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  1. It reminds me that people in my office are pretty sick. This one lady I was giving her some ideas for better food choices that would give her more energy and feel less sick. She was like yeah I your right I need to. My husband and I are both on the wrong track we need to start making better food choices. I was interested because I was hey here is someone open minded and willing to help themselves out to feel better. The next day as I go by her desk there is a big bag of cheetos on her desk. I am like after weeks of talking and I even gave her a documentary on people improving their health through diet but she still had not bothered to watch it. She made some excuse that it was in a box or something. Anyway I come to realize people don't want to change. They want to keep doing what they are doing because it feels safe. Even if they feel horrible the thought of giving up their horrible donuts and pastries is beyond impossible for them. I think some people are trying to really make a step and others have given up on themselves.


    I don't give up. or on people I will keep trying.


    Anyway I agree the Big Mac and chick fillet is aweful and it makes me mad to see how bad it is in all ways. Again how can health food compete when you got super high flavored food created by chemists next door at your nearest drive through. And it is really cheap. I think everyone here in my neighborhood is like produce is to expensive. I was like are you kidding me and your medical bills and pills and doctor visits are not? ... people respond, OH I did not think of that...

    People really don't think about food they think about what is going to make their taste buds excited. 300 lbs later it seems like a lost cause.

  2. I agree! rawesome is annoying. I know a few raw foodist here who are not like that at all and are not all about this superfood magic cloud stuff and they very much care about animals "such as Lean and Green" . He sets a great example for many here. I don't see him jumping around with magic wands and stuff. Again those are some people but still the idea of the movement as it is is more about diet than caring about animals and respecting all living beings. I adapt the word vegan because it just makes sense. It is a good way to live your life and I believe a better life.

  3. I have seen a lot of people who love food. I don't blame them it is a pleasure of life. Great. I don't want to get into a debate on what is good or not. Just the basic idea behind this post is that yeah I like raw veggies. I just don't like the raw food movement because it seems it revolves around health. I am no saying all of it but some of it is a bit beyond me. I cannot identify myself with that. I am Vegan that is the only so called label I will keep. Raw food is has it's merits but after seeing that this movement has "I" as the center of it's philosophy I just can't follow that. Yes to love oneself is great. I just don't think I am the most important thing on this planet. Yeah I respect my health and I want to eat well to feel well. THRIVE like Brendan says. Just all this bee products and people eating raw goat milk and such and others still wearing leather... even the raw meetups I went to people would say to me " but I still need my meat I felt weak without it; I just eat a lot of raw...." sorry pal but I don't get with that. Vegan is what I love, I love my vegan brothers and sisters metaphorically speaking of course, and I there are good things out of the raw food movement but a Raw Foodist or Raw food enthusiast is not a label I want to take. I would prefer to save an animal before touching honey. This planet and the beings living in it are just more important...Just some of my thoughts on the matter.

  4. Yeah well I will do what I do.. As far as not talking to my family I guess it may be a bit much but everyone has a different situation. I think this stuff is just ignorance at all levels and I just let them be. If I did something it would not be eating my moms cooking since I know how much she likes to cook for our family. That would be punishment enough. I let her know that most of the time I will do my own thing. I am glad for that. She will just have to get use to it because I will not budge. I am Vegan... and I just got to say that it is not going anywhere for a while. Get tough with people that is what I say. People will back off.

  5. First off check out this site... there are vegans both male and female that could seriously kick some serious A$$. <--- (Dollar signs ain't that cute). Strong, Athletic, Healthy, and so on..... Look if you listen to dumb idiots who are challenging you because they think you will cave in and because they feel guilty then that is what your gonna hear.


    I often was the new kid since I was traveling as a kid from school to school. People had clicks and I was like the dude that people were like who is that guy. Check it. Now I reflect back on all the name calling and stuff. I just really should have not cared. Because there are great people around in this planet and dumb (mother Fxxxrs...). I have to lay it out straight. Look Vegans unless they deep fry everything and eat donuts all day are pretty much on a the better track than non vegans with their health. Non Vegans eat crap and I mean litteraly and feel so bad about the same staple foods they eat they feel compelled to fight back. "How dare you claim to be healthier...and love animals. Shame on you!!!!" It is just ridiculous and all of them know it. I was there. Once they see the truth about bad health, environment and the treatment of animals they will have no excuse. Look my mom will refuse to see the footage because she knows she would have to give up her sacred meat. She know this stuff is just f'd up.


    Using animals for food is just wrong and we have the power of choice. I always like to use the analogy of hey an apple falls from a tree or dear gets hit by a car and dies in front of you. Which one would you eat if you had to? The answer of course the apple because no nut bag in Gods name would feel compelled to eat dead carcas. A wolf would salavate and have a feast with it but we are not meat eating animals as we have been told. We thrive on greens for the most part. Alkaline foods. Meat eaters are like...we just cake that stuff in sauces after we have charbroiled the worms out because that is the only manageable way to eat it.


    Bottom line Vegans are not better but I think are a bit more on the cutting edge of living a better life for all purposes. My family asked me if I could turn it off just for the holidays ... I laughed. Let me be clear. Killing animals for food or clothing is not necessary. Vegan food is delicious because plants are the spice of life... (no pun intended). No but for real... I had a hard time at first because I had no clue how to prepare vegan food. Trust me when I say when you learn to cook vegan food then it will be a sinch. The thing is for some people it just is to hard to learn a new way of preparing food. Plus when you got a fast food joint just around the corner making it easier to just eat some chemical filled burger then it is hard to compete against that. Ask all the sick people at my work. They would love to be thin and fit like many here but they can't because their mind controls them. They have no control over their mind.


    We can be fit, we can be healthy, we can be more environmentally conscious and we have a great respect for other living beings and that feels damn good. No dumb person's comment is going to tell me other wise I found the meaning of life. Being VEGAN is the Best Damn Thing there is. !!!!!

  6. RainRA I'm male... lol !


    But it is so like people do in life. People say they can't go vegan because it is too hard. Well I agree if that is your mind set then find I believe you because your not ready to accept a different view on life. Vegans remember are not perfect. We probably kill ants on a massive scale without even thinking it. From walking to driving and so on ... does that mean we hide from the world. We rent or buy a new home and it causes deforestation. We could live in a shack and that would still kill insects and what not. The point is that if your alive and concious then you can make a choice. It is a simple as saying this or that. Honey steals from bees. Bees are harmed directly in the process. It is a commodity. It is a comfort food. Not a survival thing. If I go and intentionally cut down a tree then it is probably not vegan. Many animals live there. Now if I am going to die if I don't create shelter than I might have to cut that tree down. Sometimes it is just trying your best in the environment your in. If you live in a city there is not much in your power that you can do to undo what is already there. You can not bring back the forest that was once there.

    If you were stranded in the dessert and all you had was some animal to eat and you would die if not I am sure as hard as it was most vegans would do whatever to save their own life. Being perfect is not the key again. Doing what you can and making that smarter choice. It is not about right and wrong but about being a better human towards living creatures. If not it would be just like some people would say the best thing to be eco or green is to not exist because then you would leave no carbon footprint. Those are extremes and not the point of veganism. Do your best and have the animals and insects in mind. Learning to live with fellow beings is one step to a more respectful life.

  7. The problem is not how nice you treat the bees or respect them. The vegan view is not using animals as a commodity or things they make and doing your best to avoid using animals for whatever on a day to day basis. It is practicing compassion but as well as respect to leave them alone in their own environment in which we do not have to take things they do. Don't bees spend their life working hard. Just so some individual can come and take their days hard work. Eggs seem perfectly normal too under the fact that you can treat the chicken nicely nicely. I really feel that people need to feel ok about taking things that they like. That is why they made humane meat and pasture raised etc... I had a problem still when my friend said he loves wool and there for he could not be vegan because that is such a strong label and that if the sheep is from a artisan who treats the sheep like royalty then it should be ok right. The problem is that happy animals are far and few between when it comes to humans using their byproducts or them as food humans have no limits. Where some respect others will not... avoiding them all together is a much better choice. Let animals live free. This is why have such a problem also with people in the raw food movement and being labeled a raw food enthusiast because they care more about enhancing their own body rather than respecting animals and other living creatures. I love raw food but this part I think is just not something I agree with. I would would be vegan over raw if I had one choice...


    (I am speaking in a sincere tone.)

  8. I don't focus on squat amounts... because it will very day to day. I hit the squat machines every day. No matter what the conditions are. I think that I squat at all after having in my past full reconstructive knee surgery from realigning my knee cap, reconstructing the cartilage fixing my meniscus... and so on... is just amazing. I snowboarded and use to do big jumps after slamming down on my legs for 9 years I really destroyed my legs. But I push usually like 20 reps three times around 260... I weigh in at 130. I just feel that my legs are all around strong and light after doing legs now. I really don't think about how much weight I am pushing I just put plates on or so on when I lift just and test what I can lift that day.

  9. Hey Richard... very easy system ... I figured out the system to looking great and building muscle at the same time.... Lots of secrets... LOL! If you need any advice ideas and willing to try something different let me know. I am really trying to debunk the protein myth that so many people here believe. Not saying protein can't help but it is not why muscles grow. I literly with no lie tell you I only work out 30, 40 minutes day at the gym 4 times at most. No creatine or booster or extra protein shakes. Just pure foods. Whole foods Greens being the key of it. Kale and so on. I even hate to push super super heavy weight. I breakdance once a weak so it is not that either. Really the two main things are loose extra fat by eating less process and then be consistent at the gym to push your muscles. I don't do dead lifts or any of that stuff. Most is just dips and pull ups with some machine weights.

  10. I pondered this though the other day. The evidence is overwhelming that eating chemically full processed food is bad for your health as well as meat and dairy. Even Havard saying so. People are just dumb.. or they think they are immortal. There is nothing wrong with presenting the evidence to people. I spend to much time keeping this information to myself. I think there is enough of it out there that people need to stop and listen. People are so use to marketing and shitty nutritionists on the radio that they think they will be free and clear of horrible illnesses. Not to say there are a lot of food addicts. I spent now 3 years researching nutrition and more nutrition. I love animals and I was not an animal lover. I love nature and I always was a nature lover but I not the camping type. I ate the SAD diet for 29 years of my life and now I eat as whole food vegan as I can.


    The only leftover answer I think is that people are one dumb? two completely blind and ignorant.. which I tend to think? or three, there are an aweful lot o supermans running around the planet because they are exempt from cancer and heart disease. ... hello! cryptonite is in your food you idiots! lol

  11. I agree... Good carbs are the best... mainly from veggies. Amino acid profile in raw veggies is perfect and amazing muscle builder. That is where I got cut. White refined carbs put on weight unless you are a ultramarathoner or some long distance athlete. Protein as it is still has to be converted to a amino acid profile. So get it from the source veggies. However you see fit.


    I also do pull-ups, dips and work legs a must! Creating the most amount of natural growth hormone which helps repair muscle.


    If your not working out hard keep carbs low. If your working out keep them high.

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