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  1. I ended up not getting these because I was afraid they would be to bulky for dress pants, Plus they were on back order. I like your black trooper skate shoes on your site. Unfortunately you had no 8.5. Next time if you still got them in that size will get them.
  2. Let me know what I can do. I am here to help.
  3. Thanks, I appreciate the good feedback. I really am trying to show that if you don't have the money for supplements, you don't have weights. You can build muscle and be fit with good nutrition and bodyweight exercises. You can do it attitude is all you really need.
  4. Well I got a pair... whmmm ... cause they are mad comfortable. The link below is what the formal shoes (Non Vegan version and not sporty). http://www.google.com/products?hl=en&rlz=1C1CHMZ_enUS322US330&q=hush+puppies+moccasins+chukka&oq=&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ei=DUmTS5-2LdKJlAe3sNj7AQ&sa=X&oi=product_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCIQrQQwAA
  5. I thought it was great ... talking how to show how to survive. Discovery ... has Bear kill things for entertainment value. Which many things are not even factually safe. Why this show has ended up not being something I could respect anymore.
  6. These vegan are really skate shoes. But if you can't stand the uncomfortable feel of dress shoes and your work allows buisness casual attire than you can probably get away with these. (Men shoes)
  7. I will post again soon. I took all of January off dealing with a roach issue. I am back to my training. Still no weights.
  8. The truth is this because my girlfriend had a huge paper on this. First thing is there has been mercury found in corn syrup from processing. Besides the fact that it is highly processed the real cause of HFCS is not because it in itself is bad. The scientic literature found no difference in the way it affects the body as compared to sugar. The issue is not what sugar product is better than another. The fact is there is loads of this stuff in food. It could have been brown sugar for instance and it would not make a difference. Sugar increases blood sugar and rise of insulin production. Sugar tells the body to store fat and stop burning. Sugar no matter what the source is inflammatory and causes immune system imparements and overall having a lot of this sugar called fructose, glucose, sucrose, galactose, maltose or whatever the sugar kind is it is not good to eat it as an additive. The less you eat the better. So stick to fiber rich fruits and eliminate those added sugars.
  9. Here with all the evidence I seen and research this is what is the truth about soy based on what I have seen. First Dairy industry needs to promote bad things about soy because it is stealing a large part of their market. Put it out in the media and scare people. Second Your trainner can't avoid soy really because if he eats meat there is a good chance that the feed those animals were given was soy. Third Some claims of hexane is used to process soy. I am not sure how much of it is still in it and or which brands use it. GMO Soy is different for the most part than Organic Soy. Organic Soy unless contaminated is not genetically altered so that in it self is a big difference. Isolated Soy Protein actually raises Insulin like growth factor which dairy is blamed to do. Do a search for Dr. McDougall and Soy. Finally Okinawans are one of the larges consumers of tofu and soy products and they are some of the longest lived people and last time I saw there are still men there. The problem I even saw with my girlfriends nutrition textbooks is they say eat more dairy and eggs and on the next page they state the most allergenic foods are eggs dairy... and so on. A lot of the data is tested much like a NYC horse with blinders. People pick at one specific thing and say either how wonderful or how bad it is but now one looks at the overall picture. Not to say everyones body reacts differently to foods. For some Soy will empower them and for others it will harm them. Things are exactly as they are unclear. Because we are different individuals who don't know how our body will react long term to certain foods. Basically we don't have a diet for each person's genetic code. Switch it up there is plenty of food out their to try. Soy is not the only food on the planet. Look for whole foods for better nutrition.
  10. Wow... Hilary... I am speechless. That puts stuff in perspective big time.
  11. Post your link to whatever multimedia or electronic media that inspires you to keep your workouts going, mental toughness or endurance. Basically what drives you? Please post the link and share
  12. What astounds me even more are people who don't care about there diet at all and eat because they love taste only and want anything and everything. Which is like the people I am currently staying with temporarily. I think this is rediculous because the lady is really into cooking but went to school to study nutrition. Has not kept up with the literature and still thinks what people write in those old text books about dairy and calcium and how it is really hard to get good protein from plants and so on. I just don't get people who have no self respect?
  13. I went to one of joel furhmans doctors lectures on osteoporosis. The matter of fact is medman is right in the fact that calcium levels are the same as we age between vegan and non vegans. There was a lady who sat across the table from me vegan for 10 years and had osteopenia. The beginnings of osteoporosis. What the doctor had told us is that it was not the calcium that we eat that helps build strong bones as it is important but it is actually the diet and lifestyle that was much more of a factor. He explained that sugar highly acidic, coffee, soda and other bad dietary habits were not only in dairy consuming individuals but in all of the spectrum of individuals. Like Medman said it was also the fact that vitamin D levels, since people spend most of their time away from the sun, were pretty low. And add to the fact that people don't do resistance training. Excersize is key to keeping strong bones. He was showing for the spine, how important it was to have a weighted vest for people because it helped strengthened it. On the whole Dentist stuff and amalgam fillings is that it seems to be more dangerous to remove them if you already have them than to keep them. Unless you have a really good dentist. Many Dentists like my friends father who I asked are for the fillings and say there is little danger. Now I am not totally sure of this but that is one opinion. He also thinks flouride is good in the water because it really does help keep strong teeth. I was like well what happened prior to flouride should not water be as it is. Seem radical to have to put stuff in our water in order to be healthy. He said it was necessary again for healthy teeth. I then brought up the fact that it maybe so now because of bad dietary habbits and lifestyle that contribute to bad gums and teeth. I heard somewhere I am not sure it is rumors that native americans had good teeth and gums until the eastern settlers came and brought all their breads and processed foods.
  14. I can't stand hearing ignorant people talk about calcium specially from dairy like it is some magic pill. Anyone else deal with people who are know it alls and just don't want to listen to the facts? ARRRR .... it boils my blood seeing closed minded brainwashed people.
  15. if you decide to come back to veganism you will have all our support! You always got support here! Through thick and thin...
  16. I am trying ecosmart products. Hopefully it will keep them away. I don't want to lure them I just want them to go away. I am still care for all living beings just when they crap all over my house and crawl all over me that is when I draw the line. I ended up covering the vents with screen mesh and covered all outlets with child proof caps so that if they come out of the wall that is one more place I blocked. I basically tried to think of all the possible places my apartment connects with the others. I also tried sealing the doors with foam tape but the door kept ripping those off. I will will try to tape those down. I also have a vent foam stopper under the door. Then I sprayed the perimeter of the apartment with the ecosmart non toxic to humans and pets insecticide. This is all I can do. I am now starting to cleanup and vacuum the apartment since they left dropping everywhere. I guess this just shows what I am able to learn about the law and process. The government will never really do anything much for getting rid of pest but just treat the problem. I hope that next this won't occur. I wish everybody well.
  17. my place is no joes apartment. I wish my situation on no one. It just plain stinks!
  18. cause if they don't how are they getting there B12 that everyone talks so much about?
  19. Experts are saying that D2 supplementation is no good. I want to know if any vegan here has had there D levels tested and gotten a positive result from D2 supplementation?
  20. Do they drink milk? or eat eggs?
  21. It is a freaken tower. Which means everyone will or had them at some point. I have health inspector coming tuesday. They are mostly all dead now since I moved out temporarily to my friends house to eat and sleep. There are not many there anymore since the is no food or running water going there for almost a month now. They are in some other apartment but they will be back. Meanwhile I have to clean up my house which is over 150 dead roaches from the building sending a their pest management. I plan to hire a professional.
  22. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, “daytime sightings may indicate potentially heavy infestations.” Which in my apartment there is the case. The other thing is I tried to live with them for 3 months. They came to work on my back, in my computer bags. My girlfriend is a clean freak and even with a clean apartment and no food around they still hung out. Roaches will eat anything. Chemicals suck... I agree but it is the chemicals are the roaches getting into all my stuff and all over my face. At night when the lights were out and I was on my computer I could feel them crawling on my toes. Again I dealt with it for 3 months. 3 months of mass infestation. Cockroaches spread nearly 33 different kinds of bacteria and six kinds of parasitic worms. As cockroaches crawl through sewage, they can pick up and spread germs on the spines of their legs and bodies. - National Pest Management Association I found them multiple times inside the rim of the toilet. Seriously jokes or no jokes this is a serious issue and I am not taking it lightly. I had two months on my lease in my last apartment and we lived with ants they went from the kitchen straight line to the bathroom. But this is far worse. Two months into the infestation I caught a stomach health issue that I lasted a month. I had horrible pain no matter what I ate. I did see them on and over all of our counters and clean dishes and in our cabinets where we kept our clean plates. I decided to drink kambucha since it has live probiotic and after a two weeks of doing that it the pain went away.
  23. Thanks, I will do all I can to keep them out. I thought about even putting fine grills on the vents. We also are three doors down from a trash shoot. Which does not help the problem at all. I got my own po box to not deal with the management because they take my packages. I got a storage space that is not in a building that is outdoor temperature so that at least the cold will keep the insects out. I will just keep the essential stuff in the apartment and keep dishes to am minimum. I will pass on a letter to the residents explaining they have a right not to live with roaches and they should demand the apartment to get rid of the issue. If they do not then I will provide them with the number to call the county council housing code inspection and make sure they keep filing complaints. I thought it would be ok living with roaches since I am vegan but I did not realize that they do carry disease which could affect my health. Had it not been an infestation I would have not been bothered. These TOWER ARE WHITE OAK TOWERS IN SILVER SPRING, MD
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