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  1. My computer is still broken.....my workout today was great..we started with 12 min of cardio..running laps then doing various cardio drills around the gym..nonstop I was sweating profusely after only 12 min....Legs today lots of squats 4 sets of regular and jump...then one leg up on the step 4 sets with pulses then jumping up and over the step..strapped on the ankle weights for leg lifts followed by resistance band work with the inner thighs....4 minutes of leg lifts (arrg) all it took was one hour...I have never been so sweaty...the cursing guy gym instructor taught the class......when we first got in he said we are gonna do alot of ass work today...oh boy...oh well he is a really good teacher.
  2. Two Words.....Richard Wagner....a vegan and and an anti- vivisectionist....also a nazi.....just because you are vegan doesn't automatically make you a saint...or even a nice person for that matter
  3. A mother buying meat for her family because she was raised into thinking meat is essential for a healthy diet is in no way comparable to someone hiring a hit man to murder another person . I think that if the general public was forced to kill their own animals for consumption there would be more vegetarians out there.... I never presumed you were lying it is just hard for me to picture a terrible situation like that...and I would not want to visit a place where teenage girls are treated like objects... If everyone was vegan that would cause the people in the meat industry to lose their jobs.... So what? maybe the lack of tourists will illicit the government to do something about the TRADE OF TEENAGE Girls I'm new to forum posting but my boyfriend made a good point I'm spending more time on the internet versus doing productive things...arguing my opinion on the internet is not really going to change anything and really is not positive in any way I'm going back to only posting my meals and voting in contests and being done with it.
  4. Lean and Greens sig never bothered me...DaN's freaks me out....that Muppet it large and scary..sorry..
  5. welcome.cute name and kitten!
  6. You obviously do not equate the murder of animals to the murder of people so your hit man comparison is invalid.....we are brought up to believe killing animals for food is acceptable our inner morals are overridden by the brainwashing of society.....it's not easy to go against what is 'normal" And if what you say is true about Thailand obviously the public trade of girls as sex slaves has no impact on anyone...It is still a popular American vacation spot....so what they sell girls.....the beaches are nice. The only thing publication of atrocities does is desensitize the public to it.....you grow up seeing girls traded like baseball cards...it's normal....you grow up seeing animals die on tv...it's normal and you go on with your life
  7. I woke up late again...I have been beat lately ......anyway I did spin and sculpt today 45 minutes of spin then 30 minutes using bands to sculpt. I really don't like the bands but I have heard that your muscles cannot tell the difference....Is that true??
  8. I understand I know anyone that is a vegan does not condone killing animals......I just think if he really wanted to change things he would gone about it a different way.....the whole stunt makes no sense. I hope the public killing of animals does not become a gimmick or something I see everyday...that would make life very unpleasant for me seeing as I wont even watch the discovery channel because an animal always dies...
  9. I appreciate the effort but I still think it is the same and I hope there is never a time when The killing of animals unnecessarily does not piss me off to no end or I agree with it at all. Because that is why I am vegan first and foremost because I believe killing animals when you don't have to ...to survive anymore is wrong and I wont condone it in anyway. They would have been killed at an egg farm but when he took those chicks their fate no longer was sealed....he chose to continue the bloody cycle. and jamie olivers idea of 'reality' is skewed...... at an egg farm male chicks aren't killed with wacky music playing in the background then fed to a huge snake...... he's a creep
  10. And those chicks did not exactly sign up to martyrs....they did not have to be killed to show anything...I think footage of chicks that were already killed would have been fine...he could have saved those chicks and still brought a severe situation to peoples attention and saved animals in a nonviolent way... but if he cared enough to do that he would probably be a vegan. . I do not agree with violence for any reason. ... And I think people that can't kill things themselves are more compassionate than people that can and have the personality to become vegan. Someone that can kill an animal for no reason ( he did not even use it for anything) is not going to become a vegan anytime soon.
  11. I doubt anyone became vegan because of that stunt....or stopped using eggs....if he had given the chicks to people in the audience that wanted them as pets that probably would have had more impact....it's not easy to eat things after you name them precisely why you don't see dog or car meat in the freezer section. And they don't even bother to gas the male chicks on an egg farm...they just throw them away....if he really wanted to show reality of the situation he would have fed those baby chicks to the snake live...or....broken their necks or just threw them in the trash can. He saved those chicks just to kill them anyway...and it most likely will not make any difference. I just want to get to the bottom of his motivations he is not a vegan chef he uses eggs... This is what makes me angry..... this was not to show the reality of egg production..why does he care...I bet alot of people in the audience thought it was cool and he will probably get more people to come his show if they know it is not going to be just cooking. People know you have to kill animals to eat them they aren't stupid they just don't care. We learn as children from our parents that it is ok to eat certain animals. I think people know about egg production more now because of the popularity of " free range" and organic eggs. Even if they don't know someone that eats meat does not care that an animal has to die to get it...why would they care if an animal dies during egg production. Maybe some vegetarians in the audience turned vegan but not necessarily.My boyfriend is a vegetarian and I showed him the site and he still makes egg sandwiches and eats cheese like it is going out of style because he wants to. Even though he knows what goes on at a milk farm. I am not sure about the widespread knowledge of the sex trade in SE asia....I did not know about it until I read this tiny article in the back of Jane 2 years ago. I never see anything about it on the news. MY aunt and uncle went there for a honeymoon and never said anything about it...they have actually been to Thailand many times and said it was beautiful. They aren't exactly auctioning off girls on the street you have to know where to go. but maybe they should do it in the open so people know about it.
  12. MY computer broke ....I have to use brians computer and he said no uploading...boo hiss.... I did hardbodies yesterday...all arms...zip ups chest presses shoulder flyes and pushups and tricep dips for 45 min. cardio was 4 laps around the gym and 6 suicides plus 30 min on the ellipticals and 10 on the treadmill....my shins started to hurt so I stopped.
  13. What if he had taken some teenage girls from Thailand and auctioned them off on live television to show the reality of the sex industry in Thailand....props then??? Everyone has become way too desensitized to the killing and torture of animals even vegans...The thing is The strong are going to continue to subjugate the weak humans and animals...one retarted tv stunt by someone whose motivations are completely unclear is not going to change that. The news guy obviously was not affected by it he is having chicken tonight.....this is Jamie Olivers gimmick..nothing else
  14. I still do not understand his motivation.....obviously he has no qualms about using eggs or killing animals.....alot of omnis I know eat meat but could never actually kill an an animal....IF it was vegan chef.....then I would disagree but understand...he can't really want people to be shocked into being vegan or stop using eggs...because his cookbook sales would go down and less people would watch his show. By continuing to use eggs in his recipes he is a hypocrite...oh look animals die...it's horrible....try my new 4 egg spinach omelet. I'm a Buddist or trying to become one so nonviolent protest is the only way I think messages should be sent I can't agree with causing harm to anything for any reason. Violence does not solve anything. IMHO
  15. I don't get it..doesn't he use eggs in his recipes...seems like he just wanted to pull a stunt to get ratings....the kind thing to do would have been to try to find the chicks good homes and tell the audience what would have happened to them on the farm. I think people that can kill animals are sick. I don't have it in me.
  16. I was only trying to expose the exploitation of an animal. I was not trying to say all rich people are spoiled, or rotten...however the girls portrayed on this show are....everyone can be materialistic sometimes...myself included. Chill.
  17. Watch the movie...you don't mess with the Zohan...that is too much hummus. seriously though if your stomach starts to hurt you have eaten to much! You could probably eat about 1/2 cup per day...as long as you watching your fats in your other meals.
  18. If he wanted to show the audience the horrors of factory farms their are plenty of videos out there that do just that. he did not have to hurt more animals....how does killing animals prove that killing animals is wrong?? Also there may have been vegan/ vegetarians in the audience....if I had been their live this would have caused me severe physical and emotional pain...I would have been traumatized. I have never seen an animal die besides of natural causes and I don't need to.
  19. It's bad enough that MTV had to come up with nonsensical scripted shows to fill the gaps between the 1 hour a day they actually play parts of music videos...but the reality TV shows are even worse....real world. road rules...whatever.....Everyone may remember the chicken incident on real world...go to peta.org if you wanna know about it....but I was minding my own business on the elliptical when the worst show ever created pops up " my super sweet sixteen" basically a bunch of kids video chronicle the extravagant and ridiculously expensive birthday parties their parents pay for.....This one such episode had this girl taking pictures on a white horse that some animal wrangler taped a humongous heavy as hell fake horn to it's forehead!!!!! The horse was obviously upset and the horn was so heavy it could not hold it's neck up...so the horse started flipping around trying to get this horn off it's head and ends up bucking and smacking the girl the face with it. Then they showed video of them trying to remove the horn which caused the horse more stress. arrge!!!!! I cannot understand why anyone could do that to an animal it should be illegal...horses are so free spirited..to be bridled then horned and have your picture taken while a person is sitting on your back is probably the horses worst nightmare.. I hate MTV I absolutely will never ever watch it ever ... I cant choose at my gym the channels are set. I don't know where this horse wrangler guy is either but when I find out he will be getting an angry letter and I'm e-mailing Peta about it but they probably already know. ok....I did not mean for this to turn into an I hate rich kids post...sorry animal abuse makes me see red and I negatively placed the blame on someone else. The real issue here is the subjugation and exploitation of an animal...this is what I meant to say
  20. ugh....fell of the wagon again...weekends are busy for me my boyfriend is home and we are renovating our new condo.... Workouts Friday: none + saturday: 55 min spin 40 minutes abs and weights... I did two sets of fifteen squats with shoulder presses then biceps both with 20 pulses. I did 2 sets of 25 chest presses and flys and overhead tricep dips on a ball. I did about 40 pushups on the ball and something I don't know what they are called ...you put your leg on the ball kick in and out....inverted jackknife...whatever... then some regular , oblique and on the ball crunchess totaled 100 yes awesomne workout.. Sunday..none... I went to a party Saturday and got home at 3 am...oops... the cops broke the party up and I was running in 4 in stilettos to my car ...LOL...it sounds bad but it really wasn't...I never go to parties and my boyfriend was miffed... I did not even drink...WTF what I ate... I think in order... friday http://i30.tinypic.com/2nlhbwj.jpg http://i25.tinypic.com/1z6quo.jpg http://i25.tinypic.com/27ya7na.jpg this is stir fry veggies noodles and tofu..my boyfriend made it for me saturday breakfast: english muffin banana peanut butter http://i28.tinypic.com/21e7p4.jpg lunch after workout..boca chicken patty..."cheeze" and mustard...grapes veggies http://i28.tinypic.com/t0p3ir.jpg I also had a granola bar...nature valley dinner I did not get to take a pic of...I left my phone at home I went to MOES...I had the fajita with tofu...it was amazing!!! Sunday http://i32.tinypic.com/3356xxz.jpg http://i27.tinypic.com/2hoinvb.jpg http://i31.tinypic.com/xpy3qt.jpg http://i30.tinypic.com/aykc5f.jpg I did not eat a formal dinner... dinner was a binge consisting of a couple scoops of soy ice cream and some random fruit
  21. Thats wonderful...I wish it was like that in America...they sell every kind of animal and turtles off the side of the road.........and I keep seeing commercials for a bullfight coming to Orlando... I cry every time they come on
  22. " How it all vegan" So many recipes...even recipes for cats and dogs...a list of animal ingredients to avoid...and a way to make everything from household cleaning supplies to makeup...SCORE!!! I got it as a gift for my birthday...from bunch of omni's at work I thought that was sweet. I made them vegan chocolate chip cookies with the book as a thanks.
  23. Cats do not do well on a vegan diet...they must be fed meat...they can't synthesize certain vitamins like dogs...they will go blind if they don't eat meat. This has been a hot debate but I think trying to make a natural carnivore a vegan is animal abuse.....If it makes you feel any better about it animal food is what is left over from the slaughterhouse...no animals are killed for pet food. There are some dog and cat food companies that perform tests on animals though....um...Iams I think...so try to buy another brand. I went off on a tangent..oh and adopt a stray!
  24. I live on the east side of Orlando...so I see them off of east colonial...every four feet..LOL...they always have a homeless guy with a hand painted sign that has a pic of a watermelon on it...usually only sat and Sunday.
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