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  1. I brought this up before and I think it is important to talk about because this stuff is a bit funny because it seems so many products are adding Vitamin A in their food as a preservative or supplement and it is quite harmful.

    I have writen some of the products who use Vitamin A and they have not responded. Meaning one they don't care for my email. Two they know it but don't care because people still don't know and will keep buying it. Three they just have to much other stuff to worry about.


    I think it is of concern to add incomplete fat soluble forms of vitamins in foods. Vitamin D being the exception because it is not really a vitamin but a hormone or it convert to the D hormone that we need.




  2. Oh ok well I never watch that show and saw this kinda peridy and thought it was really not funny. I think though the way he acted to Schlosser's comments as typical answers of people who could careless about all that. Even though it is suppose to be humorous it just frustrates me more than makes me laugh. Cause those responses Colber responded are quite good answers to making someone like schlosser no know what to say.


    Kinda like if you went to someone and told them ... hey animals are terribly treated in farms... the person would respond ... SO !


    It basically give you know more room to explain because the person made up their mind and they don't really care what you have to say. I felt that giving that view point might register with audiences and they too might be like yeah ... SO who cares about factory farms ... that is just the way it is now... so accept it.


    Not saying Colber is a bad comedian. I see what you guys mean just the situation would lead others to answer probably in the same way.

  3. I think if you are bodybuilding at any point there is going to be some narcissism in you. It just is part of the game if not one would not care about lifting you would be a runner. I kinda think of it like breakdancing... it is a show dance it is acrobatic you don't intend to be a show off but it is just goes with the territory. Bodybuilding is a great way to care about your body and respect yourself as long as your not pumping yourself full of drugs to get big. I don't think that is respect for oneself it is just trying to be the best which is a whole different topic. So if you flex in the mirror go for it! I think it is great! If you walk around boasting about how awesome you are all the time then it is different...


    All in all we all have respect for good toned bodies where there is hard work and dedication.

  4. yeah most people care about their health when the Doc goes ... hey your really really Fu$$ed! Good luck making past a the next two months. It is only then they go... OH DOC DOC what can I do ... there has to be some cure how about something alternative that has worked, anything ... or a pill... please DOC.

  5. I guess I don't get the satire in meat slaughter... contaminated food. It is just a bit sensitive for me. Don't appreciate jokes of any kind on the fact that more than 10 billion animals who are happy creatures by nature have to be horribly tortured brutalized and often skinned alive. Man everytime I think of it or see clips on it I think this is some messed up sh$$.

  6. search youtube it be on there.. first time watching a Colbert interview. Why does he rip on serious issues that need support and not mocking. The world already hates bad news about their sad diet why make it sound ok to eat degraded food and killing animals as so absolutly just fine and cool.

  7. Post your top ten myths that you heard about vegans or why it is too hard to be vegan....


    1. it is too hard to do. (Bullshit your and addict to toxic and processed foods. Let go of your icecream and try ricecream.)

    2. vegans are weak and missing nutrients

    3. vegan children come out as Aliens

    4. vegans are too extreme... and eating tubs of animal flesh is not?

    5. Vegans are hippies and treehuggers

    6. vegans eat tasteless food.

    7. Vegans are out to burn down animal labs (those are a few)

    8. Vegans need protein (how the f%$K do you get protein eating plants)

    9. Vegans are anorexic or sick all the time. (yeah if your a idiot and don't research what your eating or don't eat you will get sick)

    10. Vegans have no evidence that consuming a plant based diet is better for long term health.

  8. Pulling over on the highway in rush-hour traffic in DC is not a good move. It's dangerous to yourself and your fellow drivers.
    Blabbate is right... In the middle of rush hour traffic we have four to 5 lane highways going at full speed and very little room to pullover. I feel also pulling over on a highway to leave the bug on the ground would have not been a very good place for the green bug. :0) it's all good. I appreciate my fellow Vegan bodybuilding members. I think if we all had the same view point this forum might be too monotone. Variety is the spice of life just as long as you have respect for another's opinion.
  9. In the past few months I have been learning a lot about how people act and why the act the way they do. People want a challenge. I find it interesting specially on this board because we all are here together for the same cause and we are trying to share good information with each other so that we can live good healthy fit vegan lives. I think this topic needs to be mentioned because I seen this go unchecked far too long. Don't be shy and say what you have to say on the issue. Do peoples egos bother you or do you just ignore it and let it go. Do you feel compelled to challenge no matter what? If so why... what do you get out of it. Specially if it is a fellow vegan. It seems like everytime there is a topic there some smart individual who has to say his or her piece to create some tension on the topic instead of say hey I think you had some good points but I believe differently and these are my sources that lead me to believe what I believe and having a polite debate.


    My view is that ego creates issues world wide, from wars to day to day disputes. Lets say someone cuts you off on the road. The first reaction is anger. Some contemplate revenge others just take a deep breath and let it go.


    Now that the population keep growing at a alarming rate we will have less space on the planet and more people who just want to be right or get their way. If people were just a bit more accepting that others have a different views then I think we would all be better off. Ego is a big problem and if left unchecked it can get out of hand.


    I am being sincere writing this topic... I have far to much respect for fellow members and I don't know why there people trying to put another one down.

  10. Yeah turning people off and informing them can be quite different. Never tell them what to do give them the information and let them make up their mind. I would say in most cases they will not care and ignore it like it they got blinders on and they are super humans that disease won't get them and suffering is not something they think they are really part of. Kinda thinking the meat I eat is just meat no animals were involved... or the other view is oh there animals that are born to eat and there animals that we have as pets. This is just absurd, Nagging in anyway is annoying.

  11. Like I mentioned around here before... I think you can't have one without the other. Veganism for me consists of being healthy and caring for animals equally. Your a walking diplomat for the cause so what you look like and act like is representing vegans world wide even if that is not what you intend. That is why I think Vegans need to try a little harder to be positive, healthy and talk about caring for animals as normal not some hyper sensitive individual. I would like to hear more talk about awesome animal encounters that one has on a daily basis. I know this is a fitness board but I think things go hand and hand.


    For example I am on my rush hour commute driving on the highway and I notice this little green insect on my windshield. I was like poor guy he is holding on for dear life.... He actually made it through the whole trip in one piece and did not fall off. I was cheering for him to make it to my destination alive. Silly as that sounds ... I feel a profound relationship with living creatures. I really respect them.

  12. http://www.hulu.com/watch/56607/the-real-housewives-of-orange-county-vegan-lunch


    I always wonder what the other side thinks of vegans.... I guess I was just more open minded and I kinda had a thought that vegans were hippies who ate beans ... kinda kinda really skinny and treehugging. But never thought of them as creapy weird people... Now Vegan I have a whole different perspective that I never got from the outside. What do you think people or have you heard from people think vegans are? Their perspective?

  13. ChewyBaws.... Awesome yeah get the book it is well worth it. Give you a good understanding of nutrition too. I spent over 3 years now studying and researching nutrition and I read his book and I am like that is awesome information. Specially when he explains the amino acids thing and protein. Very good. Your words inspire... I think you got the motivation. Workout hard. And circuit train... don't rest ... Eat healthy foods with all the nutrients to build it self back and that is how you build lean tight muscle. Switch your training up. Start your own progress and we will follow. If you have one already pass it on.

    By the way my uncle got heart disease I just found out yesterday and he is going for bypass surgery. My family thinks my lifestyle is extreme... ... when will they learn to make a positive step.

  14. I will keep you up to date ... usually around 2:00 pm on Saturday's there is DJ the owner and a some other athletic vegans meetup there on a regular basis if there is nice weather. The park think is every Sunday at malcom X park on 16th street right near adams morgan. If the weather is right. I end up breaking on the stage with other breakers but there is a lot of activities there come out. My email is [email protected] hit me up if your down to come out and we can meet up. DCVEGAN congrats on the bicep contest win!

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