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  1. I get colonics regularly, until I'm satisfied my colon health is at top again after years of abuse. I rate them highly - they are a pretty simple experience and really help to dislodge and shift old build up and are pretty gentle.
  2. lately I have been enjoying my fruit without doing very much to it, except picking it up and eating it. In fact, I now eat mangoes and kiwifruit with the skin, don't even bother to peel. They are perfectly edible (although some people have an allergic reaction to the tree sap from the mango tree, usually is around the base of the mango) and loaded with nutrients and don't overwhelm the beautiful taste of the fruit. I try not to cut any fruit these days. It's messy, but fun! Are there any other fruits that are commonly peeled, but that can be eaten with the skin on?
  3. Hi there... as far as I can tell from what I've picked up, the 26 poses are from hatha yoga so yep there are familiar ones like cobra, eagle, locust, tortoise. i really don't know that much about yoga though so not sure of all of them. i know bikram yoga is a 'beginner's yoga' class so the postures are not the most difficult balancing on one fingertip type ones! you need a mat and a towel, the towel goes over the mat to catch the sweat (it's profuse, my workout clothes are always soaking afterwards) and stop slipping. water, they recommend you drink as little as possible during and instead drink at least half a litre before the class and then two litres afterwards. this is because drinking actually makes you thirstier and because it breaks the stillness and discipline you try to achieve. i have found that first class i was drinking constantly, now i only need to take sips at 3-4 points during the class. but i definitely make sure i drink lots of water before and after!!!! i do take in a litre bottle of water though because i don't want to be without if i really need it. i also try to have a big celery and banana smoothie afterwards to replace lost potassium and sodium. you breathe through your nose to keep cool and they discourage wiping sweat, because of course you sweat to keep your body cool and wiping it makes you hotter... and again, it breaks that stillness. even in just two weeks i have built endurance in this regard, it happens quite quickly. they have regular 30 day bikram yoga challenges yep, but none at the moment so haven't been able to do it. at the moment i am challenging myself to the next 19 days of one class at least every day more info at bikramyoga.com it's great!!!!!
  4. if you're taking a concentrated multivitamin, you're probably just pissing it out. far far better to get it from the whole food source - no such thing as overdosing on bananas... listen to your body, stop when you want to, when you feel satiated! I know some people who will have up to 30 bananas in one go, blended with water, as a recovery drink after a big bike ride/run. if you're really active, your body will thank you for it. a couple of people I know have done mono banana weeks or ten days, where they only do bananas, eating several pounds a day. obviously you don't want to do that forever but they certainly never suffered any adverse effects, only positive ones.
  5. I've been eating great and feeling great. 811rv style... tonnes of fruit, lots of greens, very little fats, no nuts or seeds... my energy levels are high, my body is changing and I've entered a new stage of detox... I've been eating bananas bluberries stsrawberries dates apples pears plums persimmons custard apples (the organic ones atm are outstanding) mangosteens figs dragonfruit rocket spinach radicchio chinese greens fresh herbs cucumbers tomatoes capsicums zucchini grapes oranges mandarins mostly. some avo and olives now and then, a young coconut a bit less. trying to steer clear of stimulants like onion, garlic and chillis and finding my tolerance for them decreasing.
  6. It's a combination of all elements... the asananas, the heat, the mental discipline, the fortitude of getting out at bed at 5.00am to make the 6.00am class... it is every element of it! I know about humidity... I live in Australia! In summer in Sydney the humiditiy is grotesque, but it is Autumn now and not so bad... hopefully by the time summer comes back, I will be well enough conditioned I can bear it... I do very badly in the heat, usually. It makes me bad tempered, dizzy, faint, weak... so who knows why Bikram works for me so well... I don't... but it does! I am loving it... if you are experienced in yoga then you might love it too. I had no prior experience of yoga apart from a couple of casual, light sessions on a weekend away recently. So I cannot compare it to other styles Im afraid. All I know is that after doing different types of dancing, cardio and weights, it is just about the most challenging workout ever, although other workouts require equal strength and flexibility. It's the mental challenge that makes it that extra bit more demanding, I think, to stay in the hot room and hold the postures. The teachers learn a dialogue that goes along wth their tutoring of you and that pushes you as well. As for relating to being vegan, I think when you are vegan you are in pursuit of living wholistically, of finding a balance between mind body and spirit and bikram yoga definitely encourages, nurtures and shapes this. Not to mention the asananas have animal names, calling to mind the specific traits and beauties of the animals as you hold the postures, thinking about what it means and why that animal inspired this posture, calling to yourself the power of that animal...
  7. I know a hardcore raw vegan fitnes enthusiast who will some days put away 10000 calories... but not every day... another tiny, slim female who burns over 3000 cals a day, puts away about the same... maintains her tininess. needs are individual, i think you figure them out with experimentation. also with raw food the quality of the nutrition is much higher... over time the healthier and fitter you get you probably find you need less. in the beginning, while you are healing from the effects of cooked food and detox, i think there is nothing wrong with putting away a couple of thousand calories or more. your body will tell you where to go from there...
  8. thanks for your input! i am loving bikram and working hard but i understand my limits and am working with them.
  9. have just started bikram yoga which is a hot yoga... finding it amazing... have horrendously tight hamstrings, they are holding me back in getting to full splits... almost there but not quite... am more than willing to put in time and energy in yoga to get them there though as already i am loosening up. you don't get anything without hard work! that said, i am also going to try out some biosync treatments and see how they go.
  10. Any practioners here? I have just discovered it and am fast becoming an addict... wow!!!!!!!!
  11. raw diet is the philosophy of eating a diet that is natural to our biological requirements. if something has to be prepared in anyway, then it is probably not truly natural to us. it makes sense. i'm not saying you should never eat legumes and such that need to be sprouted to be edible... they can be a lovely treat occasionally... but in terms of "getting" how to eat them... there's nothing to get, i think. if it has to be sprouted, cooked, or whatever, then it's not natural for us.
  12. hey Gorilla, how are you feeling since being on this diet? I love that you keep it simple and mono eat! sounds like you have lots of yummy clean freshness in your diet!
  13. awesome suz, as someone who has suffered bad hayfever in the past i know how miserable it can make you and am really happy this positive change has resulted in such a wonderful and dramatic turnaround!
  14. I do not agree we have evolved. Physically, we have not evolved much in around 1,000,000 years, around the time our brains and intelligence began to grow and evolve. It is believed there is a corelation. Additionally, it takes 50,000 to 500,000 for a species to make significant evolutionary changes. Humans have only been eating cooked food for 10,000 years. Finally, when you consider the damage the types of cooked/processed food we eat does to us (grains, starches, meat, alcohol, etc etc) it could really only be considered a devolution... raw foodist for three months now, don't know if I will always be in every situation 100% but I am intending on being 90% for the rest of my days.
  15. try adding a couple of stalks of celery into your bananas and whizzing them up...
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