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  1. check out some of these videos. I think it might give some of you ideas... The only part I really don't like about the site is the omni diet. Prefer my peeps over here at veganbodybuilding.com


    there should be a site where vegan challenge omnis at personal challenges. Would be fun to watch and see where athletes do better based on different diets.



  2. During our meet up here in D.C. some of us were able to find vegan options at particular national food chains. I am trying to help people find options so if you know something is vegan on the menu at a particular change feel free to post it here. Help all of if we have to go out with friends to find options.


    PS: I know the best option is not to eat out but if you are at a place where your not at home please post what you can eat at these locations.

  3. I baught a Klean Kanteen but it makes my water taste metalic. It is a stainless steal container. I saw that whole foods carries the aluminum canteens but does not look like I want to purchase aluminum. Some claim the inside liners are not so great. Anyone one have a water container that does not make me drink liquid metal.... ????

  4. These guys are kinda dumb because Peta in their ads is pretty large. Until the Vick trial I had no idea who Peta was. It is a good thing that they put their names really small like their hiding who is placing those ads. When I saw the ad I thought it was a pro Peta ad. It was not until I actually read it that I realized it was against PETA. Where are the graffiti artists drawing their tag over subway ads when you need them?

  5. I wrote to living harvest, pacific, and to rice dream with this letter.

    hopefully they will respond positive.


    either that or make fake claims.


    I am concerned about your use of palmitate as a vitamin A source in your drinks. I hope you read the study on isolated betacarotine. I enjoy your product




    Palm products are destroying our rainforest.






    Please remove the extra vitamine A from your product.

  6. watching a few old cheavy chase movies I laughed as I saw no overweight people. If someone was fat they had a little belly. Nothing like today.HFCS is in everything like some of you stated. I believe it started to be exchanged for sugar in the 70s. I am so amazed that 30 years later bam! people eat more syrup or sugar than any other country in the world. Plus we work more hours and eat a lot larger portions than anyone. So high sugar diet, little to no movement, and a lot of it is what is making people ill. I suggest that we shrink our portions. Get people to use to eating less and eat more whole foods. This has to start at a young age. Most of us will be brainwashed by the time we grow up. So we need to stop all this fast food and aiming at young children. It is no different than smoking... at the end a life of fast food will kill them unless they got the bionic man gene.

  7. D.C. We are forming a larger group... here!! So hopefully we can establish this area as A VBB&Fitness destination. We welcome any members who come to this area. Let us know if you come into town we will be glad to meet you and make you feel welcome!


    VBB has done a lot for me ... I feel that want to give back!


    - again thanks Robert your visit hear has inspired all of us!

  8. have you browsed their site. I mean their ads are all over the subways system here. In one ad they were saying Peta does not want to save children because they prefer rats. They showed an image of dirt and sick rats to show why would you save them and they showed a smiling young kid. On the site there just endless amounts of articles about animal killing. I am just mad that these ads are out. It got to me today. The only positive thing is that metro commuters are pretty busy so most wont see the ads and the other thing is PETA's name is big on the ads so some people might think it is for PETA. That is what I am hoping.


    Just terrible.


    look they even have a petition against peta.






  9. http://www.consumerfreedom.org/


    this is a terrible website. All though I agree people should have freedom I disagree with this site because they are pro killing animals if it means people have a choice. THese ads were poste all over the metro system. Mainly fighting peta saying they don't want to help children out in disease because they want to save rats. They are just sending the wrong message to people about animal wellfare.


    they were so happy to write about the foie gras repeal in CHicago!! This site is just horrible. They are going against anything aninmal rights people are trying to do.


  10. This would help everyone help you. Next week record what you eat. Weigh your self in the beginning and then at the end of the week. Write down exactly without leaving anything out what you ate. If you went for a veggie burger I want to see it. If you got up in the middle of the night and got a glass of soy milk want to see it. Then record exactly all the physical activity you did that day that includes all active walks longer than just walking down a hallway. This will help everyone on this board understand your situation. Also include glasses of water you consume daily. Please take it seriously if you want an answer. If not it will be hard for most of us to help you. Cause it is a matter of water weight or your burning calories more than your consuming.


    I have a high metabolism my self. I eat through out the day. I often will breakdance 4 four hours off and on. I usually eat Often bananas, whole wheat bread bagels ( sprouted ezekiel). Organic Penut butter and jelly on sprouted english muffin. Drink Orange juice, have hemp shake with rice milk. Couscous and chickpeas with tofu and fresh vegies. Sometimes for extra calories I will add vegan mayo to things. Make Greens shake with everything I can throw in it and just drink it down. That actually might be a good bet to increase calories is finding drinks that are not unhealthy that have more calories. Like a greens shake with some hemp protein. You also may be loosing a lot of water weight. I can weigh my self on any day and it could be a matter of 5 lbs in weight all based on water. I have a bag of nuts or sunflower seeds and I eat those through the day.

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