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  1. Yeah I tried doing that except I was staying at a motel with no car in Cape Cod which is a huge fishing area and I relied on others for transportation. Most of the time I could not go anywhere to cook food or get hot food we spent most of the time on the beach eating sandwhiches. I made mine basically with hummus and lettuce and tomatoes. I spent most of the time eating cliff bars and eating supermarket arugula salad with bananas in between and nuts and seeds. I was hoping to have some grains rice or semola pasta but no chance to cook. What about holiday dinners in which you eat may eat out? If you go to a nice restaurant what would you do. Do you just order a salad?
  2. I personally don't know any Vegans except here on the board and who voice their opinion but I mean personally. My girlfriend went Vegan with me at the same time, which made it a little easier to just go cold turkey. We are learning where we can find more access to vegan foods. If there is a vegan product labeled VEGAN I will buy that one over one that does not say vegan on it to put my money towards these products. My friends and family all know now that I am Vegan. I do find social food gatherings harder. Since my family are big on meat products. We went to a restaurant where 99% of the menu was meat. Since everyone in the family went I could not just say no to going. It would have offended them. Fortunately I found one meal that I asked with no cheese that was Vegan which was cooked with vegitable oil. I still will prefer to avoid eating out all together. The main problem is to many cultural and social gatherings involve food.
  3. Hey Good point I think the relaxing part is very true. I think that sometimes not having to think about cutting things out or asking not to serve you a particular ingredient does make it a whole lot more stress free. My friend was not trying to offend anyone just was also curious why vegans often stick to vegan things
  4. During a discussion with a friend they mentioned that Vegans seem to Isolate themselves from rest of the world. I was like that is a bold statement? The truth is, my friend said, Is that Vegans choose to do vegan activities, vegan events and vegan communities where it is just seems to cater to their own crowd even if others are welcome. We all know why we are vegan why do we congregate so often ? Is it because we like to be different? Being new to veganism I really did not know how to respond. Maybe it is to vent I thought from non veg people, or to hear the latest on the animal rights front, or people are just looking for community that shares the same principles. That is fine my friend said but trying to change the minds of others you must be more integrated in the general population. So that others can see what a great life you lead and what you stand for. Not just doing vegan things, and eating at vegan restaurants. How do expect other restaurants to offer more vegan options if you stick to vegetarian restaurants. How do you see yourself, and other vegans are we more about trying to find more vegans to share a community or are we very much just trying to integrate in society influencing people that way? What is done more? If we had the option to just eat and shop at vegan stores would we just go there or would we try to shop everywhere just to influence society to cater more to us?
  5. yeah I have not been there yet. It looks pretty good. Defenatly check out sticky fingers if you like baked goods. A good place to pick up quick bite.
  6. cool I will ad that link. Yeah part of the issue is for example , my uncle took the China study book and browsed through it for a while. He told me that we was unsure of the validity of the book. He had to check and see what others had to say about the book. He was skeptical. I think the problem is that today anyone can write a book about anything and claim that it is true. I know Campbell show plenty of evidence and data but people will acknowledge only what they really want to hear. My Uncle said he loved cheese and It would be hard to give it up but wanted to see what the book had to say about cheese. For many it is as long as I don't know about the dangers of eating meat and dairy I will be full proof it won't affect me. It is other things that cause heart disease and cancer. Like fast food and environmental toxins not the meat or dairy... I am sure that this is how most people think. It is also the fault of media distortion that makes people feel better about unhealthy habits. For example on the news I saw a story that they were saying a new study shows that eating fish helps prevent Alzheimer's. Yet they neglected to remind people about the toxic chemicals, depletion of our oceans ecosystem and the effects of the cholesterol and saturated fat in fish that can lead to heart disease. I think at least that my extended family is more aware because during the four days of my vacation no matter what I stuck to my vegan principals and I did spread the word of meat and dairy are not healthy.
  7. What sources do you use to prove meat dairy and eggs are horrible for health. Here are a few that I have found in my searches. My main sources. The China Study - Dr. Campbell www.drmcdougall.com (Dr. McDougall) A Diet for a New America - John Robbins Healthy At 100 - John Robbins www.naturalnews.com Super Size Me - Morgan Spurlock Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser Dr, Dean Ornish (google video) (plus various books) http://www.heartattackproof.com/ (Dr. Esselstyn) http://www.madcowboy.com/ (Howard lyman) http://www.drfuhrman.com/ (Dr. Furhman) http://www.nealbarnard.org/diabetes_tour.htm (Dr. Neil Barnard) http://www.bluezones.com/ (more proof about centenarians add yours
  8. Yeah I showed them the book which I brought with me to almost all my family. They even wanted to know why milk was bad. They seemed interested but they went for Icecream later that day after I told them. Some of them were skeptical about the accuracy of the study and if it was all really true. So ... most people I think it just does not even phase them. So I want to at least give them a start.
  9. Wash. D.C. and metro area is got Vegan options. I mean it is not pro vegan at all. It does have a fair amount of vegetarians and I heard a few hours a way Richmond, Va has a much larger Vegan population. Though I am not sure. I live in Maryland. It has a vegan store. It has asian restaurant that offeres vegan dishes. There are brick oven pizza joints that you can make vegan options and a bunch of non dairy indian spots that offer coconut milk in their sauces. Then we got options of buying groceries as most stores like co-ops and Wholefoods that offer vegan products. So this area is easy to find vegan options. I been vegan 5 months so I am still pretty new at this.
  10. I am writing for family and friends a complete but simple guide to better eating based on the research that I have been doing in the past year. This is for non Vegans who just can't give up everything yet. I want to help people make smarter choices on their way to a better diet. Please feel free to add anything that I might have left out. Remember I am trying to keep this simple HERE ARE SOME GREAT BASIC SOURCES THAT ARE NOT TOO COMPLEX TO LOOK THINGS UP. http://www.nutritiondata.com (THIS GIVES YOU A COMPLETE NUTRITIONAL LIST OF EVERYTHING IN THE FOOD and tells you how healthy it is.) WIKIPEDIA http://www.wikipedia.org (good encyclopedia that is up to date and pretty riliable) Well first here is a link to the American Heart Association and talks about cholesterol not very long: http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=4488 the american heart association generally recommends much higher levels recommended because they know that trying to eliminate cholesterol completely would mean being Vegan. So they throw a number out there that at least people who are on the Western Diet can achive lower cholesterol. Steps to a better diet. Step One - Avoid Smoking - Avoid Trans Fat - Trans fat is really! really! really! bad. Avoid it at all cost. Main cause of cholesterol problems. Trans Fats are labeled in ingredients such as Partially Hydrogenated oil or Hydrogenated oil. This is anything with hydrogenated in the ingredient. (in spanish it is hydrogenado) - Sodium Nitrite (cancer causer) avoid avoid avoid. - modified or GMO (anything in the ingredient) this means genetically modified) ex: modified corn starch - unless it is organic avoid CANOLA, COTTON SEED, SOY, CORN - MSG (neurotoxin) harms your nervous system. May appear in ingredients such as mono sodium glutemate, glutamate. 12 worst chemical ingredients Propyl Gallate BHA and BHT Butylated hydroxyanisole/butylated hydroxytoluene Potassium Bromate (found in processed bread) Monosodium glutamate (MSG) Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet) Acesulfame-K Olestra Sodium Nitrite (Sodium Nitrate) Hydrogenated Oil Blue 1 and Blue 2 Red 3 Yellow 6 HERE IS A LINK to the complete list http://www.traditionaloven.com/articles/122/dangerous-food-additives-to-avoid - Minimize all or almost all processed foods. If it does not rot in a week, if it has tons of unkown ingredients pretty much don't buy it. Occasionally there are some good packaging that will keep things a bit longer. This includes fast foods. Fast foods contain many harmful chemicals although most people would not even know what is in it. If you have to buy by refrigerated or frozen foods. This probably means less chemicals. STEP 2 - Dairy - Casein protein. - Milk proteins - osteoperosis - insulin like growth factor (tumors) http://www.yourhealthbase.com/database/a74f.htm Casein- Casein has a molecular structure that is quite similar to that of gluten. Thus, most gluten-free diets are combined with casein-free diets and referred to as a gluten-free, casein-free diet. Casein may also be a trigger of migraines and other types of headaches.[citation needed] Casein may also be linked to the promotion of cancer and other diseases which was discovered in the 1980s by nutrition and health researcher, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study.[citation needed] Casein is often listed as sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate or milk protein. These are often found in energy bars, drinks as well as packaged goods. - Saturated Fats - mostly comes from meat products. The more you include of these the higher your cholesterol will be and the higher the chances of heart disease. - Cholesterol - this is a given (ads to human cholesterol) - Fish intake because of PCBS, Mercury and dioxins (plus all the cholesterol and Sat. Fat) - Sodium (reduce) - Refined sugars (white bread etc, soda , sweets) THINGS TO DO RIGHT to do daily - Excersize This should be the largest part of your diet - Include more fruits and vegetables. (More color and variety the better. dark greens being the best) - natural whole grain foods - legumes (beans, lentils) - nuts and seeds (healthy fat) - Avoid stress minimize vegetable oils - have strong family ties or community. Don't get lonely. Be involved. - Work that mind don't retire empower your brain by continuing to learn.
  11. I have come a long way to being Vegan. I think once I was aware it was quick but reaching that awareness took me 30 years. As most of you probably had to deal with, is family, friends and work and social gatherings. I think that this is just the toughest part of being vegan. Not eating or wearing meat seems a whole lot easier than having a family filled with unresearched questions about health and nutrition and strong emotions in which the idea seems extremist or of a loonatic. "As my brother quoted to me over the phone. " Animals are not people what the heck are you saying they are what we eat and there not people so stop comparing them. Since we can kill them, because our intelligence has evolved us to create weapons to hunt, we eat them." For most people to understand human relationships with animals is mainly for food. I never really had any pets growing up. I never even had a relationship with an animal. My father gave most of pets away when we moved. Trying to break that doctrine, to say hey your gonna have to give up that meat for veggies many cringe at the idea and even knowing that animals are killed for food they choose to ignore it. It only makes sense to me that influencial people who have the right image in many cases can make someone think maybe what that one person is doing is the right way because they look strong and healthy. I see where I was and where I am now. I thought a hippie was a Vegan. Why? well skinny, hippie like and uncleansy person who would should out the animals are our friends. I know what hippies are cause I had a few in my high school in Vermont. I don't think there is anything wrong with hippies. I think many are great. Just that it might push people to think in a different direction. I remember my brother even stating I hate vegetarians the idea is so stupid. I spent most of my life moving and hearing my brothers ignorance did not really bother me. He was my best friend not only a brother growing up. I now know that this image although may occur it not the underlying Vegan. We need more people who are fit, who are ripped and are strong to be out there spreading the word as many of you are doing in this forum. Part of the views that I got about vegans were from vegetarians. I really did not know the difference. There are many unhealthy vegetarians, like meat eaters. I don't know any vegans first had but the vegerians that I have seen and known fall into a unhealthy category. Much eat the refined sugar and of course cheese (not vegan) is a good part of their diet. Even when I had seen some videos of Vegan Activists I saw images of just really lean people who look like they have not eaten in days. Now overweight is not what I am refering to either. I know Vegans just like meat eaters come in all shape and sizes but as outside perspective I just connected it with frail. I know how hard it is to maintain weight if your not paying attention for some people. Unfortunately image and perception is what is convincing the world. If someone thin and speaks out most people see that as malnourished although obviously not true and he or she will be ignored even if what they are saying is true. But to the meat eating world that is the perception. If a vegan roled into to his job looking like Arnold did in Conan no one would question where do you get your protein? Veganism and athletics I think is still pretty new and many out there have the wrong perception of us. So this is why I think athletes like Robert have can be even more influencial when talking about Veganism as normal and ok to follow that lifestyle. - These just some of my thoughts on the subject. Maybe I am way off and I would be glad to hear someone elses opinion. I would be curious to know if you think that physical image has a lot to do with influencing and changing people over to accept veganism and possibly convert? I still have a long road ahead to be convincing physically but I guess the animal cause does push me to work harder to reach my goals.
  12. I am currently in a graphics job. I am interested in going into fitness and nutrition. I really don't know how to get started. Full time relationship in which I am supporting my girlfriend. While she is at school. So I can't just drop my job. I want to make a change and I am tired of sitting at a desk. I want to help people get fit through exersize and nutrition. What is the best way to get started. I know there are a bunch of certifications but I have studied on my own nutrition for now 2 years. So I understand the basics. Fitness well I do fitness and I have been to the gym enough to know what things are and how they are used but not well enough to really train someone yet. I know you need to get certified and I have been looking for classes that offer courses and certifications but nothing in my area. Occasionally in a blue moon there are courses but they fill up fast. I just want to start working on weekends and get my foot in the door and get certified. From there I can fly on my own. Just need some advice. Any help would be much appreciated. - NASM is the main certification they accept at my gym.
  13. Breaks it down from a meat eaters perspective to going vegan.
  14. What the .... I found this response from flesh eater Man ignorance everywhere.... made me a bit mad. --------- This is what a hunter wrote on a forum Are you the type of person to wait at the red carpet and throw red paint on celebrities for wearing fur? Shame, shame shame... Animals ARE NOT HUMANS!!! A FOOD SOURCE is NOT a pet. It is merely completing it's destiny when it is brought to the slaughterhouse. Who says it is suffering? YOU?? How do YOU know? Are you a cow? pig? chicken? turkey? rabbit? YOU HAVE NO CLUE what their brain functions are and how they relay information. Who is to say that their life in a pen being fed 3 times a day is worse than if they were stuck in the wild, foraging and starving to death, in fear of a wild animal hunting it and killing it as it gets weaker and weaker? I am a SUPERIOR BEING to an animal. I HAVE FULL BRAIN FUNCTION. I use the ENTIRE animal, not just the skin, or the fur, or the meat. I USE IT ALL. That is NOT wasteful OR inhumane. There is a difference between animal CRUELTY and ABUSE and USING THE ANIMAL FOR WHAT IT WAS INTENDED FROM BIRTH!!! What about that pesky mosquito or a spider that bites you? What about a rattler? Do you kill that? You can rationalize killing it because you felt THREATENED???? Ahhh I see, so when you are threatened, then life is not so precious. Well, my HEALTH is threatened when I do not eat certain vitamins and proteins found in meat. Therefore, when it comes to MY life and health and that of an INFERIOR animal, I COME FIRST!!! Don't worry.. If I found you starving and freezing to death on a mountaintop, I would kill an animal for you as well... To feed you and keep you warm, even if I find you to be an inferior being... You are still superior to the animals... You are worth saving...
  15. I love my vegan lifestyle I am doing my best to get calories. I was 140 lbs but now I am down to 132 need to get back up and gain weight back. I have a high metabolism so what can I eat to reach over 2000 calories? Make your list 200 calories or higher list the foods that you know that have over 200 calories per serving. Please don't include cakes baked goods. Looking for good healthy foods. Thanks - RAiN RAW ALLIANCE
  16. IT was a girl or lady with bleached hair... and the answer comes from a question that I posted I wanted to see what people thought of vegans. I use to think vegans were hippies until I got vegycated oh I mean educated. I am not a great speller my self but I still think some people have a lot of crap in their mouth and they just need to get it out.... ooooooh their is poop in the meat ... thaaaat explains it.... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/;_ylc=X3oDMTE1MmI4N2IyBF9TAzIxMTU1MDAxMTgEc2VjA2Fuc19ub3QEc2xrA3N1YmplY3Q-;_ylv=3?qid=20080722074529AAcX3rz
  17. I came across this response about vegans. According to yahoo user... beach hair x --- (claims to be a nutrition expert ) Vegetarians and vegans are NOT healthier. In fact, the opposite. They usually have to resort to consuming artificial things, such as torfu and B vitamin supplements. Hello - science says we should eat naturally occuring food. We can't just change our biology, we're omnivours - meat and plant eating. Humans are designed to eat meat - that's why we have a few canine teeth, to rip the meat. We absorb iron from red meat the most efficiantly. We CAN'T absorb the iron in veg or any other food as well. A food alone can't be labelled as unhealthy or healthy - you've got to say the AMOUNT. Latest studies showed too many vitamins, ie eating too much veg or fruit, actually weakens our immune systems. It can cause hair too thin and dull skin. So amount and regularity is just as vital, if not more, as what the food you're eating is. Even too much fruit is bad for us (honestly!). It's the same for red meat. Eat the essential amount, you give your body an iron boost, which is key for healthy blood, and keep your muscle power optimum, likewise body strength. A scientific experiment by TV doctors in the UK last year found that vegetarians AREN'T as good athletes as meat eaters, because they're weaker. Even the hard work our digestive system does to break down the meat is all good, it strengthens it. It's ONLY when you eat an excess of meat that it becomes unhealthy. Then it wears out our digestion, risking pancreatic cancer, and leads to high cholestorel. Just like eating copious amounts of fruit's bad for our immune system. We need a bit of everything in the right quantities =)
  18. I did answer back to them and wrote this # RAINMMA says... July 22, 2008 11:43:23 am Listen I see your some of you are angry. YOu want to justify your doing to make your feel better. You will find what ever arguement in order to win. I am not pushing you to go vegan. Nor here to be pointing fingers. Just do some research. I am not gonna stand here and argue the facts and the orwhelming evidence that shows that high meat consumption is bad for your health, bad for the environment and so on. Vegans are not perfect nor are they trying to be they want to just make a difference in the world and do what they can. It is about making choices .According to the US Department of Agriculture statistics, one acre of land can grow 20,000 pounds of potatoes. That same acre of land, when used to grow cattle feed, can produce less than 165 pounds of edible cow flesh. It takes about 300 gallons of water per day to produce food for a vegetarian, but it takes more than 4,000 gallons of water per day to create the food needed to feed a meat-eater Every vegetarian saves an acre of trees every year! More than 260 million acres of U.S. forest have been cleared to grow crops to feed animals who are raised for meat, and another acre of trees disappears every five seconds. After looking at 34 published studies in 16 countries, researchers at Yale University found that the countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis?including the United States, Sweden, and Finland?were those in which people consumed the most meat, milk, and other animal foods. According to American Institute for Cancer Research, women who consume more than 2 ounces of red meat a day are 56 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. Those who ate more that 3/4 of an ounce of processed meat per day were 64 percent more likely to develop breast cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund completed it's review of more than 7,000 clinical studies linking diet and cancer. Consuming processed meats was found to increase pancreatic cancer by 67 percent and colorectal cancer by 50 percent. Processed meats contain sodium nitrite, a carcinogenic ingredient that increases the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines in the human body. The USDA tried to ban sodium nitrite from food in the 1970's but was vetoed by the meat industry, who insisted that the chemical was safe and accused the USDA of trying to "ban bacon." Should I go on.... Again do some research don't just argue with
  19. I RESPONDED TO AN ARTICLE AND FOLLOWED UP TO ANSWER NAVARRE'S QUESTION WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FLESH EATERS RESPONSES? NAVARRE POSTED Posted Jul 22 2008 12:30 PM Hide Post I don't understand why anyone is a vegetarian. Can someone help me to understand why it is so important to be a vegetarian. I eat a lot of meat. I understand that it is important to protect the animals but I think by treating the animals with respect and not just throwing them all in a gas chamber is the right thing to do. I went on a vegetarian diet and I never felt worse in my whole life. I like fruits and vegetables but I like my meat too. As long as I know that the meat that I am eating mas made with proper standards in regards to how the animal was killed. If anyone needs more information on that subject, I'm sure someone at Whole Foods Market can help you with it. I like to eat meat but I also use a product called Berry Green made by New Chapter. New Chapter has all sorts of great products accept protein. I'm going on a diet that consists of a lot of New Chapter products but I wont give up on the meat. I hope all of those vegetarians consider what it says in the bible about eating. Of course you should always talk to a doctor before you go on anything. I POSTED Posted Jul 22 2008 01:09 PM Hide Post Hi Navarre 76, I appreciate your interest on the question on why people would give up meat. THere are many reasons. Health, Environment, Animal welfare, Human rights etc... I could really write a book on why animals are not good to eat. The main problem is that meat went from simple farms to Factory industrialized farming methods. Makes it worse for the animals. Why care about animals? well that is to each his own but animals are feeling beings who have personalities friends and are much like humans we just choose to call animals stupid because they don't speak human talk or act like us and they can't speak out. How can they defend their lives they can't. If you had a dog or have one. and broke your dogs leg, would it not be just like you breaking your leg. Yes it is the same pain. So we are similar in suffering as animals are. This includes fish which are probably the most ignored animal. The Bible is left up to interpretation so it can not be used as fact. But if you go the religious route The Bible says I shall not kill right? do people kill animals and other people yes look how about war. Many religious people justify that it is ok in war. Again bible says you shall not kill. In Genesis it says Genesis 9: 4-5 Flesh shall ye not eat. Genesis 1: 29 Behold I have given you herb yielding seed. To you it shall be for food. (no mention of giving meat. On health effects http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_China_Study is the largest study done on humans and diet. Shows the more meat you eat the more cancer, osteoperosis and heart disease appears in ones body. Of course their will be exceptions to every case. Enviromental effects are just ass bad. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-ed-methane15oct1...=la-opinion-leftrail Large amounts of rainforest being used to grow food for factory farms, water pollution from tons of cow waste. Lot of gas used trucking food to cows cows to slaughter and meat to stores. There are a thousand reason why eating meat is just bad for you and the planet. At least at the scale people are eating now a days. Every meal that you can go vegan is seriously helping out all these problems. Do some research on veganism. Vegans don't hate meat eaters they want to make meat eaters see that we were born from day one believing that we must eat meat for good health. Lions never get heart disease from eating meat but humans do. The evidence shows that meat consumption is just not good for anyone. Just be informed about the truth and seriously take time and research health, environment and whatever else you may find. Your health is just important as mine. I hope you live a healthy and good life. -RAiN -------------- OTHERS POSTED Posted Jul 22 2008 12:30 PM Hide Post I don't understand why anyone is a vegetarian. Can someone help me to understand why it is so important to be a vegetarian. I eat a lot of meat. I understand that it is important to protect the animals but I think by treating the animals with respect and not just throwing them all in a gas chamber is the right thing to do. I went on a vegetarian diet and I never felt worse in my whole life. I like fruits and vegetables but I like my meat too. As long as I know that the meat that I am eating mas made with proper standards in regards to how the animal was killed. If anyone needs more information on that subject, I'm sure someone at Whole Foods Market can help you with it. I like to eat meat but I also use a product called Berry Green made by New Chapter. New Chapter has all sorts of great products accept protein. I'm going on a diet that consists of a lot of New Chapter products but I wont give up on the meat. I hope all of those vegetarians consider what it says in the bible about eating. Of course you should always talk to a doctor before you go on anything. --------------- Posted Jul 22 2008 01:26 PM Hide Post I eat meat. You don't, thats fine. I don't care. Do what you want. But stop trying to convert me. Yeah, you are a great environmentalist because we all know in order to get vegatarian food to the store gas is not used. haha Rain forrests are being cut down to grow food for factory farms??? Yeah, and im sure tress are not being cut down in order to make room to grow your fruits and vegatables. And im sure there is no wood in the house you live in because you know trees had to be cut down for it. Water pollution from cow waste?? Yeah, because human waste is no problem and im sure you don't throw anything, Not one thing, away. --------------- I am sorry, but we were meant to eat meat. We have the teeth that say we are meant to eat meat. Also, being a vegan, I am curious, do you use leather? Leather shoes? belts? purses? coats? The answer is yes. So you would rather have that animal rotting in the field, much like the old buffalo hunters, simply for their fur and skin, rather than consuming the entire animal? Wasteful if you ask me. At least I use the WHOLE animal. Are honey bees also mistreated? Is that why vegans won't eat honey? Too painful for the bees? What about milk or butter? are the way dairy cows treated inhumane? No, it is not.... I eat VERY healthy. I don't have meat in every meal, but when I want meat, rest assured I will eat it. As to the biblical thing, do you REALLY want to use that argument? God sent adam and eve out of the garden with furs on.. What happened to the rest of the animal? God gave man dominion over animals. Why would we need dominion over something that we're supposed to ignore and not eat? God also demanded animal sacrifice. God also said not to eat animals that have a cloven hoof.... Simple common sense tells us that we're meant to eat meat. Where do you think "Hunters and gatherers" came from??? What do you think they hunte? Grain? no , that was the "gatherers" job. Hunters hunted meat. The fishes and the loaves... If God didn't want us to eat meat, do you think his son would have multiplied fishes *gasp* isn't that horror upon horrors... MEAT???!!!! I have met MANY vegetarians and Vegans, I make vegetarian meals often, and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has been pale, thin, lethargic, has unhealthy hair, splitting fingernails, dull eyes, and a bad immune system, as they are always fighting a cold or getting over some kind of cold. Vegetarianism isn't as healthy for most as it seems to be for you... BTW, how expensive is your diet? I suspect you spend more in veggies and soy products than the average household of 4-6 spends.. Just for yourself. I do like your "supporting evidence"... One from an opinion article in California.. And another from CHINA!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!! ------ NAVARRE RESPONDS Posted Jul 22 2008 01:33 PM Hide Post Romans, Chapter 14 Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters. One man's faith allows him to eat everything, but another man, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him. Who are you to judge someone else's servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.
  20. I am going to jump into for the first time I went Vegan go see my family and extended family. I have heard a lot of good arguement points for veganism. ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH, ANIMALS RIGHTS, HUMAN RIGHTS ect... When you face your family, what did you say that was convincing to them... when they ask things like this. Such as arguements like well factory farms are needed to sustain all the people in the world if they choose to eat meat? You can't make choices for people and if they are going to eat meat conventional farming no longer works to feed millions of people. (Of course ignoring the environmental effects.) My friends uncle is 90 he ate cheese his whole life he is just fine. How do you go the right evidence and accurate sources? And if debated come up prepared every point?
  21. HEY I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS WHEN I SAW THIS. http://www.ecorazzi.com/2008/07/09/local-television-news-station-reports-orthorexia-is-on-the-rise/#comments
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