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  1. What? Do you have a tattoo that says "I love cocaine" or something?? I think this one might win as stupidest thing. Why would he assume you had a cocaine addiction just because you have tattoos? Haha, I have totally basic tattoos (in fact, I have straight edge tattoos which would indicate that I DON'T use drugs), so I have no idea what this guy's problem was!
  2. Kathryn, My new gyno did that to me at my last exam and I *THINK* that they don't warn you, because if they did, you'd "clench up" making their job harder. It is quite a shock, though!!! I had a doctor who had seen me before for strep throat when I first moved to Philadelphia. I went back because I was having trouble breathing which I thought may have been allergies. He was perfectly nice to me and we'd had a long conversation about my "issues" until I took off my hoodie for my blood pressure test and he saw my tattoos. He immediately excused himself from the room only to return and insist that I head directly to the hospital and have my heart tested because of my cocaine addiction. Now, I guess because I was feeling short of breath and I was tattooed, I was a drug addict??? I was irate. I had even indicated to him that I did not drink or use drugs.
  3. Yup! That's what I thought. Blood In Blood Out are some good friends of mine. I put out a split 7" for them a while ago. I know Shawn has some copies of it. Sweet! Yeah, they stay with us all the time when they are out here.
  4. Thanks people! *blush blush* Here are pictures of my arms... This is my right. It was taken when a lot of this stuff was brand new (the background, flowers, bird, etc), so know that it's all settled now and parts of it aren't way brighter than the rest like it looks here. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/colored5.jpg Here is my left arm, also when it was brand new. Fancy tailed goldfish done "koi style." http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/fishcolor.jpg And the underside of my right arm, which I posted in my thread about Cornholio passing away. I just finished healing this. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/pawtattoo.jpg I guess I need pictures of everything healed!
  5. There is some information here (a good article on vegan people who are tattooed): http://www.bmezine.com/news/guest/20050109.html Also, there are quite a few vegan tattoo artists, so going to one of them might be a good bet!
  6. Thanks for the information everyone! My schedule is often CRAZY and I am usually only able to go grocery shopping about once every two weeks, so sometimes frozen is the best we can do. I'm glad that it's not all that bad!
  7. Here's my newest, just finished yesterday: http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/stamped1.jpg This one was a (overdue) gift to myself for finishing yoga teacher training. I have my upper arms done as well, but maybe I have posted pictures of those already. You can kind of see them here, but I have more filled in under my right arm than in that picture (my deceased dog's paw print is in that space, I know I posted a picture of that one): http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/nicmaizy.jpg
  8. Better than no veggies or totally pointless???
  9. Hmm, I don't know the exact date, but I've been vegan since I was 16, so 10 years for me!
  10. Oh, you don't want to even get me started on Gianna's... those people are so horrible. They lied for years and were total jerks about the cover-up and now PETA is promoting them as one of the best veggie places in the country... yeah, NO. If you're in Philly and you want a vegan cheesesteak... try Govinda's... tasty tasty.
  11. Only Topher (Hero). Some of the rest of you need to stop by Philadelphia sometime (I'm a homebody, so you're going to have a hard time catching me out of town away from my dogs).
  12. "Illinois nazis.... I hate Illinois nazis...." I know because it's the sound my husband's computer makes when he gets email, so I hear it every day!
  13. Oh, I'm glad it stopped raining for you! It rained on my wedding day, too, and when we snuck out during a break in the rain for some pictures outside, my husband stepped on my dress and left a big muddy footprint! Oh well, I wasn't going to wear it again anyway! It looks like you had a great day!
  14. Here is a picture of my husband's tattoo. I just think it's so great that I have to share. The image is from the picture of me kissing Cornholio that I posted in my initial post! http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/shawncornytattoo.jpg
  15. Delicious vegan grease!!! My husband and I live only about 100 miles away from Foodswings and seriously considered driving up there last night to eat, but figured that it'd be about a $50 meal with gas and tolls, so we stayed home and made falafel. I need more excuses to travel to Brooklyn!!!
  16. Hey! I handed out fliers and talked to lots of people about the website last weekend at my craft fair in Brooklyn. I was also selling vegan cookies, so I met lots of vegans. Maybe some of them ended up on this site. Hi, people! http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/people/rcfbk0620.jpg I also ate just about all of my meals at Foodswings in Brooklyn. If you haven't eaten there, it's worth the trip. I LOVE Foodswings. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/people/rcfbk0608.jpg There are not enough vegan fried foods: Poo Poo Platter which contains two vegan fishsticks, two vegan chicken nuggets, and three vegan wings (one each of buffalo, bbq, and southen fried). Vegan cheese fries and root beer float. Yummmmm. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/people/rcfbk0609.jpg
  17. Finn, I am sorry to hear about Indy. It is so hard when they get older and you just want to make the best choice for them... I am glad that you were there with her when she went. I wouldn't have had it any other way with Cornholio (who was sedated and sleeping first due to being pretty manic). I hope you are healing okay. Take care.
  18. Here is my paw tattoo! Just finished last night. My arm is hugely swollen in this picture. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/pawtattoo.jpg
  19. Crispy Q, Thank you. Especially in his old age, Cornholio was particularly demanding and needed a lot of special care and attention as he'd lost his ability to go up and down steps, etc. Not only has his absence left me with a big hole in my life, but the absence of caring for him has left me not knowing what to do at times now when I would have been doing something for him. It does take some getting used to. compassionategirl, Thank you for your comment. It was definitely not easy to be there for him through all of his illness, but he was a family member, so there was really no other options as far as we were concerned. He's had issues prior to this including two hernia surgeries (expensive... get your pet neutered!!!) and a few other issues that, looking back, could have been related to his brain disease. Being there for him at the end was exactly how we wanted it, even if it was hard. I'd have hated for him to die alone under any circumstances. He was truly our baby. loveliberate, Thank you. He was an adorable, great dog, and a rescue!
  20. Crash, Thank you. Yeah, I had actually been meaning to take his paw print for a while, in order to eventually work it into a tattoo. Unfortunately, I still hadn't, and so I did so on my last opportunity, as we are having Cornholio cremated and returned to us. I will add a picture here when the tattoo is done on Wednesday. Robert, Thank you. Also, I received your package, but haven't had time yet to email you back about it. I look forward to watching the dvd! Thanks! Kathryn, Thank you so much for your message. Yes, we'd half hoped that Cornholio would die in his sleep, but were extremely relieved that we were home with him on his last day so that he wouldn't die alone. Seeing him have a seizure was very scary, but I can't imagine him having gone through that alone. I'm glad that we were able to be with him when he passed. It was a very tough choice, but clearly the most humane for his case as he wasn't yet in any pain and was still able to recognise us at times. I wouldn't have wanted his condition to have gotten any worse. It definitely won't stop us from adopting in the future, but it is hard to lose someone you love so much. Daywalker, Thank you. Cornholio was very spoiled and well-loved. He spent his days lounging in our bed and ruling the house (he was the alpha of to much larger dogs and two cats - even when he lost his sight and hearing).
  21. Happy birthday!!!! Have some vegan treats.
  22. FormicaLinoleum, Awww... I'm sorry to hear about Juju. It is such a tough thing... We knew that Cornholio was getting old and that his time was "near" for a few months now, but you just really can never prepare for how absolutely hard it is to lose a family member like that. I hope you're doing okay. I am really excited to get my tattoo finished. It is on the underside of my right arm, where I have a blank space. I have been anxious about getting that spot filled for a while since that area is really painful for me, but now I've found the design that I am finally willing to endure that pain for. I think it will really help me cope some, having a little piece of him with me. Good luck finding the perfect design for Juju.
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