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  1. The problem with soy protein is it is made up of isolates. Feel free to ask Dr. McDougall MD but he has seen studies that it increases IGF-1 (which increase mutagenisis) aka cancer growth. Stick with hemp it has the a BCAA closest to our muscle body type and is very well assimilated.
  2. Putting out videos to motivate all of you to think creatively. Hopefully this will inspire creative workouts at your gym. Regards, Javier - GorillaFit gorillafit.wordpress.com
  3. I train a breakdancing at a gym. A few independent gyms may not require cert. I got around this by training. On the other hand if you decide to train yourself insurance cost around 300 dollars. If you train clients yourself get liability insurance and it is cheaper with a certification but still affordable if you don't want to go the cert rout. Since it is safer to be covered read this. http://www.starting-a-personal-training-business.com/personal-trainer-professional-liability-insurance.html
  4. I am doing research on the effects of poor diets on athletic health. This is based off the premise that athletes can runoff their big MAC or double topped cheese pizza. Please send me studies to [email protected] or other evidence you find. I am trying to compile a large link library showing that this is a misconception.
  5. (Vegan Strong)... by the way not a gymnast ... just an average guy who tried to learn some gymnast style moves on my own... on my way... this is to inspire others to get into the training....enjoy and hopefully it will motivate!
  6. New group has been started on Facebook. We are doing advocacy to change the image of vegans. We no longer want people to view vegans as weak, sick and frail. We believe there are a lot of egos out there who have a need to perform and be part of the best, therefore if the best athletes or a large number are vegan then many may try it themselves. We are going to change that myth one person at a time. Rob Bigwood (pro vegan armwrestler) and I have created the group to highlight and showcase all of every day vegans who are pushing veganism to the next level. Please search on facebook for VEGAN STRONG and join! We will keep the section with videos, articles and constant updates to keep the group alive. Feel free to add videos or articles that are related. This came from two situations that happened that made me think wow people are really are clueless about vegans. First was I went to a bar with my vegan bodybuilding shirt and the bouncer read it and lauged. " That is pretty funny he told me." I was no look at the website it is not a joke this is for real. He looked at me like he saw a ghost ... oh! he said. The other was I had my veganbodybuilding bumper sticker on my car and while sitting in traffic I saw a teenager sitting next to his mom and his mom pointed to my bumper sticker and they started laughing. I think people don't get it. So I am starting a campaign to break that myth.
  7. Hurray for Spain! My brother and sister who live there said it was absolutly nuts. Everyone in litteraly was on the street partying. Holland still was a champ in my book because if you made it that far than it means your truely a champion.
  8. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/13/sports/13runner.html?_r=1&ref=health
  9. Well I see many of the usual members here on the Forum have kinda dropped off. I being one of them. I think it is just because we all got so much to do and get involved in that we spend less time on the forum. I personally use this less because of facebook being where you interact with friends... I still rep VBB hard with my bumper sticker and T-shirts. Specially how to feel great and full of energy day to day. Although I get the idea that people who read the VBB bumpersticker think it is a joke or something... at least I saw a mom point to the bumper sticker and the teenage kid laughed! ... interesting. Robert I know is doing awesome with his book and travel and I am glad that things are well for him. Just cause I am not here fellow members does not mean I forgot you all... You all inspire in your own way! I will make an effort to get on here more often to see what is new on the front of VBB. Wish everyone well! RAIN
  10. I still do high raw. I hate cooked veggies that is really the main reason. Plus I feel less weighed down after eating raw. Raw smoothies are the best by far for me. Anyway I think that is what raw needs more.... which is credible experts admitting it's benefits and backing it up with good science. I still eat cooked. Some things are just good cooked! I realized there has been so much debate on many forums about what is the right way to eat... is this food good or bad... The bottom line is fruits and veggies offer the most protection against illness. So when it comes to diet is not weather soy is good or bad for you or what else is, but the truth is how much nutrition are you actually getting in a day. What is really keeping your body protected against harmful foods, pollution and stress. So enjoy your food. Don't think too much about it and eat high and rich nutrient foods. Keep your self protected. That is my two cents. I think we all heard since we can all remember people telling us to eat more fruits and veggies. Yet we still remain confused thanks to book sales and media.
  11. A new Gym has opened in Franconia, VA right next to the metro. I am teaching breakdancing there and some parkour. Feel free to drop buy if your in the area. We teach PARKOUR ( it is one sick gym for parkour) Breakdancing/ bboying Crossfit Check it out! URBANEVO.COM for directions and times
  12. ha funny. I am not at the gym that often that I would be able to know how the others react to him but he is been around them for 6 years and decided to take part in teaching at this gym.
  13. I have the THAI ICE CRYSTAL one I bought yesterday and it works like a charm! That did it. The only downside is that you need to wet it to make it work. But it stopped all smell. Awesome. I also ordered urban cowboy deoderant from veganessentials I am gonna try that one too.
  14. We started a new gym. He is one of the trainers here but we teach classes only gym, parkour, breakdancing and crossfit. We are all trying to get it up and running and bring people in. He is not the owner but acts like he is. I thought it would be a good idea to promote online he says he is going to do his own thing. He is a powerlifter but thinks his system is the best way and the only way. For the gym he wants to write his own blog to promote himslef. This is a gym that is not about personal trainers but a family like place where we all work together for each of us. Even when I suggest ideas he knocks everyone of them down. He points out that I am amatuer at and I am not really aware of what is going on with parkour culture. Even if I was that would not be a way to make friends. I am totally like whatever but he does not care about anyone but himself it seems. He is self promoting and apparently he is gods gift to fitness. That is pretty much it. Even when I am nice and polite he is like yeah fine!
  15. Ok I am not referring to anyone here on the site. I work with some dude who thinks he is gods gift to the world. He thinks his strategies and approaches are the best and everyone else should follow him or what he says. He is all about "I". Other peoples ideas are not important. How would you deal with someone like that. Cause really I am not one to deal with that kinda bullshit. People need some serious evaluating of themselves. Life is more than just you...
  16. NOW AVAILABLE IN THE MMA RING http://community.fitnessanywhere.com/fitness-anywhere-blog/blog/2010/05/04/ufc-fan-expo-2010/
  17. If your in the DC area. There is an new gym that opened that teaches PARKOUR. They also offer intense CROSSFIT classes and I am teaching breakdancing. If any of them interest you check out PRIMALVA.com OH and not contracts!
  18. yeah I think people look at it and laugh at it yet it is funny when people try the full range of workouts... guess what it works you to the core and can challenge anyone. I finally got certified in TRX training. I am glad I did it.
  19. yeah thanks again everyone for your imput. Yes Hilary I do take showers! just was use to wearing the axe deo and now since I can't prove it is not tested on animals I was trying some of the vegan ones. I never tried that cowboy one or the one vegan essentials mentioned. I will look into those. Thanks for the feedback
  20. I have a real hard time finding deoderants that work. I tried all vegan ones I can find but they are short lasted and often don't do a very good job. Are there any ones that work really well and or any mainstream ones that are vegan? Nothing worse that carrying unwanted oder.
  21. Vitamin D Pills Are of Little or No Benefit and Some Harm. So What to Do Now? According to popular opinions coming from friends, family, and physicians, most people are vitamin D deficient and in need of supplementation with pills. Evidence suggests that more than 40% of the worlds population is vitamin D deficient (1). A recent report from a Scottish doctor found only 2% of his patients had a sufficient vitamin D concentration (75 nmol/L or above), and 47% had a severe deficiency (below 25 nmol/L) (2). Low vitamin D levels found in the blood are a clear indication that there is a worldwide problem of sunlight deficiency. Rather than correct the problem and encourage people to expose themselves to more of this natural element, the solution has become another druga supplement pill sold as vitamin D. According to the authors of a landmark editorial just published in the March 2, 2010 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, Despite the promise for disease prevention suggested by available studies, we believe that the evidence for widespread use of high-dose vitamin D supplementation in the general population remains insufficient. Even though the supplements translate into higher levels of vitamin D in the blood, expected benefits of reductions in the occurrences of common diseases are lacking. Recent vitamin frenzies over the recommendations for the widespread use of antioxidants, folic acid, vitamin E, and beta-carotene provide lessons about vitamin supplements that must not be forgotten. When the proper research was finally done, the results backfired. More heart disease, cancer, and overall death were discovered in those taking these isolated concentrated nutrients (4-9). Each of the above nutrients is originally found in edible plants. In these perfect packages these nutrients provide for excellent health, prevent and cure diseases, and prolong life.
  22. Yeah ... everything this lady says is a complete sack of shit! she obviously was angry with veganism because she felt deprived and she never bothered to look up her required nutrients. All you have to do is do a little research. I am sure there were books on vegansims 20 years ago when she says she started. Man people are nuts! Yeah ready meat is healthy food!! Saturated fat is good for that is why animals are good to eat. Yeast is alive sorry vegans... that is just nuts! Apparently she never new what a vegan was all about. She I guess thinks that vegans should live in the air and avoid stepping on all bugs and not breath air because we might steal it from another animal... or whatever she may try to say veganism is about. I can't believe people actually read that crap.
  23. Has anyone listened to this? I was like this guy always tries to make vegetarian look bad. Again veganism is not perfect but it is to attempt to make a conscious decision in every day choices in life. We cannot live pure that is impossible nor can it be mentally healthy. We do what we can. There so many things I find wrong with this podcast. I do agree though the world has a symbiotic relationship and with out it we would run into issues. Listen and comment. Why do meat eating people always make vegetarians or vegans like purists. I guess the guilt of killing gets to them so they need to point fingers. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/undergroundwellness/2009/10/08/the-vegetarian-myth-with-lierre-keith
  24. I quit my gym and now only use the TRX suspension Trainer. It is well worth it for all levels strong and not so strong. I love it! I will show you my improvement and how I will progress. I can do a whole body workout in one location and it is easy to transport. Can you take your club membership outside? Can you take your club membership on the road? Well maybe it is not big heavy weights but I will tell you. I will make you sore after a workout because it kicks your but if used right. watch the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAOUblcj8F8
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