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  1. Hello everyone,


    I decided to join the forum some weeks ago and I think it’s time to introduce myself now. I’m a 28 year old male from Germany and vegan since two years. Veganism for me was first of all a healthy lifestyle. After a few months I realized that it is more than just the awareness of what I eat. The more I read about veganism and animal rights my opinion changed constantly. Although I’m everything else then a Mystic I felt to be a part of the whole and found a kind of personal peace for myself in veganism. Congruency between thinking and acting is of capital importance for me. I’ll try to be authentic as much as possible even though it is very often uncomfortable and I fail from time to time. Nevertheless congruency is very desirable for me and worth for fighting every day although I know that I’m aiming high. For me being vegan is very congruent way of life which combines tolerance, respect for life and ahimsa which altogether keeps me in peace with myself and my environment.


    I read a lot of posts in this forum and I think this is really a nice place to be. It’s my first forum membership ever and I hope to meet a lot of nice people. I’m very happy that I found a vegan-fitness forum because there are no stereotypes about vegan lifestyle.


    I’m a music and movie enthusiast and besides I’m interested in weight lifting. My goal is to gain some weight and keep myself in good shape and health. I’ll hope to get some helpful suggestions and meet some interesting people in here.


    I think that’s enough now…


    See ya all




    P.S. My English isn’t that good but I hope to make some progress with it too.

  2. Hi Daywalker,


    I started with a real unsystematic type of training. I did too much reps and sets, and neglect my legs and rest days. Altogether I did everything wrong although I really cared about the right performance. I began to write down my work-out 3 or 4 months ago. Four weeks ago I realized that this is really too much.


    My decision for the 4 Split based on the amount of training. I have enough time and motivation. I also think that I need to train that much to balance my desk work. If I'm forced to rest for 5-7 days my back begin to hurt.


    Progress so far: I think that I gain up to 5kg/11lbs (I dunno really know if this is okey and I should be pleased with this progress)


    Thx for the deadlift hint! I'll try that. I'll try to do more for my legs. I really don't know if I should cut down my arm exercises?!? I think that I'll do no progress with arms.


    Willpeavy: I'll try to work on that. I'm only aware of Barbell Pullovers for lats


    Thx alot dudes, it's nice to be here


    regards, chris

  3. Hey Dude,


    I unfortunately have no possibility for pullups. Would you recommend a few more reps or another set of exercise instead (incline or something like that)?


    I've tried allready some deadlifts but this one of those exercises which accuracy of performance is really hard for me (and I have no proper mirror for watching myself doing this kind of exercise) . Should I maybe make some progress with hack-squats first?


    Thx alot

  4. Hi Bronco


    I'm about 188cm/76kg (28y). I have this unusuall eating habit since months now because I'm hanging all day long at my desk. If I eat too much during the day I get tired. I know that this really isn' the way it should be but on the other hand I think that I'm not under normal weight. I also make progress in gaining weight.


    At morning I'm absolutley not hungry and I would feel kinda strange if I force myself to eat something. First little meal at about 12 to 13 (apple and some bars) second about 5 to 6 p.m. Really big meal after workout and as I already worte 2 hours later some nuts. Totall Calorinintake about 2000-3000.


    Do you think I have to eat more or should I change my eating habits for optimzing gaining weight?!

  5. Hello and thx for the answer.


    What do you think about an extra set of biceps-training fridays? (5/5/5) Or would it be better to do a few more reps on Monday? I read that 9 reps should be the limit for one muscle a week.


    How important is Cardio for gaining weight? I also do no proper warm-up.


    Maybe I should think a about my nutrition? I sit at my desk the whole day long. I eat only 1-2 very small meals until after the training. Postworkoutnutrition contains a variety of beans (soy, kidney, chickpeas), soy, tofu and rice. 2 hours later I regularly eat some nuts. Probably I eat too much after the workoutprogram and too less during the day?


    I also take some supplements. Small soy protein-shakes at morning, noon, one before workout and a bigger one after work out. After training i also take some dextro. Additionaly some multivitamines during the day. I drink 4 to 5 bottles of water a day.





  6. Hello every1!


    This one is my first post. I'm vegan since two years now and began fitness trainig 8 month ago. I ask myself if I work with a proper training program. I'm doing a 4 day split from ironsport homepage.


    I train only at home and have no possibility to go the gym.

    I change if possible barbell and dumbbell exercises every week. I also change the type of exercise weekly. I have all exercise from ExRx.



    Here is my training plan:


    Mo: Back/Biceps

    Brabell bent over row 15/15/15

    Barbell bent arm pullover 10/8/6

    Dumbbell lying row 15/12/10


    Barbell curls 10/8/6

    Barbell preacher curls 12/10/8

    Concentration curls 10/8/6



    Tu: Chest/Triceps

    Barbell bench press 10/8/6

    Dumbbell bench press 10/8/6

    Fly 12/10/8


    Barbell close grip bench press 10/8/6

    Dumbbell triceps extensions 12/10/8

    Bench dip



    Wed: rest



    Thu: Hips/thighs Chest

    Barbell bent knee good morning 15/15/15

    Barbell full squat 15/15/15

    Barbell Lunge 10/8/6


    Jack Knife




    Fr: Shoulders/Trapezius Neck

    Brabell behind neck press 10/8/6

    Barbell military press 8/6

    Barbell upright row 12/10/8

    Dumbell lateral Raise 10/8

    dumbell front lateral rais 10/10/8


    Barbell Shrug 20/20/20

    Dumbell Shrug 15/15/15


    weighted neck extension 12/10/8

    weighted neck flexions 12/10/8




    So here are some questions:

    - I dunno know if i train to much.

    - I think I make not enough progress with my Pectoralis and Biceps.

    - therefore i'm not sure if i should do some extra exercise for those

    (maybe one set of each muscle on friday?)


    I would appriciate every comment. Thx alot.




    P.S. sorry my english isn't that good.

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