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  1. Oh yes, Thai Yoga Massage is also called "Assisted Yoga" or "Nuad Borarn."
  2. Definitely more yoga! Really breathe into those hamstrings and let them go. I also have relatively tight hamstrings. I did a training this past weekend for Thai Yoga Massage and it was AMAZING. If you can afford to have it done, TRY IT! I'm getting a full massage on Sunday and it loosens you up like NOTHING ELSE!!! I can't endorse it enough!
  3. I had to take a new picture for my teacher bio on the yoga studio website... Of course, I really wanted my pup, Maizy, to be in there with me, but I took one without her just in case the owner doesn't want her in. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/nicoleh1.jpg http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/nicoleh2.jpg http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/nicoleh3.jpg I think I'll submit all three and let him choose, but which do you like?
  4. Twists of all kinds are really good. You always should twist to the right first, then the left, because that keeps your digestion going in the right direction!
  5. Nicole - Your dogs are awesome!! I am partial to pitties now that I live with two of my own. BTW - I have the same "to Hell and Back" shirt! That is such a great organization!! Everyone's animals are absolutely adorable!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pics! Here are my two kids. Both were adopted and had a really rough start in life. Now they live like a king and queen. Aw, yay! Another pit bull person! That's so awesome. Rescue is so important to me, and pit bulls are really one of the breeds that need responsible, safe homes the most right now! Thanks for rescuing! Your furbabies are adorable.
  6. Thanks! They are all pit bull mixes of some kind. They are rescues, so you never really know, but I THINK I have one full pit bull (maybe part boxer?), one pit bull/black mouth cur, and one pit bull/rhodesian ridgeback. So, they aren't related, but they sure look like it. I just posted a new picture of me with all three of them in the "four legged friends" thread.
  7. It's not really a picture, but a collection of pictures, I guess. There is a trailer up on YouTube for a book called "Out of Step: Faces of Straight Edge." I did a photoshoot with the photographer putting the book together about 6 months ago, but never saw any of the pictures until I happened across this trailer. Check it out if you'd like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlDII4IfIK4. I'm at 1:07 into it doing one of the things I love best, but all of the pictures are really great.
  8. Wow! That looks fantastic!!! Great work!!!!
  9. Okay, I had to join in... the only thing I ever post pictures of... the loves of my life, my pups. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/nicpups01.jpg I am wearing my hoodie from To Hell and Back, a vegan-run pit bull rescue in CT!
  10. You're not becoming one of those Hollywood moms, are you? Poor Proby...pretty soon we'll see him on Entertainment Tonight's "Where Are They Now" special, sitting between Danny Bonaduce and Emmanuel Lewis with the cast of "Diff'rent Strokes" in tow. Holy crap, talk about my worst nightmare! No, I'm sure not. Proby's only had two photoshoots total and both were unpaid (for charity) to keep his head size in check!
  11. Aw, yay! Mine came today, too and I just saw them. I liked the bio they put on the back of Proby's cards. It's got his story, with his happy ending. And about his modeling career! I saw the calendar he was in this weekend and that's really cute, too. Eeep, that dog! Thanks for supporting the rescue!!!!!
  12. I hope it's a fantastic day, Robert!!!
  13. Thanksgiving at my house has become my family's tradition. My husband and I both live several hundred miles from our nearest family, but my mom and step dad come out every year and have Thanksgiving at our house! The past few years, we'd also celebrated with some friends of ours who's families were also far away, but this past year they were divorced, so we will not see them this year. I am really bummed about that and I think I will miss them A LOT. But anyway, I LOVE Thanksgiving. I cook up a ton of sides and food and we make something like 4 Tofurkeys so that we have leftovers until Monday. My mom brings out the desserts. This year she is making pumpkin, cherry, and apple pie, plus some cookies. I set up all of the food in the diningroom, but we all eat at tables in front of the tv and watch football. I am a Detroit Lions fan, so watching them is ALSO a holiday tradition! But we watch all of the Thanksgiving day games. My husband also adopts me a turkey every year, but usually gives it to me at Christmas. I have piles and piles of my formerly adopted turkeys. Haha.
  14. Guys, if you ordered, your cards were mailed this week! I can't wait to see mine! I'm also going to a fundraiser for pinupsforpitbulls.com on Saturday, which Proby also modeled for! I can't wait to see how his picture turned out for that. I haven't seen that one yet and I'm dying!
  15. Right now I am working hard to promote the fundraising efforts going on through my youngest pup, Proby's rescue, measlesanimalhaven.org. They have had a lot of pups get sick this year in their care (no fault of their own) and had to spend a lot of money on a lot of pups (including my Proby), so we really want to help them out. He modeled for one of their Christmas card designs. Also, I am working to promote the pinupsforpitbulls.com calendar, which Proby also modeled for! Dog rescue has been my big thing for a few years, specifically breed-specific rescue because I think "bad breed" dogs really need all the help they can get right now. I've also donated money to fight BSL (breed specific legislation) because too many places are banning breeds of dogs and it's a scary thing to have to move or be faced with losing a family member.
  16. Thank you so much from all of us!!! You rock!!!!
  17. Thanks! I agree, of course. Thanks, Crash. My pups are pretty much the center of my life, so they get lots of love and attention. Pit bulls are known for thier big bully smiles. All of my dogs have great smiles and you can't help but be happy when you see them!!!
  18. Hmmm, well Philly has a great Chinatown with several all-vegan chinese restaurant. We have a hare krishna restaurant (Govinda's) with vegan chicken cheesesteaks, some more formal dining, and Vegan Treats desserts. A lot of people like a place called Gianna's, but there was a huge thing with them a few years ago where people found out they'd been lying about their food being vegan ("vegan" cheese was NOT vegan) for years and years, so now I do not go back there at ALL. There's also a top your own falafel bar (Maoz). Up by me there's an all you can eat vegan chinese buffet and also an Indian place that will make tandoor veggies with mock beef, chicken, and shrimp. I could keep going all day, I think... Haha. I love where Philadelphia is located, because I can also take day trips to NYC or DC to eat, as well! My husband is from Chicago and I love going back there, too! Chicago is one of my favorite cities to eat in!
  19. I think Philadelphia is a great city to be vegan in! Of course, I grew up in Detroit which was less than great, so since I've moved here, I've been in heaven.
  20. Thank you so much for supporting the rescue, Crash! Feel free to tell them that Proby sent you. Everyone is doing fantastic and they are getting along great (you know you're getting pictures now). On Halloween we celebrated Proby's 1st birthday with vegan doggie pizza from a store in Philadelphia called BoneJour (http://www.bonejourpetsupply.com, they also have vegan cheesesteaks and pretzels -- and the owner is the wife of the tattoo artist who did our tattoos for our dog who passed away, Cornholio). Here is a picture of Proby enjoying his pizza! http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/probysbday04.jpg And two shots of him before bedtime. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/probysbday14.jpg http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/probysbday15.jpg And here's the first picture I've been able to take of all three pups sitting and looking at me. They're in the former dining room turned puppy play room. L to R: Proby, Maizy, and Wrigley. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/threepups.jpg
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