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  1. My DH makes homemade hummus, which I eat AT LEAST a cup at a time. We make it pretty low-fat. Chickpeas are a superfood!! My guilty pleasure hummus is from a local Middle Eastern deli is SOOooooo rich and delicious, I could eat a cup of that too. But I try not to, it's pretty calorific.
  2. The sandy texture really irritates my throat, too. I'm going to try to come up with a bar recipe that's mostly hemp protein ... maybe with a ton of cocoa!
  3. Oh but they could combine! Put on your "suddenly slimmer" cream under the rubber chaps... or just rely on the spankings to bring more circulation!
  4. The "spa wraps" that used to be and I guess still are popular (I've never had one!) do claim to 'melt fat off'. They slather on the stuff, wrap in saran wrap or strips of cloth/bandages, and vóila, a thinner thigh measurement when she's done. The mechanism at work there is dehydration -- the main ingredient of many of these creams is something that sucks water out of your tissues (even epsom salts will do this -- which is why you use that to soak a sprain and bring down swelling.) It's strictly temporary, and it's not fat loss. But it does temporarily shrink measurements, so it's tempting to believe in it. If what's being delivered trans-dermally in this new formula IS a drug, Potter's right -- it'll be affecting your entire system, and I would be concerned about adverse health effects from something like that. It sounds like an awful lot of dubiously tested pharmaceuticals/herbs, and applying it to large areas of my body... no thanks.
  5. Thanks @beforewisdom! I saw in another one of your posts that you'd used Hacker's Diet ... that's what I use to track my progress. 'Tis awesome!
  6. Hayley, I'm 5-6 too, and that's my goal. I want to lose around 6# of fat, and I'll be there.
  7. I saw a chart that at my phsycian's recently that said the same thing. Isn't 17.7 high? 17.7 is underweight according to the World Health Organization. http://www.bodyshapingtips.com/images/BMI-Chart.png More information about Body Mass Index: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Body_mass_index It should be noted that BMI isn't usually the best way to determine healthy weight for those with a lot of muscle -- body builders would tend to score in the overweight or obese category simply because they weigh more, and BMI doesn't take into account whether your weight is from muscle, or excess fat. And it is possible to be 'underweight' and healthy, if you're genetically very slim you might naturally be in that lower range. My husband is tall and lean, 6-4 and has a BMI of around 17 to 18.
  8. 5-9 and 120 pounds is a BMI of 17.7 ... EAT! friendly suggestion, I know it can be a difficult issue
  9. I've been getting a nice energy boost from the herbs Rhodiola and Ashwagandha lately (Google if this interests you). I take Rhodiola in the morning or during the day, and Ashwagandha at night. They're both pretty innocuous adaptogens, no toxicity. Seem to have an energizing, anti-deppressive effect, and are supposed to be good for athletic endurance and stress-busting.
  10. I've experienced a similar problem ... I find that the whole hemp protein powder I get (Nutiva) really irritates my throat, to the point of feeling like I might have a sore throat, after drinking it. Maybe if the oatbran was cooked into the oatmeal, it would be gentler somehow? I don't really like hemp protein in my oatmeal though
  11. My oatmeal: Steel cut oats Ground flaxseed Wheat germ Diced pear or apple Banana Raisins Cinnamon Shredded coconut Top with soy milk = YUMMMMMM!!!
  12. Yep, armholes on little girly shirts are too small... and I'm not even that big.
  13. Niiiiiice legs! I love the definition you can see on the quads. Me want!
  14. one legged squats, ooo I did 3 sets of 20 (two-legged) squats last night, with 40# in my hands. definitely rubber legs after that, we'll see if I'm sore tomorrow. I do have muscular legs, and calves already look pretty good, I just carry most of my body fat on the butt and thighs. Guess I'm female Thanks again for the encouragement! A little back story -- in 1999 I weighed my all time hi of 191 ... went down to 142 over the course of 2 years, while losing little if any lean mass. Maintained since then. Last fall I got to 136 by changing my diet (added more good fats, of all things)... I've been there since. Just in the last month or two I've kicked up the workouts.
  15. Thanks for the compliments and suggestions, all. I'm 5-6. I've been doing squats, dead lifts and lunges for legs, and I want to do more I am working out at home with a set of adjustable dumbbells (up to 25# each), no gym membership at the moment. So it's all pretty basic...
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