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  1. Thanks, Robert! I don't remember dressing up last year, but this year we had a party to go to, so I put this together. I really liked my costume even if the Eagles fans didn't! At least remember to go pick up some treats for trick or treaters on Tuesday! I bought some sour candies that are vegan, but do not look too tempting, so my husband and I won't finish them all off ourselves. It's a delicate balance.
  2. Welcome to the community! I am from Michigan originally!
  3. Thanks for trying to help out, Tigress! I hope you're able to order. I think that they are selling boxes that are all mixed, but I'm not sure! I have to get my order in soon!
  4. I'll start, since we went to a party last night. It sucks that I live in Philadelphia and I went as a Bears player because people came up to me all night and said "you have the worst costume here"! http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/nicole/nicfootball.jpg
  5. That does not sound like fun at all. Thanks for reminding me why I keep my personal and work lives VERY VERY seperate! I hope today has been better!
  6. If you are able, please support my newest pup, Probert's rescue by buying a package of the Christmas cards they are selling this year. Proby is one of the card models (he's in the santa hat with the tinsel). They have done a who lot for a lot of dogs who would not otherwise have been rescued. I posted about Proby's story when he was rescued and I can't thank them enough for saving him and allowing him to become part of our family! So please support if you can! Thanks!!! http://www.measlesanimalhaven.org/ChristmasCards.htm
  7. Aw, thanks John. He's been through a horrifying amount in his short life, so I wouldn't doubt that he does look a little older than his years in his eyes. He is a great dog. I will definitely post the info on his cards when they're available.
  8. You look great and your food looks great, too! When I was in art school, I remember sometimes having a hard time finding decent synthetic brushes for what I wanted (watercolor, especially), so I know how excited you must be!
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about my yoga teaching job! That is all vegan, as far as I can tell!
  10. Thanks!! He's 11 months old. We're guessing that his first birthday is around Halloween!
  11. I work in medical publishing. My current job is great, but before this I worked publishing promotional materials for pharmaceutical companies. I didn't always feel great about it, but I have an obligation to provide my part for my family the best way I know how. I have worked waiting tables and stuff in the past. It was a job and I would often recommend vegetarian options when people asked. You can only do the best you can. I think it's hard enough to endear people to veganism and totally cutting yourself off only makes it harder.
  12. Holy cow! Proby has another photo shoot booked this Sunday for the Pinups for Pitbulls (http://www.pinupsforpitbulls.com/) calendar! He will get to shoot with a pretty lady! Two weeks ago, he didn't have a home and now he has a home, a family, and, apparently, a CAREER!
  13. Thanks, guys!!! I will definitely post the info once I have it. I have to get the picture to the rescue tonight and hopefully the cards will be done in a few weeks!
  14. Proby (my newest addition to the family who I posted about in the General forum when I drove to Ohio to adopt him) had a photo shoot for a Christmas card last night. Look at how awesome he did! http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/santaproby07.jpg The cards will be sold this year to raise money for the rescue that saved him! If you're interested, I'll post more info when I have it. Here is a bonus "behind the scenes" picture: http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/santaproby01.jpg
  15. Hahaahaha, yay!!! I guess I need to get around to turning the page, eh!?
  16. I tihnk that since "we" domesticated them, well now it's our responsibility to care for them. There is no surplus of good homes for pets in need. But I can't imagine my life without my pets... they and my husband are my family! And I suspect they might like me, too!
  17. I sure did! He is a fighter in other ways, I think. Making it through all he's been through. I am a Red Wings fan and my husband is a Blackhawks fan, so it was a good compromise!
  18. I'm back! He had a horrible story, but is an AMAZING dog. I am already totally in love with him. His name is Proby, named after Bob Probert the hockey player (it was Achilles in the rescue). He also looks a LOT like Maizy and Wrigley, so now no one will be able to tell the three of them apart! http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/proby09.jpg http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/proby10.jpg Proby is the smallest, Wrigley is in the middle, and Maizy is the largest. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/proby15.jpg My babies. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/proby18.jpg Daddy bought him a welcome home toy. http://www.ilikeitsalty.com/storage/mules/proby19.jpg
  19. Good breeders are absolutely NOT in it for the money. Most reputable breeders lose money on breedings. They are paying for countless tests for both of the parents, paying for vet care throughout the pregnancy, doing first shots/wormings/etc on the puppies... That all costs a lot of money and even more if there is a complication. For example, all boston terriers are born by c-section. That is not cheap and the cost of a pet quality BT does not completely cover those expenses, especially since they usually have small litters. Those breeders are the good ones, having only a few litters per bitch, and doing it more for the love of the breed than anything else. I actually got my oldest pit bull mix from PACCA in Philadelphia. They do adopt out pit bulls, but maybe not out the front door.
  20. The problem is actually irresponsible breeding. I think there should definitely be licesnses to breed dogs. There are too many as it is and I can at least sort of appreciate the cause of keeping the integrity of different breeds through testing, conformation, etc and breeding SOLID examples of the breed, not just any unaltered dog you happen to have chained up in your backyard.
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