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  1. What is the overall best total cardio workout......I used to think it was kick boxing...I kick boxed every day...that was the only cardio that I did....but it was interval cardio not steady state cardio like an endurance spin class. I am now thinking it is running or an endurance spin because you keep your heart rate elevated for the entire time instead of bringing it up and down....although kick boxing does double duty of toning your whole body especially when you insert calisthenic moves. I found though when I kick boxed everyday...my resting heart rate was insanely low....which it has risen a little bit since I stopped. I don't know if that means anything but I know that your heart needs to beat faster to pump blood when it is not in shape.
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    I have been putting peanut butter on oatmeal for years. I always want peanut butter for breakfast... on either an English muffin..or bagel..or toast...any kind of carbohydrate. I always use cinnamon too.. I heard it regulates your blood sugar...and it tastes so sweet.
  3. so delicious cookies and cream vegan ice cream and coffee tofutti cuties....and peanut butter tons and tons of peanut butter...they make peanut butter with dark chocolate they sell it at target It's vegan... I won't even try it though because I know I would rather put that on an English muffin than my natural stuff.
  4. Yeah it is tough but I usually end up skipping one or two classes due to time/ schedule conflicts...and labor day...NO Classes. Thanks for the tips
  5. I forgot my stupid z-bar....erg. I ended up drinking half a powerade before spin...It was funny because I realized I had never had a powerade before...(I am not a fan of sports drinks) for all the sugar in it it tasted pretty bad. I did feel a little more energetic in spin. In 20 / 20 20 we did moderate cardio ten minutes of jump rope then 4 laps around the gym. I got a bad Charlie horse yesterday and I could feel it today so I did not go very fast. We did all arms today... Our teacher loves super sets so we did 3 supersets of flys, rows and chest presses on the ball first laying with our back on the ball then facing down. The first superset I used 8 the second 5. the we did a superset of push ups consisting of regular and inverted followed by a plank hold for 30 seconds 3 sets. We did 3 sets of that. I got there late so I got stuck with a heavy ass bar...we did pull ups and shoulder presses with the bar she usually does 10-15 reps but I wussed out and picked up my 8lbs to finish because my bar was 20lbs. Three sets of those. Then we did tricep dips on the steps which almost killed me. We used a resistance band to open up our chest and back. Then we did a few more supersets of presses on the ball. and the end we did crazy eights which is 4 sets of 8 bicep moves 8 regular 8 pulsing. My arms feel kind of jelly- ish. Spin felt freaking awesome after that class......we did strengthening. 45 minutes at maximum resistance. I felt pretty tingly all over after that whole deal. I think I need to chill out on the resistance because I am starting to feel my left knee...it does not hurt but I can feel it and my other one I don't feel at all. I used to wear a knee brace when I spun but I lost it in the move...I am gonna have to pick up another one. It could of been the jump rope/run/spin combo that did it. my abs still hurt...I think I was not breathing as deep as I could during spin..because my lungs feel a little tight as for food ...I actually ate a real lunch today instead of just downing a protien shake or something. I am addicted to those steam fresh veggie mixtures.. I had that plus some grapes and a veggie wrap I made with a low carb tortilla veggie bologna and vegan cheese... really good stuff.
  6. omg my abs hurt!!! I never feel abs till the next day...it always seems so easy..the abs class.Then I wake up and it hurts to laugh. I am doing 20/20/ 20/ and spin today I pray that they don't throw in 20 min of abs!!! I think I am going to bring a clif z-bar to the gym..Lara bars are so damn expensive... plus cliff z bars have a little bit more sweet taste because they are made for kids.
  7. Your avatar looks a little evil...but you created these delicate adorable cupcakes......hmmmm
  8. I put peanut butter in my oatmeal...I can pretty much guarantee that tastes better than hemp....
  9. I have been working out religiously for a long time. I like pretty much all kinds of exercise at one time or another. I started at Ucf a year ago so I have been getting my tuitions worth out of the gym. This summer my exercise schedule has been this: Monday/ Wednesday spin and hard bodies and Tuesday Thursday spin abs then flexibility. On friday I spin as well. Saturday and Sunday I either do kick boxing or weights at my house..or both...because I have to work and the gym opens too late. I will take other classes sporadically (yoga kick boxing Pilates boot camp). I work out for the awesome feeling you get after you are done and the energy. I like to work out early in the morning if I can because after my workout is the only time I am really awake....if I don't work out I feel not quite right all day. I have been doing two hour long workouts back to back lately because I find it is hard to push myself over the edge in just one hour...although there is a new teacher at the gym that pushes us pretty hard I can only do one hour of his classes. SOOOO.... today being Wednesday I did abs and spin / flexibility it was great...we did endurance in spin but the teacher got sick during the last two songs so we kind of had to just wing the last two. I really liked the flexibilty class that is something I need more of...I used to have better flexibility when I was a kick boxing/ pilates addict...but now I need to stretch alot more to regain it. I think I have to start bringing powerade or something to the gym I always eat a sizable breakfast an hour before...but after about 90 minutes I start to get hungry....I don't want to be eating alot at the gym or I will get sick but I think I have to start eating in the 15 minute break before hour 2. I used to break up my workouts but I have started to like being at the gym for 2hours I feel even better when I am done. any suggestions on portable vegan snacks.... I need to eat something quickly before spin and Abs. I was gonna do like a powerade or something... I don't like to eat too much after I am done exercising I usually drink a protien shake and then eat a meal later... intensely hard exercise tames my appetite. days that I go easy on myself I eat way more...which seems the opposite of what it should.
  10. lol...I poke everybody ...it is just a way to say hello without having to write something on your wall....sometimes they can mean something else but mine usually don't.
  11. Well..the other people in the class seemed to respond to the swearing and yell even louder...It was a college gym so most of the people in there are younger than me and it did not seem to affect anyone. I don't think anyone has complained because he has worked there for a few semesters. I know that they are not supposed to play unedited versions of songs at the gym but the instructors always do and no one ever says anything .....although the worst cuss word out of any teachers mouth I ever heard before him was A$$. I think there are more positive ways to motivate than swearing. Like I said I enjoyed the class, how hard he pushed us, and I don't wanna be the nerd that snitches on him. They are just words anyway.
  12. Today I took spin with a guy teacher.....it was weird...he cussed at us the whole time. It was in a funny way but he was a little abrasive...I loved his class...though...minus the f words and I am known to let cuss words fly but I usually try to keep it down at the gym...in public in general what do you think..keep it clean at the gym??
  13. Yeah I missed my Saturday 20/20/ 20 but I had fun at the expo. I am going to start running...whenever I don't have time for a spin class they have a really cool indoor track at the gym that I am gonna start doing laps around.
  14. My routine is anything but routine......I never have time to plan workouts like I did before...so I just go to classes whenever time permits.....I love spinning, abs kick boxing and hard bodies!! Pilates and yoga are cool but only after a good hour of cardio. Today I had a meeting at work that interfered with my normal hard bodies then spin routine....so I just did spin...but it was the hardest class of my life.....different teacher different expectations 45min no breaks maximum resistance....I felt Like I was going to die...but in a good way I went to sweet tomatoes for dinner and probably ate back all the calories I burned...I love carbs and they had a really good vegan potato dish that I went nuts on. my meals were really sporadic because of work and meetings I ended up eating grapes soy crisps and tofutii pops for lunch ...not a very good lunch...and like a cliff bar. I ate the same breakfast I always eat peanut butter banana and English muffin...I would die without peanut butter...boy does anyone really read this....it seems boring... what I had for lunch...LOL... I will try to think up something more interesting then my obsession with peanut butter
  15. I am certifiably addicted to spin... I have been doing it for a year at the ucf gym usually from 3-5 days a week. My favorite spin class is endurance where you keep the resistance low and go super fast. my least fave is strength but it makes me sweat bullets...I did a " Strength" class with maximum resistance for 45 minutes...my legs almost buckled underneath me. I hit my cardio wall in 10 minutes and was red faced as if I had done a 90 min spin. woo hoo.
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    Thanks !! And thanks again for the awesome vegan supplements!
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    hey guys! I can't figure out how to get a picture up on here.
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    HI my name is Emily I have been a vegan for like 5 years. I LOOOOVEEE working out! I am not particularly interested in bodybuilding but I love fitness and the gym. I like to eat healthy vegan food but tofu ice cream is my weakness. I am not posting a full body shot till I get a tan. I live in florida but I am white as snow.
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