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  1. Its the way the nutrients are absorbed...the Taurine from synthetic sources fed in a high fiber diet does not absorb the way Taurine from meat protein does...a diet higher in fiber means more Taurine is needed but vegan cat food does not account for that. And most commercial dry cat foods with added filler doesen't account for that either. Cats have short digestive tracts.... vegan cat food does not stay in their body very long.... the vegan cat food does not break down fast enough for all the nutrients to be absorbed...does that make sense? And even if you add extra the nutrients they are not utilized the same way because cats bodies cannot synthesize amino acids the way dogs and people can. Cats need quick digestion for optimal nutrient absorption. I'm done with this topic. You did not go to veterinary school and neither did I. I've read about both sides of the issue and so did you. You came to your conclusion and I came to mine. I will ask one more time because you did not answer me....If you were taking care of a tiger.....what would you feed it? Simple solution to not wanting to kill animals for a pet.... get a vegetarian companion animal..there are tons... I've rescued bunnies, chinchillas, birds they are wonderful animals and they eat seeds and little green pellets.... although I once had a cockatiel that ate chicken.... weird bird
  2. My uncle is a doctor of veterinary medicine....He knows how cats work inside and out and obviously was taught to spot certain deficiencies in nutrients as way to diagnose illness. What are your credentials? What do veterinarians have to gain by telling you to feed your cat meat? Nothing.... they are only interested in the well being of the animal. Veterinarians have agreed with the fact that dogs are omnivorous and can be healthy on a vegan diet....why would they continue to to say that cats are carnivores if there was not a good reason for it. You are right about this....the common dry kibble cat food is not optimal wet food should be supplemented.... We do not use animal byproducts for ourselves because it is not necessary and the belief that killing animals unnecessarily is why most people become vegan Carnivores need the high protein and easy digestibility of meat in their diet therefore something must die so they can survive....using what is leftover so another animal can survive does not seem wrong to me at all. Cat food is parts of the animal not fit for human consumption....it will never ever be sold as human food...as long as there are omnivorous people there will be parts of the animals left over. Instead of having feral and house cats outside hunting wild birds and mice causing more animals to die.....wouldn't it be better to use what is left over to sustain a life that needs it. Vegans who disagree with this should not keep carnivores animals as pets and the blood is no longer on their hands. So basically your entire post was a commercial and plug so you can sell your product....nice Here is a link to some information written by veterinary doctors and research scientists if you care... form your own conclusion.... http://cats.about.com/b/2006/03/22/vegan-cats-dialogue.htm One more thing...would you feed a tiger your vegan kibble and expect it to survive???
  3. omg that is terrible....how did they get your card number?? At least the bank will straighten it out for you. OH....sometimes you can swipe your card... at a gas station and they can copy it.
  4. You can always edit your posts...and change your avatar. This is a reason I never use my real name and all my space/face book are set to private. I also try not to post anything that could be used against me...pictures mostly.
  5. I had 12 bunnies...as a kid... I started out with two...you know how it goes. I had to give them up when I moved to Florida I was horribly sad but they went to good homes. Most dogs can be fed vegetarian /vegan diet without problems so I have heard they can be omnivores. The dogs closer to wolf variety have a harder time with it.
  6. Lets say you worked at a wildlife preserve and you had to take care of 2 baby tigers who's mother was killed by a poacher.....what would you feed them .tofu? She is slowly starving that cat and depriving it of what it needs. I don't know what your veterinarian has said about this but all I have spoken to agree that cats are carnivores. They have retractable claws, night vision, hinged jaws and fangs. You could let them hunt in the wild but that would cause more suffering. Farm animals are not killed for cat food they are killed because omnivorous humans like to eat them. Unfortunately there are slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses create waste....the waste can either A..be burned B. dumped c. processed into food for companion animals Not feeding that cat commercial pet food saves no animals.Buying commercial pet food for your cat is the compassionate thing to do.
  7. Thanks...I like your new avatar by the way....and the old sig wasn't horrid it was funny....
  8. We started debating Jamie oliver....now we are talking about Thai hookers ......and it is a mute point waste of time he killed the chicks already can't do anything about it now....I just hope this does not become a regular part of his show. Despite your arguments I still doubt it will do any good. I got sick of discussing this with you because you have not picked a side...you are defending Jamie Oliver for his cruel actions toward animals...but condemning others for theirs. You use the argument of an omni buying meat like a person paying a hit man for murder but completely dismiss my comparison of cruelty to humans as being the same as cruelty to animals. I certainly hope you do not think I am so naive as to be unaware that women sell their bodies for sex. If a woman believes that is her only recourse so be it. Porn stars are 18 and it is The same thing and that is legal...because they are 18! You cannot compare this to The Thai sex trade where girls as young as eight are sold by their families into sexual slavery. IT is basically slavery and child porn rolled into one.
  9. Workout hardbodies !!! 4 laps around the gym 6 suicides with 10 push up intervals shoulders triceps and biceps all to failure point 5 lbs 8lbs 10 lb bodybar inner thighs with resistance band and bodybar) F yea!!....and I did spinning after that;) breakfast: English muffin peanut butter banana snack: protein shake....soy milk 1/2 banana berries 1 scoop soy protein powder ice lunch: luna bar 1/2 cup grapes ( not by choice it was the only thing I had time for snack: 1 whole mango dinner: english muffin pizza leafy green salad 1/2 cup blueberries Thanks guys... I don't think pms are working
  10. Dogs can do ok on vegan diets I asked my uncle about it when I became vegan... He said not cats though if you want a cat to be healthy .... it needs to eat meat. Just like a mother lion hunting for her cubs..ya do what you gotta do....ideally they would be vegan but like I said animal food is slaughterhouse waste and roadkill even......until all people are vegan no animals are specifically killed for cat food...especially the kind I buy....it's pretty cheap and my cats only eat chicken and fish no beef http://www.messybeast.com/cat-food-industry.htm
  11. Then don't own a cat.....get a vegetarian companion animal
  12. Both my cats have earmites and my boyfriend has something wrong with his neck....I spent the night at the 24 hour vet and the day at the urgent care...and running his errands. I did not work out I ate a bunch of crap... darn today will be better
  13. If you don't want to feed your dog/cat meat...get a bunny. trying to feed a natural carnivore a vegan diet is animal abuse. Cats can go blind without meat. They cant synthesize certain vitamins like humans can. Dogs can do ok on a vegan diet...especially older dogs that need low fat...but not CATS!! I don't think this is pathetic at all it's a good question. What if you had a child and you deprived it of something they needed for optimal health just like certain religions not taking kids to the doctor. It's cruel. Seriously there are a wide range of vegetarian companion animals that you can rescue...but don't adopt a cat just to abuse it. If it makes you feel any better about it cat /dog food is slaughterhouse leftovers......kind of gross but you are just feeding your animal what would have been thrown away....unless you buy fresh...better for the cat/dog...not so good for farm animals.
  14. 20/20/20 fun workout to day....very tough cardio we jump roped for 3 min then did laps around the exercise studio followed by one minute stations of jumping jacks and other plyometrics then 20 minutes of strength rows, flyes curls....I was drenched. Then 20 minutes of abs. I fudged this part because I had other things on my mind. what I ate peanut butter English muffin banana light vanilla soy milk 1 cup cherries vegan wrap 2 deli slices and vegan cheese 1 cup raspberries carrot sticks and hummus dinner: 1 cup grapes Buddhas delight(stir fry tofu mixed veggies) I also had some white rice and veggie lo mien...about a cup altogether
  15. I get sick upper respiratory all the time...not sure why..but I don't get the flu or stomach virus ever.
  16. Oh....and Smart balance light...100% vegan...40 cals per tblspoon...improves...cholesterol. tastes like buttah....
  17. When you first go vegan it is easy to eat lots of vegan junk food...tofu cream cheese and sour cream were my weakness;)...but they have trans fat....so I stopped eating it. If you try putting peanut butter on half a bagel( that is my solution to everything put peanut butter on it) and have a piece of fruit and soymilk..that would keep you fuller...(1tblsp of peanut butter 3.5 grams of protien) and heathy fat...and be better for you. For Migranes( completely homeopathic..no narcotics..only 7$ a stick) buy that stuff "head on" my bf gets migranes soo bad he pukes....but he was in a full out attack..he put that on and was fine within 15 minutes...SERIOUSLY. Good Luck:)
  18. workout: spin breakfast : 1 cup light vanilla soymilk 1/2 banana 1/2 tblsp pnut butter 1 scoop soy protien powder ice snack: 1 nature valley granola bar lunch: amys frozen meals tofu and brown rice snack: soy crisps dinner: subway veggie delite footlong rasberries 1 cup
  19. workout: Hardbodies...chest shoulders triceps...we began with a series of pushups. Regular..holding a pilates ball and on the step. We also did diamond pushups, leg on the ball pushups and tricep pushups on the ball. we did shoulder presses and flys chest presses, some standing some on the ball. Then I did spin 40 minutes at maximum resistance ouch.
  20. I did not know her...she was a grad student in a different program. Blanchard park is a very popular park frequented by families ,college students runners. Any time of day you can find someone there. This happened in broad daylight in a busy area. It did not say anything about whether she was wearing headphones. She could have run on campus...or in the gym and she would have been fine. Blanchard park was the of two other attacks on females. I would only go there on saturday....and I always went with someone.
  21. Right across the street from my house there is a park called Blanchard park. It has a huge trail that runs along a major river. I have been there many times to walk dogs or run. I was going to get a bike and start biking the trail because I love the outdoors. Well a girl that goes to my college went for a run there tuesday night at 6pm..still daylight...and her body was found yesterday...it looks like foul play. This is so sad it was not even dark yet. It is a wake up call and warning to women that like to work out outside...be careful go at a busy time during the day or bring a buddy. This is the third attack on a runner at that park but the other two were not injured. This is just tragic. I live in a pretty good part of Orlando. Haley I was never clear what ymca you went to or where you go running but be careful. There is a ymca at the park too. The girls body was found behind the post office her shoe was off and next to her. She was only 26 years old. This is so incredibly sad.
  22. Those two classes back to back are difficult...I alway find I do better weights before a cardio class. Split up your workouts to do cardio on different days or at a different time from weight training you may find you can do more. I did a really hard body sculpting class today I was going to do kickboxing before but I am glad I did not I would not have survived.
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