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  1. Personally, I think there is a huge point that people are missing here, though, which is that there is a huuuuge difference between being "skinny" and being fit and healthy. It's the former ideal that, in my opinion, this book is promoting. Also, they advocate eating less than 1200 calories a day...I guess I'm just really surprised to see this book so wholeheartedly endorsed on this website. I agree that the promotion of a vegan lifestyle consisting of whole foods is a great aspect of this book. However, calling women "pigs", etc, for not eating 1000 calories a day and fitting society's runway model physique ideal is problematic at best for all women - including women who are interested in fitness and bodybuilding. Besides which, I have never considered fitness models to be "skinny." I think you can hardly call someone with that level of musculature "skinny". In addition to this, I know that even when I was a size zero, I would still get shit from people about my "man legs" because my quads were more developed than the average girl and because that kind of muscular development on women does not fit society's skinny (fat) ideal of how (not strong) women should look.. My two cents.
  2. Yeah, I dunno. I got that info from Brendan Brazier's Thrive Diet book. Thanks for the clarification, though!
  3. Raw vegan sources of B-12 = chlorella, and miso.
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