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  1. Tu: 7/11/2006


    11:30 White Beans with Corn

    15:00 200g Wholemeal Bread with Peanut-Butter

    17:00 100g Wholemeal Bread + cucumber

    19:00 Workout


    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 2 x 25KG 10/7/7

    Incline Fly: 2 x 20KG 12/8/8

    Dumbbell Pullover: 30KG 6x 25KG 10/8

    Barbell Close Grip Bench Press: 40KG 6x 30KG 11x 20KG 17x

    Barbell Lying Triceps Extensions: 22,5KG 8/6/4

    Kickbacks: 10KG 9/8/7


    Duration: 70Min

    Post Soy/Dextro Shake

    --> 3L of tap water during workout

    Music: Deftones - Adrenaline


    Spinach, Potatoes, Tofu to come

  2. Mo: 6/11/2006


    11:30 pasta+veggie bolognese

    14:00 150g peanuts

    17:00 200g wholemeal bread

    19:30 Workout


    Barbell Bent Over Row: 50KG 12/10/8

    Dumbbell Bent Over Row: 30KG 12/8/6

    Pull-Ups: 6/5/2


    Barbell Curls: 30KG 10/6/5

    Dumbbell Curls: 2 x 17,5KG 5x 14KG 7x 10KG 13x

    Hammer Curls: 12,5 KG 8/7/6


    Barbell Wrist Curls: 25KG 10/8/6

    Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls: 10KG 11/6/6


    Duration: 60Min

    Post Dextro/Soy Shake

    --> 2L of tap water during workout

    Music: hed(pe) - hed(pe)


    --> very bad day

    - my right elbow joint is aching (started last week) --> maybe over-motivation


    - my 250GB harddrive crashed yesterday --> 100% data loss

    bought it 7 month ago, after my 200GB hd had a headcrash --> 80% data loss after recovery, lol


    --> Choose Life


    21:30 White Beans with Corn + some Nuts

  3. Fri: 03/11/2006

    11:00 150g wholemeal bread+orange jelly

    13:00 2 dumplings + red cabbage

    15:00 150g Cashews

    18:00 workout

    Dumbbell Arnold Press: 2 x 17,5KG 11/9/7

    Barbell Military Press: 30KG 12/9/6

    Barbell Upright Row: 40KG 10/8/6

    Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise: 2 x 10KG 15/15/12

    Dumbbell Front Lateral Raise: 10KG 10/6

    Barbell Shrug: 58 KG 20/20/20/15

    Weighted Neck Flexion: 20KG 10/8/8

    Weighted Neck Extension: 10KG 15/15/15

    Pull-Ups: 10/7/3


    Duration 110 Min

    --> 2l of tap water during workout

    post soy/dextro shake

    Music: NIN - Broken

  4. I work with this 4 split-program since 7 weeks now. I consider changing my training routine regarding to daywalkers sticky in two weeks. Maybe someone have recommendations for me (especially some of the huge guys)? I’m still unsatisfied with my pecs and I’m working on spreading my eating routine. Does it make sense to write down my calorie intake? I have to say that I absolutely don’t like deadlifts and the leg work as whole, anyway… Maybe I can bring myself to post some progress pics. Recommendations highly appreciated.

  5. Hey Odidnetne,


    what would you recommend?! I try to spread eating as good as possible. I dunno know if I could really eat every 2 hours or so. My meals contain approx 500 to 1000 cals (at 12:00 and at 20:00). Total intake --> absolutley no idea


    Wed: 01/11/2006

    08:00 cardio 1h


    Thu: 02/11/2006

    10:00 Rice

    12:00 Potatoes + savoy

    14:00 Peace of Soy-cake

    17:30 workout


    Dumbbell Squat: 2 x 25KG 15/15/15

    Dumbbell Split Squat: 2 x 20KG 10/8/6

    Dumbbell Rear Lunge: 2x20KG 10/8

    Deadlift: 50KG 12/10/8

    Jack Knife



    Duration: 55min

    --> 2l of tap water during workout


    red cabbage with Oranges +dumplings to come

  6. Tue: 31/10/2006

    11:15 Kidney Mexican Style + Rice

    13:30 Potatoe chips

    17:30 Workout


    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 2 x 25KG 8/7/6

    Incline Fly: 2 x 20KG 12/7/7

    Dumbbell Pullover: 30KG 7/6/5

    Barbell Close Grip Bench Press: 40KG 10/6/5

    Barbell Lying Triceps Extensions: 22,5KG 8/6/4

    Bench Dips 15/15/18


    only ez-bar available, no home trainer


    Duration: 1h

    Music: Underworld - Beaucoup Fish

    --> 3L of tap water during workout

    Post Workout Shake

    Avocado's to come

  7. Su: 29/10/2006 Cardio 30min


    Mo: 30/10/2006

    12:15 Thai Curry with Rice

    15:00 50g Ceshews

    17:00 100g Rice

    18:30 Workout


    Barbell Bent Over Row: 50KG 12/9/8

    Dumbbell Lying Row: 2 x 20KG 15/15/15

    Pull-Ups: 6/4/4


    Barbell Curls: 30KG 9/6/5 --> bad

    Dumbbell Curls: 2 x 17,5KG 8/5/5 --> bad

    Concentration Curls: 12 KG 12/8/7


    Barbell Wrist Curls: 22,5KG 12/10/8

    Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls: 6KG 10/10/8


    Duration: 70min

    Music: Billie Holiday - sings the blues

    --> 2l of tap water during workout

    post workout soy/dextro shake


    mexican food to come

  8. Fri 27/10/2006

    8:00 Cardio 1h

    9:30 Soy/Dextro Shake

    11:00 Fruit salad with seeds

    12:30 Salad, Potatoes, Black Rice

    14:30 Fruid salad with seeds

    17:30 Wokout


    Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 2 x 17,5KG 12/9/8

    Barbell Military Press: 30KG 8/7/6 --> bad

    Barbell Upright Row: 40KG 10/7/6

    Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise (seated): 2 x 10KG 15/12/12

    Dumbbell Front Lateral Raise: 10KG 8/6

    Barbell Shrug: 58 KG 20/20/20 --> out of weights (different training location)

    Weighted Neck Flexion: 20KG 10/8/7

    Weighted Neck Extension: 10KG 15/12/12

    Pull-Ups: 11/6/5


    Duration: 1h

    Music: Madlib - mind fusion vol. 1

    --> 3L of tap water during workout

    post Workout Soy/Dextro Shake


    Masala Rajma to come (kidney curry)

  9. Wed 25/10/2006 Cardio 1hour


    Thu 26/10/2006

    11:30, 13:30, 15:30 small snacks

    18:30 Workout


    Dumbbell Squat: 2 x 25KG 15/11/10

    Dumbbell Split Squat: 2 x 20KG 8/8/6

    Dumbbell Rear Lunge: 2x20KG 8/8

    Deadlift: 50KG 12/8/6

    Jack Knife



    Duration: 60 Min

    Music: Handpicked Jazz Piano Solos

    --> 2L ot tap water during workout

    Post Workout Soy/Dextro Shake


    Cowpeas, Spinach, Potatoes, Black Rice to come

  10. Tue 24/10/2006


    11:30 200g Pasta (peanut-dip +green peas)

    16:30 50g Pasta (peanut-dip +green peas)

    19:00 Workout


    Incline Barbell Bench Press: 45KG 12/9/8

    Incline Fly: 2 x 17,5KG 12/10/9

    Barbell Bench Press (flat): 60KG 1x, 50KG 6/4/3

    Barbell Close Grip Bench Press: 40KG 7/6/5

    Barbell Lying Triceps Extensions: 20KG 12/10/8

    Kickbacks: 7,5KG 12/10/10


    Duration: 70 Min

    Music: NIN - Fragile (left)

    --> 3L of tap water during workout


    20:10 Soy/Dextro Shake

    Seitan+potatoes to come


    I change normally from Barbell to Dumbbell each week but I will train at a different location for the next two weeks.

  11. Mo 23/10/2006


    12:30 250g Pasta

    18:30 Workout

    Barbell Bent Over Row: 50KG 10/8/6

    Barbell Bent Arm Pullover: 25KG 12/10/8

    Dumbbell Lying Row: 2 x 20KG 10/10/9

    Dumbbell Bent Over Row: 30KG 10/8

    Dumbbell Curls: 2 x 17,5KG 10/8/6

    Dumbbell Preacher Curls: 12,5KG 10/6/5

    Hammer Curls: 12,5KG 7/7

    Barbell Wrist Curls: 22,5KG 12/10/6

    Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls: 6KG 10/10/8


    Duration: 90 Min

    Music: Dust Brothers- Fight Club Ost

    -->2L of tap water during workout


    20:00 Soy/Dextro Shake


    Butter Beans with corn + black rice to come

  12. Fri: 20/10/2006 Shoulders/Trapezius/Neck


    11:30 250g Pasta/field garlic/soy cream

    13:30 200g Nuts-Mix

    18:30 Workout


    Barbell Behind Neck Press: 35KG 9/6/5

    Barbell Military Press: 30KG 9/8//6

    Barbell Upright Row: 35KG 11/8/7

    Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise (seated): 2x8,5 KG 15/12/11

    Dumbbell Front Lateral Raise: 7,5KG 12/9/8


    Barbell Shrug: 70 KG 20/20/17


    Weighted Neck Flexion: 20KG 10/8/6

    Weighted Neck Extension: 10KG 15/12/9



    Duration: 75 Min

    Music: Filter - Short Bus

    --> 2L of tap water during workout


    19:50 Soy/Dextro Shake


    Chilli con Tofu to come

  13. Thu: 19/10/2006 Hips/Thighs

    14:00 potatoes & chickpeas +stem cabbage


    17:00 Workout

    Barbell Bent Knee Good Morning: 40KG 15/15/15

    Barbell Full Squat: 45KG 14/10/10

    Deadlift: 45KG 12/10/8

    Dumbell Rear Lunge 2x20KG: 8/6


    Jack Knife



    Duration: 50 Min

    Music: Tristeza - dream signals in full circles

    -->2L of tap water during workout


    18:00 Soy/Dextro Shake


    18:45 Soy Nuggets (200g) +potatoes & chickpeas

  14. Ufff… I saw EA two times (94’ & 96’ I guess). Do they just play this one show or a whole reunion-tour? In my opinion EA had their climax with “gomorrah’s season ends”. “Breed the Killers” was still pretty cool but not as good as their work before.


    I personally don’t know what to think about reunions of bands. Turmoil and Unsane’s reunion totally rules although Helmet’s absolutely sucked. I can’t wait for the new (!) go! album. A Yuppicide reunion would be the greatest ever.

  15. Hey Crystal


    I’m limited to exercises because I do my workout only at home. Willpeavy already recommended some pull-ups in another threat. Unfortunately it’s impossible for me to install a pullup-bar at home (I guess I would break down the whole house ) --> I’ll work on that. Do you know some other back exercises besides the ones listed above? I already do some deadlifts on Thursday. I thought they hit basically my hips?! Your Imagination about my shoulder workout is right. I hope that I won’t overwork my upper body but it doesn’t feel so. I’ll keep my log up to date. Thx for your recommendations.


    Tu:17/10/2006 Chest/Tricpes

    8:00 cardio (1 hour)

    9:30 Protein/Dextro Shake

    11:30 450g spinach, some spuds

    16:00 2 wholemeal bars

    16:30 workout:


    Incline Barbell Bench Press: 40KG 12/10/8

    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press: 2x20KG 10/8/8

    Incline Fly: 2x15KG 12/10/10


    Barbell Close Grip Bench Press: 35KG 10/8/6

    Barbell Triceps Extensions (seated): 20KG 9/7/5

    Bench Dips: 15/15/11


    Duration: 55 Min

    Music: Turmoil - staring back

    -->2L of tap water during workout


    17:45 Protein/Dextro Shake

    18:30 wholemeal bar

    19:30 urad (=cowpeas?) + bell pepper/chickpea curry

    20:30 150g cashew nuts

    23:00 urad + bell pepper/chickpea curry

  16. Mo: 16.10.2006, Back/Biceps


    Barbell Bent Over Row: 45KG 10/8/6

    Barbell Bent Arm Pullover: 20KG 12/10/8

    Dumbbell Lying Row: 2x20KG 10/8/5

    Dumbbell Bent Over Row: 30KG 8/6


    Barbell Curls: 30KG 10/5/5

    Barbell Preacher Curls: 20KG 8/8/5

    Dumbbell Concentration Curls: 12KG 10/6


    Barbell Wrist Curls: 20KG 12/10/6

    Barbell Reverse Wrist Curls: 5KG 10/8/6


    -->2L of tap water during workout



    12:00 One Avocado, 200g wholemeal sunflower bread

    17:30 Some Peanuts

    19:00 workout (postworkout: Soy/dextrose Shake)

    20:00 urad/urid dal with rice

    22:00 urad dal

  17. I started my workout about 8 month ago. At the beginning it was very unsystematic and I did too much Reps and Sets. I’m in a 4 split program since one month now. I’m documenting since June and wasn’t satisfied with my progress. My aim is to gain some weight without loosing shape. Actual condition: 188cm/78kg I guess.


    Problems so far:

    - my pecs won’t get really sour, especially I’m unsatisfied with clavicular

    - I consider to add some additional chest exercises but I don’t know when and how much and furthermore if it will be contra productive.

    - try to change my eating habits from one really big meal after training to 3 till 5 over the day

    - Belly is already growing


    I’m also trying to do some cardio since 2 weeks (jogging for 1hour).


    I would appreciate recommendations about everything you think I should try or change.


    That’s my 4 Split workout:

    Mo: Back/Biceps

    Tu: Chest/Triceps

    Thu: Hips/thighs

    Fr: Shoulders/Trapezius Neck


    Cardio: very unsystematic

  18. Thx a lot I appreciate being here and I’m glad to found this community.


    @ Rob & Odidnetne: It cost me quite an effort to write in English


    @ Flanders 77: This would be really great


    @ loveliberate & offense74: Thx


    --> Maybe I’ll check out quoting next time.



  19. Bronco: slayer is slayer <--- yeah, everything is said.


    I also like to listen to heavy stuff during workout. It shouldn’t be too fast but really rough though (Unsane or Breach is very advisable). Sometimes I also listen to some hiphop but only during workout. Does anyone know “sounds like a break record” from funkstoerungs “appetite for distruction”? I love this one and I think it’s a very unique song. Maybe someone have some recommendations on similar stuff?

  20. Hi,


    I wouldn’t care about the opinion of other people. It’s sad that they react on you “hairstyle” rather then on the really nice shirt you wear. I don’t know how you looked like before but I think you look pretty awesome now. I’m considering buying some avenging-animals stuff too. How is the quality? Especially the shirt you wear on the picture reminds me of the cover from a Band called “Norma Jean” and in general on the work of Derek Hess.


    Greetz from MR to FFM.

  21. My study of psychology isn’t vegan at all. Lot’s of animal experiments resulting in consolidated findings (especially behavioral psychology and therapy). I’ll complete my degree next year and didn’t care that much at the beginning. It really hurts when I changed my opinion about animal rights since I’m vegan. It is really hard to cope with the knowledge that a lot of my “skills” in psychology are based on animal experiments. I don’t know if I would study psychology again, but I don’t think so. It’s seems like that I’ll get a job as drug-therapist and maybe I could be a kind of archetype as vegan for some of the people I’ll work with. I know that this wouldn’t offset the animal suffering of my studies but I hope it will make me feel a bit better then I’m feeling right now.

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