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  1. Hey, if I may step in...the reason this happens is when the dinner meal is sufficiently difficult to digest, it is still in the stomach come morning. Then when you eat fruit on top of it, the fruit ferments. The fruit will not cause this problem if eaten on an EMPTY stomach. It's not the fruit at all that causes this, but the meal eaten the night before. Make sense? Hope this helps!
  2. I'm a raw vegan! Pick me! Hey, for those of you who want to know "why raw"...visit Doug Graham's website: www.foodnsport.com. He has an extense FAQ on the raw diet. He also has a new book out. It's excellent!
  3. Plenty of raw vegans thrive without soy, on just fruits and veggies w/occasional nuts and seeds. No need to worry.
  4. Hey VeganPotter, Dann, and Chris, Count me in, too! I'd love to meet you guys, and I haven't been to the art institute either! Potter - karyn's fresh corner makes a raw "deep dish pizza"...so that might be up your alley! What do you guys think? -Bethany
  5. I am! I am! Pick me!!!! I'm running the Chicago marathon in 12 days!!! Woohoo!!! I'm so ready!!!! =)
  6. A delicious salad dressing (I made this tonight!): Blend equal parts mango and cherry-tomatoes. Try it - it's amazing!
  7. Yes...I have my kitty and she has her human. I prefer to think of her as my companion, but I'm not against the word "pet". I just feel that "companion" describes the situation more accurately.
  8. Well, here we go! Glad to see others are sharing their recipes, too! Mango-Raspberry Pudding: Blend the flesh of four mangoes with a couple handfuls raspberry! OMG, it's heaven on earth!
  9. Is anyone else on this forum running Chicago this year? If so, would love to connect with you..
  10. It seems like a lot of folks here are interested in increasing the percentage of whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic plant foods in their diet. Thought I'd help out by posting some simple raw vegan recipes! I'll post more as I think of them, and others can feel free to post theirs as well, of course! Banana Ice Cream Cut bananas into chunks. Freeze. Process in food processor. It comes out like soft-serve ice cream. for a sweeter variation, blend in some soaked dates. This is a great way to get some healthy calories in! A Good Veggie Soup Blend: one orange (peeled), 3 celery stalks, 1 red bell pepper (seeded). I'll post more! I tend to just create them as I go...
  11. Hey everyone, I had the pleasure of participating in Raw Health and Fitness Week with Dr. Doug Graham in September! I took many photos and thought some of you may like to see them! Be warned, there are a lot of photos! Click this link to view them: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/album?c=yeahbethany&aid=576460762315718783&pid=&wtok=tcinf7V5YnWDdWva2u3uRA--&ts=1159454914&.src=ph Hope you enjoy!
  12. Hey, thanks for the warm welcomes! No, actually, I did not see Margi there (she attended the first week, and I attended the second week). I'm sure she had as great a time as I did though! I can't recommend it enough. One week after coming back, I set a new PR - took 12 minutes off my 10-mile time! And that's only the tip of the iceberg...
  13. If all that he has been eating is fresh fruit, I have 2 thoughts: 1. He may not be eating enough calories. It takes a lot of practice to learn to eat enough calories from fruit. 2. His body is probably cleaning house... What do you think? Are either of these possible?
  14. He probably needs to be eating more fresh, ripe fruit and less junk...
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