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  1. Sorry, I think my ranting made you miss my points. I did not mean to imply that pudz failing was proof that it is not possible, just anecdotal eveidence. If you understand that different sports require different skillsets, and that top level athlete are highly specialized, the question seems a bit ridicoulous. Sure, depending on your definition of holding ones own. I assumed by dominating you meant becoming a top heavyweight, which wouldnt be possible, or at least extremely unlikely. Brock Lesnar was succesful because he has great size and strength and fifteen years of top level wrestling training. To say that the only thing stopping a WSM to dominate MMA is that he has no training in MMA is of course correct, but a bit nonsensical. You also needs to realize that knock out power depends a lot on technique and power, so without lots of specialized training some random WSM guy would come nowhere near a skilled heavyweight fighter. Sorry, of course you can ask any questions you like, did not mean to imply otherwise. Being openminded is not the same as being oblivious to the differences between different sport. The false believe that a big and strong guy is automatically a good fighter is a pretty old misconception.
  2. Yes you are wrong, this is a ridicoulous question. MMA is a very technical sport, pure strength wont take you very far. Comparing to Brock Lesnar is pretty far fetched, besides having a freaky physique he also had a very solid wrestling background which allowed him to stay on top and utilize ground and pound effectively. Besides, Pudzianowski has allready tried it, even though he is probably one of the strongest and most athletic strongman competitors he havent done very good.
  3. I go with the below, and if I feel the need for extra protein I make a shake on the side. Note that this recipe is for swedish pancakes so they are supposed to be thin, not thick like american style pancakes. Even though the recipe is very simple, they taste extremely good when done right. 7dl soymilk 5dl wheatflour 1Tsp oil Mix up, fry quickly in a hot pan on both sides. Air flipping is the preferred way of turning them over of course .
  4. How did he/she motivate this advice? If the chiropractor only gave vague reasons like "squats are destroying your back" without being more precise, I would go see someone specialized in sports medicine. A lot of health professionals have little knowledge about training and believe squats and deadlifts are bad for everybody and other nonsense. Note: I am in no way saying it is safe for you to squat and deadlift because I have no idea what kind of problems you have, just suggesting that if your chiropractor did not seem to know much about training you should see someone else. Why were you seeing the chiropractor in the first place, you have some back problems?
  5. My opinion: I would focus more on big compound movements and less on isolation exercises. I think it is much more worthwhile to take the time to learn the classic strength and massbuilders (squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, powercleans etc) properly instead of putting time into isolation exercises. You are putting way to much focus on small muscles like the biceps in comparison to the legs. You have four days for upper body versus one for lower body, that is some serious inbalance. I think a five split is less effective than a full body program or a 2-split.
  6. This might be slightly off topic, but... I use emacs daily for work, if there is a nicer tool that can do all the things emacs can I would like to hear about it . I also use vi extensively whenever I have to edit something over ssh, which is also more or less daily. GUIs are overrated.
  7. I usually start with a broomstick and do overheadsquats, overheadlunges, presses, muscle snatches, easy shoulder dislocation. After 5-10 min of that I grab the barbell and do some combination muscle snatches, press unders, hang snatches, presses, front squats and maybe jerks. Usually 3-4 sets of complexes. Then I put 50kg on the bar and do 2-4 warmup sets of the first exercise of the day, either snatches or cleans usually. The whole warmup takes 20-30 min.
  8. Trap bar allows a slightly more upright torso so could use slightly more legs and slightly less back. However I think the difference is insignificant enough that you should do whatever feels more comfortable.
  9. To me a year sounds long for a slight muscle tear. When did you last see the physiotherapist? If she can not help you might be worth to see a doctor specialized in sports medicin.
  10. Maybe a useful way of testing what you would get from a pair of shoes in terms of better angles, but keep in mind that using plates might give you the angles, but it does not give the stability that you get with a good pair of shoes. Also worth remembering is that a pair of weightlifting shoes has a very long life expectancy.
  11. I wish....It seems wishes do come true sometimes : Damn, they do look tasty ! One of those days I will have to put in an order for some of those... Let's hope you are wrong in this case .
  12. No this is not right, the bar should rest on the shoulders, and to achieve this you need to push your elbows up. To get a feeling for the position you want to achieve you could try some zombie squats: (funny hat not mandatory) .
  13. Ah, that reminds me, I would recommend the starting strength book, In my opinion probably the best book for beginners with very good introductions to the most important exercises and a decent program to follow. The program is quite similar to stronglift.
  14. I think a beginner would do well to start with fullbody workouts right from the start, I think a split program makes little sense. Focus should be on learning the technique in the most important exercises: squats, deadlifts, presses, rows etc. Resting 48h between each workout is probably good but not strictly necessary.
  15. I think you are indeed slightly misguided . The shape of a muscle can not be influenced by training, it can only grow bigger or smaller. If your goal is strength going too high on the reps makes little sense, but if you with higher reps mean around 10-12 it is no problem. More than that will mainly build endurance I think. I think stronglift is a pretty good program by the way .
  16. Thanks . 120kg, I am not really a strong squatter. Like has been said allready, a better pair of shoes might actually be a good investment. If not a pair of lifting shoes then a pair of converse style shoes are probably better than the ones you are using now. They look like running shoes, running shoes are too soft and kill your stability. If your back rounds as you go deep it could be a flexibility issue, but could also be technique related. Or both. Might be worth trying around a bit with different stances etc. Otherwise I believe best way to work on flexibility is to squat with light weight, with good form. Front squats and overhead squats might also help. If you like reading books it might be worth picking up a copy of starting strength, it has the best introductions to squatting I've seen in writing.
  17. I am also getting back into back squats after doing only front squats for a couple of year. I am starting to like them .
  18. No there is no such things a a scientifically proved maximum time to be in the gym. 75-90 minutes is well within reason I think. If adding a fifth day would do anything is hard to say, especially without knowing what exaclty you mean by "adding a fifth day". Does it mean keeping the same volume of training but splitting it over five days instead of four, or does it mean adding a fifth day to the current training volume? My guess is you wouldnt gain much from adding a fifth day.
  19. I have not tried it and do not think it sounds very good. Especially the no warmup part sounds really stupid. Probably works for some people though. Oh and btw, do you only go do failure or do you also have to do forced reps and stuff?
  20. If you don't already are good at squats and deadlifts, I would also recommend the starting strength book. I recently read it and found it surprisingly good.
  21. I never used a jones machine, but it sounds a lot better than a smith machine. I would do squats with that if I had to . Following stronglifts seems like a good idea btw.
  22. In my opinion a split routine makes no sense for a beginner, full body workouts should be more effective. Something like Squat/Deadlift/Bench/rows three times a week.
  23. Dont think being tall necesarily is that bad for squatting, but different proportion and flexibility makes squats easier for some and harder for some. I do think everyone can learn to squat with enough training though. Never tried trap bar deadlifts, but they might do the job I think. Crosstrainers sound like they might be a bit softer than optimal, but if you have no issues with stability it should be ok I for deadlifting I think.
  24. To be honest I can not imagine any quad exercise that is neither squat-like nor legextensions. Have you seen a physiotherapist? Did he/she have any suggestions?
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