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  1. No I am total opposite. I am always positive and energetic.. healthy fit... you name it... That is my angle...

    Negativity equals isolation....


    Got to be positive! Just saying it sucks when people who you knew kinda think veganism as a odd ball crazy gone off the deap end thing.

  2. Veg Dinner & Live Talk - Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis: Dairy Exposed as Cause, Not Cure

    Thu, 06/18/2009 - 9:05pm — earthsav

    Start: Jul 25 2009 - 6:00pm

    End: Jul 25 2009 - 9:00pm

    Timezone: Etc/GMT-5


    Dr. Steven Acocella received his training at Southern California University, he also holds a Masters of Science Degree from the University of Connecticut in Human Nutrition. He is a National Institute of Health Certified Biomedical Researcher and has conducted numerous studies for leading institutions including the Eat Right America Foundation. He is a Board certified in Clinical Nutrition and a Diplomate of the American Board of Clinical Nutrition, primarily engaged in disease prevention and reversal through interventional nutrition and lifestyle management. His epidemiological research into global dietary patterns and disease incidence has been the basis of many studies and published in a best selling book. He is Editor of NutrionWire.org and a frequent contributor to DiseaseProof.com, Nutritional Perspectives and Health Science magazines. He is active in the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.


    Dinner Guests are asked to bring a dish made without animal products to serve five times the number in their party, along with a donation of $5 (members $2). Or guests may attend without bringing a dish for a $12 fee (members $10). Please give 1 day notice if paying for dinner. Our monthly Dinner Ed Series events are held on the last Saturday at the Learning Center of Your Prescription for Health, 10210 S. Dolfield Rd. in Owings Mills. Please RSVP, and join us if you can!


    DIRECTIONS From Beltway 695: take exit 19 onto I-795 (Northwest Expressway). Get off at Exit 4 (Owings Mills Blvd). Bear right when exit splits. Take right at first traffic light (South Dolfield Road). Travel approximately l/2 mile. Flying Avocado Café and "Your Prescription for Health" pharmacy is on the right after Gold’s Gym (which is on left). The Learning Center/Yoga Studio entrance is at the opposite end of the building.


    DIRECTIONS From Reisterstown Road: Travel West on Painters Mill Road. Turn right at 2nd traffic light onto S. Dolfield Road. Go left at the second driveway into the parking lot of Your Prescription for Health.

  3. yeah the mother situation was great... I never heard that as an arguement and if it were me I probably would have been like oh shit there is a wall I can't cross but he answered it so well. Well like no parent would give up the life of a child in exchange for anyone... he was like I would kill you and you and you it it meant my child would survive. it was such a great come back.

  4. No I am not a debater or a pusher. You do what you want! I could careless if you want to eat bad food. I think that people are weirded out about it specially if they are not following a healthy lifestyle. They feel threatened. Oh well ... On the most part I am not getting people who I would never imagine ask me how I got cut like I did and loose weight. Which is very positive news. !


    Thanks Jimmy, I appreciate it. it goes both ways!

  5. Breaking the Organic Monopoly and the “Natural” Foods Myth


    Whole Food Market and United Natural Foods, Inc.: Undermining Our Organic Future


    After four decades of hard work, the organic community has built up a $25 billion “certified organic” food and farming sector. This consumer-driven movement, under steady attack by the biotech and Big Food lobby, with little or no help from government, has managed to create a healthy and sustainable alternative to America’s disastrous, chemical and energy-intensive system of industrial agriculture.



    However, the annual $50 billion natural food and products industry is threatening to undermine the organic movement by flooding the marketplace with conventional products greenwashed with “natural” labeling. "Natural," in the overwhelming majority of cases, translates to "conventional-with-a-green-veneer." Natural products are routinely produced using pesticides, chemical fertilizer, hormones, genetic engineering, and sewage sludge. "Natural","all-natural," and "sustainable," products in most cases are neither backed up by rules and regulations, nor a Third Party certifier.

  6. yeah I agree it is better that eating at KFC but still not a good option if your trying to eat well and getting away from bad crap. Companies like Monsanto are the cause of denatured altered food and so are so many other chemical companies. If I can vote for a better food source that won't contain all that modified stuff then it will be better for my health and how are food is made.


    As for what it means to me is what Vegan Bodybuilding quote goes by "Healthy Food Defines You"

  7. Have you ever encountered any situation like this. In which you knew people in the past or you were good friends with them and now because your vegan or they find out your vegan and because they don't understand veganism they decide not to continue talking to you because it is too strange and you look like a odd ball. Well am starting to see that people I have know now find out that I am vegan and feel a need not to talk to me about things anymore. Interesting how things are. Good friends will always be around if they are your true friends. The friends I am talking about are people who were my really good friends growing up. Thanks to places like facebook I have been able to keep in touch with them. I am proud of veganism and prefer it to bad friends.

  8. Tortilla

    - Soy bean oil.... GMO

    - Hydrogenated Soy bean Oil (AKA TRANS FAT (PURE HEART CLOGGING FAT)

    - Corn Starch (GMO corn in most cases since it is not organic)

    - Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, is a slightly toxic and mildly irritating colorless

    transparent crystalline chemical compound with the formula Na4P2O7. It contains the pyrophosphate ion.

    Those are some in just the tortilla




    Fiery Habaniero Salsa




    Plus the sodium content is ridiculous if you went naked with your burrito and had just this


    Nutrition Facts

    Signature Burritos

    Total serving size (oz): 17.5

    Selected Items**

    Grilled Vegetables, Black Beans, Cilantro Lime Rice, Guacamole, Romaine Lettuce, Pico de Gallo


    you would consume 1370 mg of Sodium the daily requirements are set at 2,400 per day. That is almost half your daily intake of sodium

    and so on... plus the fact that some of the foods are deep fried you are creating cancer causing agents in the oil

    because it is passing the smoke point which means lots of free radicals. I been researching food for quite sometime now. I would say that it may seem harmless but just look around people are sick and it is not just because they drink milk and eat meat. It is because they got a whole lot of unnatural chemicals in their food and they are eating large amounts of it. Not to say all the that high corn fructose that really is a great mechanism to put on fat. My advice is you probably made your mind up already so I am not trying to change it. I am just creating awareness. Then it is purely your choice what you want in your body. You are what you eat!


    watch why you should not cook with oil in general.


  9. I think there is no question if creatine works... I can say it probably works wonders based on what I have seen. I think it is probably more of a energy booster when lifting than muscle enhancer. I just seen it work on non vegans who could have been doing other things as well.


    I am not a taker of this supplement. My philosophy is food does it all, if your patient. There will always be quick fixes to gain muscle. Everyone has a choice... pure is the way for me. I am documenting this in a series of photos on a pretty much month to month basis. Nothing extra. Just natural food sources. Basically I am not going out of my way to find products that will boost my energy or help me lift better I am content with my diet.


    "In humans and animals, approximately half of stored creatine originates from food (mainly from fresh meat). Since vegetables do not contain creatine, vegetarians show lower levels of muscle creatine. With the help of creatine supplementation vegetarians can compensate for this loss.[1]

    In humans, about half of the daily creatine is biosynthesized from three different amino acids - arginine, glycine, and methionine. The rest is taken in by alimentary sources. Ninety-five percent of creatine is later stored in the skeletal muscles."- Wikipedia



    THere are synthetic forms of creatine for vegans so I hear, that out there but I just don't trust stuff that is not made from the earth.

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