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  1. Thanks, Michelle! Thanks, Tigress! Fancy seeing you here!
  2. Haha, I am the total opposite. I love climbing in the gym and have no interest in climbing outside... for now anyway. And Potter, you're right! These were around $79, which is actually on the low end from the shoes I was looking at! I hope to make sure that they're a good investment and keep up climbing.
  3. http://static.backcountry.com/images/items/large/EVL0003/EKLAV.jpg My husband bought me my first pair of climbing shoes. They are vegan-friendly and awesome. I climbed in them yesterday and they are so much better than rentals. I also bought myself a new harness (it was a discontinued model, so I got a deal) and he got me my own chalk bag and chalk ball. I felt like such a noob going into the rock gym with all of my shiny new gear, but I was also so excited to have good quality stuff of my own.
  4. Cool! I didn't realize they were playing again. I saw them a few times before, they were awesome!
  5. Thanks, Christopher! I think my dogs are super cool.
  6. Good, I think! I am not sure how many have actually sold, but the response has been awesome, and the fund raiser I was at was also super cool (and raised about $1050)!
  7. Thanks! I live with three, so I am obviously a fan of the breed. There was a time when I wanted to adopt another kind of dog, but there was always a pit bull more in need of a responsible home, and so now my house is full! Mine are not always quiet or obedient, but they're three dogs under the age of 4 living in one house. It's nutty here sometimes.
  8. Our picture is up on the website now, so I think it's okay if I share it. Please check out Pinups for Pitbulls and pick up a calendar, or if you want to order one from me, you can contact me directly if you are so inclined. This is me and two of my three dogs. My third (Wrigley) was there, but running around like a nut during this picture. Getting three dogs to behave in a photo is like, impossible. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/pinupsforpitbulls.jpg Speaking of Wrigley, he had an allergic reaction this week that caused him to break out in hives! He is doing much better now after a vet visit, but he looked like a pickle for a little while there... http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/wrigleyhives.jpg And while I'm sharing, I might as well share a picture of what I REALLY look like, because that calendar photo looks very little like me! This is at the rock gym on Tuesday. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/prgnicole.jpg
  9. Everyone's profiles are awesome! I have been trying to read them as they go up this week.
  10. nicole

    My dog

    My dogs do, too! It's adorable!
  11. I found this stuff http://www.albabotanica.com/?id=53&pid=171 the other day at my grocery store. Not tested on animals and no animal ingredients. It wasn't super cheap, but it wasn't way over the top, either, since it's not like I use gobs of it. There is also another brand I've found at CVS called Juice Organics that doesn't test on animals and the products I saw didn't have animal ingredients.
  12. Yeah, they're plagued with the typical allegations that most "cults" get. I don't know how much is true, but I know people who have been to their events and said they're way weird.
  13. The problem with articles like that is that there's no proof that the dogs even WERE pit bulls. Most people couldn't identify a pit bull if it was staring them in the face and any dog that bites is reported in the media as a "pit bull." I have three rescue pit bulls as companion animals, so I keep up on BSL legislation and bad breed dog press, etc. This article is actually not that bad as "pit bull attack" articles go. At the end, they talk more about responsible ownership than demonizing the breed as a whole, which is better than the typical route. I mean, even PETA has been pushing for the extermination of all pit bulls for over 7 years (Ingrid Newkirk was bit as a child and has a personal vendetta against ALL pit bulls as a result... some compassion).
  14. From what I read, people DID try to help and they were physically restrained from approaching the dog. I think what I read said that the dog died in about a day, so it was not a long-lasting exhibit that gave people a lot of time to act (involve he authorities, etc). It is totally ing, though, I agree.
  15. Hi everyone! I don't remember if I promoted this last year, but my littlest rescue dog, Probert, was a model for the 2007 Pinups for Pitbulls (http://www.pinupsforpitbulls.com/) calendar (you can see him on the website as Mr March, with the cowgirl). 2008 is going to be even better (maybe?) because Probert and I will be posing together for the calendar! Please check out the website and pre-order a calendar or keep an eye out for the fundraising events coming up in Philadelphia and Washington DC. 100% of the money raised from this project goes to pitbull rescue. Also, if you have a business, the calendar takes advertisements for each month that are reasonably priced. Spread the word of your great cause while supporting this great cause! Thanks so much for checking it out. When I have our picture, I will be sure to share it!
  16. nicole


    I am sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my dog, Cornholio about a year and a half ago. His condition mentally had been getting worse and worse and one morning I woke up to him having a major seizure. We rushed him to the vet (who came in on call for us) and it was determined that he either had a brain tumor or some other kind of massive brain damage (not as the result of injury, as the result of illness or whatever) that was not curable. They could have done surgery, but there was very little chance that he would survive the surgery at his age (apx 16 yo). It was a tough experience, but an easy decision to make, as we KNEW it was his time to go. Even though it hurts to miss him, I don't regret what we did. He was confused and manic. Not himself anymore (we had just started treatments for doggie alzheimer's as that is what they thought he had up until the seizure). We did what was best for him, even though it was hard for us. I definitely understand what you are going through. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Take care.
  17. See you around, I hope!
  18. My husband went to his restaurant in NYC and saw him dining there once. He was with one of his ultra-marathon runners and Sri's devotees sang songs hailing his running accomplishments as they ate. Amazing! My husband still remembers some of the songs and we sing them around the house.
  19. Really great pictures!!! Maybe someday I will be that flexible. Do you practice a particular style of yoga?
  20. That looks amazing!! I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that in person!
  21. Excellent! I'm getting in on Friday night around 6pm and I'll have all day Saturday free. Sunday is the yoga workshop most of the day. Monday I leave around noon. Swimming is a must, it's why I splurged on a hotel with a pool!
  22. Bummer! But I hope you have fun on your trip!
  23. I booked my room. It's the Holiday Inn Express. It looks really nice from the pictures.
  24. Your pets are much better at posing than mine are. I'm jealous!
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