if you co wrote that statement you obviously knew about it....nor does it say anything about it on your vegan essentials website......that seems like pertinent information... My comment about the tiger was to make people think a little bit about the fact that even though we bring kitties into our home they have not yet adapted out of their natural behavior and are still very similar to their large cousins.... I think most people vegans or otherwise would think it is silly to offer a tiger vegan food....but because we have domesticated the cat we think that is different somehow And one of My cats will eat macaroni and cheese and pizza if given the choice....does not mean he can thrive on it. I would like to see some long term studies and the research to back your claims....The only thing you have proven is that Some cats are surviving on a vegan diet without complications that differ any from a diet based on commercial cat food....not that cats do not need meat.....there are feral cats in the wild that are nutrient deficient too and they "survive"....If there was a vegan cat food on the market that was completely safe I would buy it. also when I said the thing about not being compassionate and being angry at me I was talking to veganmadre...telling me to "bug off" does not sound like she is pleased with me.....but she said she does not believe in the death of countless other animals for another to survive.....well that is very noble and respectable for a human being with morals......however animals have no morals they do what is necessary to survive... And if all humans were vegans some animals would still kill others because they have to The only thing I have gotten out of this discussion is that I realized even commercial cat food is not very good for cats and I should look into other ways to feed my cats in the future that will keep them healthier than commercial kibble and wet food. I cannot change one of my current cats diet because she throws up every time I try a new food on her and she wont eat anything but Whiskas. I may try a different direction with the other.
  6. even vegan cats.com and the vegetarian society says feeding cats no meat can be hazardous to their health. Vegan Cats.com. Yes. After much soul-searching, we have decided to change our official recommedations for certain cats. Urinary tract problems are extremely common in cats and, because of the relative acidity of meat to vegetable protein, many vegan cats suffer from them. Although we have been giving advice for some time on how these problems can be minimized while still feeding a completely vegan diet, we have found that the vast majority of our customers have not been following this advice. Unless you are very committed to following the advice outlined below, we therefore recommend that you mitigate the risk of urinary tract problems by feeding males cats only a 25-75% vegan diet and females a 50-100% vegan diet. Our mission is to reduce suffering as much as possible through reducing dependancy on meat products for your companion animals, but at the same time, we also have great concern for the overall health and well-being of cats who are prone to urinary tract problems. We do not believe in making companion animals suffer health complications simply because we'd like to feed them an exclusively vegan diet; rather, we believe that people should do the best they can to find a balance that keeps their companions healthy while reducing dependancy on meat products to the greatest extent.
  7. I cleared my cookies and I tried iexplore and firefox...there are only 2 topics I cant reply to or edit my posts( that I know of) that is "what do vegans feed thier dogs" and "jamie oliver killer of baby chicks"
  8. OK...so today I have felt better and ate something other than crackers and peanut butter.... breakfast: 1/4 cup oatmeal 1 tblsp peanut butter 1 cup vanilla soymilk small banana Lunch: chicken patty w/low carb wrap and a cup of mixed veggies and 1/2 cup sliced strawberries snack: peanut butter Luna bar snack: 5 prunes and a 1/2 cup soy milk dinner: kaishi vegan meal with some morning star farms meal starters on top. Workout: I did a tae bo video at home because it was raining and the gym seemed so far away
  9. All my grandparents have lived well over the age of 80.....My grandpa smoked till they pried the cigarette from his hands and never got cancer....My grandpa has diabetes but he is 85......Everyone in my immediate family is not anywhere near as health conscious as me as in they don't work out and eat junk .... and they are living long relatively problem free lives. SO....I am not going to let a little soy scare me( which Asian cultures have been consuming for centuries) and as for wheat gluten If you don't have an allergy to it.... you should be ok.....it can't be any worse than the carcinogens in grilled meat..... and the cholesterol raising artery clogging properties of meat and dairy products. I do agree with eating as many "natural " foods as possible like eating whole soybeans instead of tofu and finding other sources of protein besides Boca burgers. .....But really can processed vegetarian foods be any worse for you than the processed foods in general that most Americans consume on a daily basis ?....I doubt that...I mean I know people that think a vegetable is French fries...seriously! Someone that first switches to a vegan diet is probably going to rely on the convenience vegan foods.Since going from downing burgers to raw chickpeas does not seem plausible. I am pretty sure it is propoganda....however obviously if something bothers you when you eat it don't....that is common sense.
  10. What browsers are ok? I have Firefox and and internet explorer.
  11. I deleted all my cookies and I am still getting the screen of death when I try to reply to certain topics or send pm' s
  12. I did hard bodies today it was an easy class thank goodness...because I still feel like crap!!! I figured if I got out of bed and did stuff I would feel better all I have been eating for the past 2 days is crackers and peanut butter...I know that sounds horrible but nothing else will stay down I ate a real lunch today my vegan wrap plus carrot sticks and hummus....and cherries....I hope it stays put. After I feel better I will get back on track with drastically reducing the amount of vegan junk in my diet....I am a carboholic( bad carbs) and I notice that the increase of bad carbds =more weight on emily.....it's hard when your boyfriend makes the absolute best fried noodles in the world.
  13. They came out with a vegan cookie and cream ice cream in "so decadent brand" I ate 1/2 the container in one sitting....thats like 400 calories
  14. That is unbelievable....does he know you are vegan and did that anyway???
  15. Cute name for a thread....good luck with everything be it fitness or otherwise.
  16. Nutritional deficiencies can happen in any diet...and are not always cause by what you are eating..sometimes an underlying health problem. She probably was not eating a balanced diet...even if she wasn't..the standard "american diet " of fast food and carbs is not exactly balanced and people survive on it. It sounds like she was anorexic or bulimic...if she was binging she probably had an eating disorder. Because humans are omnivorous it does not matter where protein comes from we digest and use it the same it is an omnivores ability. We also have the ability to synthesize amino acids within ourselves and do not need a preformed source.
  17. I did hamstrings and spin yesterday. It was nice my hams are killing me today.....as well as..... I woke up with the worst cramps imaginable plus some kind of stomach bug.I spent the day in bed. I am just now feeling better.
  18. oh...strange...lol....um... I get the white screen of death...hehe any time I try to post a new topic in the general discussion forum. Also some of the topics I cannot reply to...um this one worked I guess. I tried posting in the animals rights forum and the general discussion forum I cannot post either. I am wondering if I was moderated out of those topics...or it is just a bug. If I was I would like to know why. If you could check into that for me. Please
  19. Yea...they are in season so they are on sale for a dollar....I usually eat one at a time I'm trying to do 1/2 a day.
  20. I ate lots today peanut butter english muffin banana soymilk luna bar 1/2 cup blueberries vegan wrap(deli slices vegan cheese) carrot sticks and hummus another luna bar(different flavor) dinner was leftover bhuddas delight and half a mango...I have become obsessed with mangoes
  21. Workout: Spin abs flexibilty!!! spin was wonderful...endurance with a little bit of strength...I came out all pink..yea!! Abs was ok..but we always do the same routine every week for the past 6 weeks arrg....flexibility was really nice...I noticed my hamstrings are incredibly tight. On another note I realized.... I spend entirely too much time on the internet....I have myspace facebook...I log all my meals on the computer....and now this site......I think my time on my but in front of the computer is taking a toll on my BMI...
  22. I'm done with this topic and posting my opinion anyway I keep getting sucked into arguments with people claiming to be more vegan or more compassionate than me or have more animals interests in mind than I do... It's not a contest ...... you can get angry at me all you want...I would like to see some research backing his claims....even vegan cats.com and the vegetarian society says feeding cats no meat can be hazardous to their health.
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