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  1. I have been living with roaches for the past three months. I asked the apartment to take care of the problem but they just put sprays and bates. I contacted a lawyer. The lawyer try to force them to break the lease and they came back saying no we fixed the problem. That is after they came to spray in my apartment. Acording to people I talk to in the building they all have roach problems. It is a apartment tower in Silver Spring, Maryland called the WHITE OAK TOWERS. Look it up if and read the reviews. I came across them only in the last few months. When I moved in there were no roaches in site but when I talked to my neighbors they one said that he has lived there two years and he always has had problems. The lawyer can not help me break the lease because she said it protects the landlord. I was never told there was a pest problem in the building. Now all my stuff is infested and I am stuck there 9 more months. They just want my money but could care less it seems about getting rid of the pest problem. They stated that the problem has been addressed and solved. This is what I had to live with prior to the last week that I ended up temporarily sleeping in at a friends house. I go back and there are roaches still there. Not to say I am not sure how many are hiding in my stuff. What would you do. What legal ways could you get out of the lease? What are solutions to make it harder on the apartment that would make them take my situation seriously and address the whole building as the problem and not just little fixes here and there on an occasion? How do I clean my stuff? How do I survive there for the next 9 months... How do I rally the other residents...? I filed a complaint with the housing council code enforcement but I am not sure that will do much to get rid of the long term problem. attached are some of the pictures I took at this apartment. (well the board quota is full for images so check facebook) As lawyers, pest management or whatever... I need all the help I can get cause they seem to be laughing at my expense. (These are my thoughts on the matter) look at my pictures on facebook under name Javier de la Camara
  2. my abs come from reducing processed foods, eating healthy staying away from refined foods, alcohol, and soda and doing compound moves. I almost never do isolated workouts on my abs.
  3. I am currently here in Spain until the 1st. I been here for the holidays. I went to the grocery store and found a lot of tofu and soy based products plus a lot of BIO (organic) produce. The produce here is awesome. Although most lettuce is pre packaged. I like my kale.... Produce here is pretty cheap. I even have chickpease and tahini and garlic and make hummus. As for healthy stuff well I did not find what I like which is wheatgrass. I went to the restaurant YerbaBuena which I took my whole family too and it was awesome! Expensive for a low budget but once in a blue moon is a great place to go. I think the more processed or fake meats you want it will be harder but I believe most store at least have soy milk which is now more popular here and produce, nuts beans and grains.
  4. No oils in cooked food. No added sugar No cooked veggies ezekiel bread bread only ( no bagel or muffins) lower calorie intake. same weight! 132 lbs no added protein. Just nuts and seeds and chickpeas in something every day. all bodyweight and parkour training.
  5. Oh hell yeah I know the answer to this. Vegan does not equal healthy. Vegan just means on the right track. A lot of vegans are not healthy but so are a lot of non vegans. This is because they share the same food philosophy. This is junk food. Stop refined sugars and grains. They rob you from the nutrients that your body needs, they increase inflammation which is the cuase of most disease and last but not least it suppresses your immune system. The key is to learn a little about nutrition and avoid as many added sugar sweets and boost of chlorophyll rich greens. Get good rest, keep stress low and do cardio because cardio brings oxygen to the cells to function and helps keep the blood circulating in order to get to the intruders faster. STAY AWAY FROM SUGARS.... as much as possible. I am not talking about low sugar fruits I am talking about cupcakes and other process junk. It may taste good but your gonna get more colds. Oh and last but not least sometimes your body is going through a change which does cause minor stress to the body so give it sometime because our body does have a detox period. I went from Fast Food all American diet and became vegan overnight. Boy that was a shocker to the body!
  6. Johan seems to be pretty good at cutting weight! so he seems to have it right! Although I have to say the best rule is if it works for one it may not work for another. It all depends on biology and how your body will react to certain foods, certain excersizes and so on. I eat a lot of fats in my diet and I seem to loose the extra fat. Avocado is big and eating no cooked vegetables and raw fruits of course. Chickpeas are a staple food as well. Ezekiel breads heated at under 250 degrees Fahrenheit. I am doing well so far. You will get a range of opinions but the truth is that you need to test things out yourself and be patient. Things don't happen overnight. Keep searching and trying different ways. Peoples bodies inside are as different as people look different. We are very complex and one answer does not prove true to all of us.
  7. Nice ... you got all our support! Clean is the way to go and the fastest gains!
  8. Nice I am currently committing to high raw. I will try to be close to 100 percent next week as a test. We will see how I react. Anyway! I am glad to see you back on. I been wondering whatz up with you and your new job? Hope all is well. - Rain
  9. reason I don't try yoga because it is seems to spiritual to me. I just want some good flexibility for my breaking and parkour but everytime I look for a place seems like everyone is into the light headed spriritual stuff which is not me at all.
  10. This is a short film done by Miami film students pretty well shot for a bunch of students. http://caperchronicles.com/index.htm
  11. yeah! He was a bit of a skeptic he was paid to travel around to see if he could find the true meaning of yoga.
  12. Holy when I saw this I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PndJi2Sia2w
  13. ha ha g string ... I don't think my underwear is something I really need to show.
  14. Johan your ripped looks great. I been slacking a bit with training cause one day working to 1 am through off my sleep cycle so I kept going home and passing out. Now I am back and ready to train harder.
  15. AHealthyVegan ... I totally agree. I think that everyone vegan and non vegan make healthy food seem to be like it is nasty tasting. I tell ya they are way wrong. Most people who eat healthy vegan diets could not be vegan for a long time if it was just for strong moral. You have to freakin like your food. I guess some people will never get that. Specially when you get things like " hey your brave for going vegan because I like food to much...." OOOOOOOHh man that gets me heated when I here this. Like I freekn don't like my food... Vegans must take responsibility to break myths and show people that health vegan food can be just as amazing as what they eat.
  16. How one gets b12 is purely a matter of choice. Some get it from nutritional yeast ( a food source) and others do the pills. Meat eaters do the meat ( food source or they do the pills). We all need B12 vegan or not. Protein... well according to Dr. Furhman there is more protein per calorie in greens than there is in meat. We can argue all day who needs protein who does not. In the US people are not protein deficient at all. Meat industry does a good job of that. Protein is in all foods and if you eat enough calories you will get all the protein you need. Many cases vegans look degenerated muscle wise because they have poor intestinal absorption or they don't eat enough food. In the Veg Fest in Boston I saw a lot of sick vegetarians or attendees. That is because they were devouring cookies and cupcakes and vegan cheese and white carbs etc... Now if you do it once in a blue moon that is ok but if that is your diet your doing no justice to your health. Vegans can be as sick as meat eaters even if we don't eat meat. Problem is that vegans are just hanging on to these so called imitation foods and not eating whole foods. No disrespect but really if you want people to be vegan or think of the good side of vegan you got to layoff the cupcakes and soda. Sugar is just as bad for your health as meat. Now part of all this is that many vegans decide to be vegan for the animals and not diet which I can respect but when your gonna change your lifestyle you might want to know what your getting into. The radio lady and guy on this podcast pissed me off about the supplementation and the freakin protein. That is all people think of when they think of no meat. Hello can you say nuts, can you say beans, can you say tofu or soy, can you say grains ... .all high sources of protein... which is absolutely ridiculous that is even an issue. BOTTOM LINE want to build a stronger body make your body work. Push it and it will grow. Eat whole variety of whole foods and stay away from the crap. Simple! Johan many weight lifters are on hgh and roids which is why people get the idea that meat is such a powerful food for building muscle. Put a vegan on roids and I bet you will get the same results. This whole thing they talked about is a joke. Anyway good points Johan
  17. Yeah I was angry as well. I don't know really why but for the fact that ignorant people are spreading bad information. That is what makes it so wrong. That is why sites like these are important to show vegan healthy athletes and individuals.
  18. This just made me laugh of the level of ignorance that people have. LISTEN AT starting at 24:00 minutes to 35:08 http://odeo.com/episodes/24831233-The-FitCast-Episode-142-What-Up-Leigh Please write your thoughts and feel free to write the show to educate these well researched individuals....(LOL)
  19. Dr MCDougall soups I saw those at whole foods. Great to see more vegan foods out there. Baked chips... I hope these are baked under 285 Fahrenheit. Cause it will be building a lot of that lovely acrylamide. http://www.drmcdougall.com/misc/pdf/pdfmc050600nl.pdf http://www.euro.who.int/foodsafety/Chemical/20020725_2/ http://www.fda.gov/Food/FoodSafety/FoodContaminantsAdulteration/ChemicalContaminants/Acrylamide/ucm151000.htm
  20. going back on more raw food. Been off the high raw for a few months. Feel a need for it. Still eating cooked whole grain rice, beans (all types cooked) and whole wheat pasta). Aside from that I will be eating all raw veggies and fruits.
  21. Please if you know more about the subject post what you know
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